January 21, 2017

HotForex 30% Rescue Bonus

HotForex's 30% Deposit Bonus Promotion to earn extra 7,000 USD as your margin.

hotforex-30%-rescue-deposit-bonus-promotion hotforex-30%-rescue-deposit-bonus-promotion

Increase your “Available Margin” with this bonus, and boost your trading!

HotForex - What's now?

After 12 years of rapid growth and becoming a truly global broker of choice with over 3.5 million live accounts opened, on May 2, 2022, HFM is entering a new era with a new name, HFM. Go to the page here to find out more about the new brand.

Promotion Details

Available to All traders of HotForex
Offer 30% Deposit Bonus
How to get Open an Account & Deposit

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Do you live in South Africa? Then please go to HotForex ZA (South Africa) main introduction page.

This promotion is not available for residents in Europe, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Iran, Israel, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, UAE, Ukraine or Japan. If you reside in one of these countries, please go to the page here to find other available promotions.

HotForex 30% Deposit Bonus increases your account leverage

With HotForex, you can join 3 types of Deposit Bonus (and cash back rebate) promotions.

Beside the popular 100% Supercharged Bonus and 0.2 pip cash back rebate and 100% Credit Bonus, their 30% rescue bonus can be very useful to protect accounts from period of draw-down.

30% Rescue Bonus can actually be used as margin for trading and can be lost.

The promotion gives traders the actual boost for online trading, by directly increasing the account leverage.

Signup and Join 30% Rescue Bonus promotion

HotForex 30% Rescue Bonus Information

Here are the main information of the promotion “HotForex 30% Rescue Bonus”.

Check out to briefly understand the condition of the bonus scheme.

Bonus Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus % 30% on new and additional deposit
Maximum Bonus Amount 7,000 USD or equivalent amount in other currencies
Requirement 50 USD Deposit
Withdrawal of Fund and Profit Available at anytime
Withdrawal of Bonus Not available
Use of Bonus Can be used as margin and lost

You can get the bonus from 50 USD of minimum deposit, and receive up to 7,000 USD in the bonus account.

The bonus cannot be withdrawn as your profit, but can be used as margin and can be lost by trading.

After receiving the maximum amount of bonus, there is also additional ‘Stop Out Bonus’ for qualifying accounts.

Visit HotForex Official Website

hotforex 30% deposit bonus promotion campaign photo

How to get HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus?

To signup for HotForex and receive 30% Rescue Bonus, please follow the steps below.

1. Signup and Open an account with HotForex

Go to the account opening page of HotForex and complete your online registration.

The bonus scheme is available only for one trading account per eligible client.

If you participate the promotion with a Micro account, the leverage is restricted to 1:500.

The promotion is not available for investors under 18 or legal age of the residential country.

Open HotForex Real Account

2. Deposit more than 50 USD

The required deposit amount for the promotion is $50, €40 or equivalent amount in other currencies.

Transfer your funds to HotForex with any method you like to be qualified for the promotion.

The bonus can be received for every deposit including both first deposit and additional deposit.

3. Apply for the promotion

Apply for the promotion “30% Rescue Bonus” from the client portal.

Note that the promotion is available only once (one account) per eligible client.

The maximum bonus amount you can get through this promotion is 7,000 USD or 5,000 EUR.

4. Start trading with the Bonus

Now you may start trading with the extra bonus fund in your account.

The bonus awarded can be used as Margin and can be lost with no limitations.

The bonus cannot be withdrawn, but it is completely limit-free for trading purpose.

5. Get “Stop Out Rewards” after reaching the stop out level

You may deposit additional funds and you will continue receiving the 30% rescue bonus until the total bonus amount awarded reaches 7,000 USD.

If the bonus account reaches stop out limit, then you will be entitled to receive another 30% bonus up to $3,000 or €2,000.

If you wish to get the “Stop Out Rewards”, please send an email to HotForex support team to request.

The ‘Stop Out Rewards’ will only be applied to the trading Account that received the maximum Rewards Program.

HotForex Online Registration

hotforex 100% supercharged bonus 30% deposit bonus mt4

Fund Withdrawal Conditions of HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus

The bonus amount awarded through this promotion “30% Rescue Bonus” cannot be withdrawn in any cases.

You can withdraw your fund and profit made in the bonus account, but it will lead to proportionate removal of bonus amount.

The bonus removal following fund withdrawals is calculated as follows:


Once the bonus is removed, the amount cannot be reclaimed.

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FAQs of HotForex 30% Rescue Bonus

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding to this HotForex’s promotion “30% Rescue Bonus”.

Who can receive HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus?
Under HF Markets (SV) Ltd, any traders who meet criteria of the promotion can receive the bonus. If you are not sure whether you can receive the bonus or not, please contact support team from the Official Website.
Why I don’t see anything about the promotion in HotForex Official Website?
HotForex brand is used and owned by multiple companies within the HF Markets group, and the promotion is run by HF Markets (SV) Ltd. If you are visiting a website which is not managed by HF Markets (SV) Ltd, then you may not see the promotion details there.
What’s the requirement to receive 30% Rescue Bonus?
The only requirement to receive 30% Rescue Bonus would be 50 USD of minimum deposit.
What’s the withdrawal conditions of HotForex’s 30% Rescue Bonus?
30% Rescue Bonus cannot be withdrawn. You can only withdraw your fund and profit from the bonus account. Any fund withdrawal will cause proportionate removal of bonus amount as specified in the above section.
What fund deposit methods are available?
HotForex provides variety of funding methods including bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards and online wallets. For the list of available payment methods and the conditions, please visit HotForex Official Website.
Can I also join other promotions to get more bonuses?
You can not participate to multiple promotions of HotForex with one trading account unless it is stated so in T&Cs. To join other promotions and various bonuses, you may open HotForex’s additional account to do so.
Where can I signup for HotForex and the promotion?
To signup for HotForex, please go to the page here. To apply for the promotion, please login to HotForex Client Portal.
Where can I find all bonus promotions of HotForex?
You can find the list of all currently available bonus promotions of HotForex in the page here. To find out if you are eligible to participate or not, please contact HotForex support team from the Official Website.

Do you have any other questions in mind regarding to the promotion or HotForex’s service?

Visit HotForex Official Website and contact multilingual support team for more.

Visit HotForex Official Website

Terms and Conditions of HotForex’s 30% Rescure Bonus

Here are the terms and conditions of HotForex’s promotion “30% Rescure Bonus”.

Please make sure that you have read T&Cs and understand the rules of the promotion before participating.

  • The promotion is run by HF Markets (SV) Ltd, and is available for all traders who have satisfied the criteria of the company.
  • HotForex brand is used and owned by multiple international companies. You may not be able to join the promotion if you are registered under different company.
  • Any persons who’s age is under 18 or the legal age applied in his country of residence, cannot participate the promotion.
  • The the bonus amount from the rescue program will be automatically credited to the eligible account.
  • The rescue program considers every deposit to the eligible account.
  • The promotion is available only for one trading account per eligible client.
  • There is no limitation in using the bonus for trading, and can be also used as stop loss.
  • The bonus amount awarded can be used as margin for trading.
  • The bonus of rescue program cannot be withdrawn at any circumstances.
  • The maximum bonus amount per client is 7,000 USD, 5,000 EUR or equivalent amount in other currencies.
  • In case of Micro account, the participation to the promotion will limit the maximum leverage to 1:500.
  • The bonus amount can be lost with no limitations.
  • Eligible clients cannot switch bonus programs offered by HotForex for accounts. If you wish to not use the account with bonus anymore, please send an email to HotForex support team.
  • Any fund withdrawal from the bonus account will cause proportionate removal of bonus amount rewarded.
  • The bonus removal following a fund withdrawal is calculated as follows: Withdrawal amount * 30%
  • Any bonus removed due to fund withdrawals cannot be reclaimed.
  • If there are open positions in the relevant trading account, and the equity in this account is lower than the active rewards, then the rescue program awarded will not be credited to the trading account until such time that there are no open positions in the trading account.
  • Active rewards refer to the following: Total Rewards Awarded – (Lost Rewards + Rewards Removal) = Active Rewards
  • If the bonus account reaches to stop out limit, then the account is entitled to receive additional 30% deposit bonus (stop out rewards) up to $3,000, €2,000 or equivalent amount in other currencies.
  • The stop out rewards is only available if the eligible client has already received maximum amount of the rescue program.
  • In order to claim the stop out reward, you must send an email to HotForex support team.

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* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

HotForex's service condition outweighs most of the other FX brokers'. Find out Why.

Do you live in South Africa? Then please go to HotForex ZA (South Africa) main introduction page.

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  3. I’m holding around 7 trade and free margin still enough to float, I’m start to using hot forex last month 12 April, early in the morning of today, all my open positions of this 7 trade have been close, and I’m loss around 230usd,and my account still left 4 36usd ,and last few year I’m using another 2 broker never happen this issue, no matter how long I hold the trade, the free margin is enough ,the broker won’t close any open positions without inform, really feel bad to say that, this broker really is the first broker

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  5. I have been trading with this hotforex broker for quite some time now. The server execution is fast. Orders are processed instantly without requotes. Broker spreads are minimal so it is easier to do scalping or even news trading. Profit realisation is fast and easy to withdraw to your bank account via skrill.

  6. a very good broker, they are trust worthy and an easy recommendation, no hickups and withdrawals are really easy, thank you to the support team for being patient with me and assist me in setting up the account 4 months ago.well done

  7. I just withdraw over 10000 dollars with no problem. Trading fx is no problem with hotforex for over 6 months. Nice support and commission! I reccomend hotforex!!

  8. HotForex has some great customer support. Thought it might be nice for them to have a trading platform themselves cause MT4’s UI is so not good for me. I’m from FBS though and their great platform’s nice.

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