January 23, 2017

HotForex Loyalty Program

HotForex Loyalty Program offers Cash Back, Free VPS, Mastercard and more rewards.

hotforex-loyalty-program-cash-back-rebate hotforex-loyalty-program-cash-back-rebate

Available along with the “Cash Back Promotion”! HotForex Point Program!


This Promotion has ended its release period. Please check HotForex's latest information and campaign on HotForex's company introduction page.

HotForex - What's now?

We are no longer promoting HotForex. The information regarding to HotForex on the website 'Hercules.Finance' maybe outdated. ref. HotForex

After 12 years of rapid growth and becoming a truly global broker of choice with over 3.5 million live accounts opened, on May 2, 2022, HFM is entering a new era with a new name, HFM. Go to the page here to find out more about the new brand.

Promotion Details

Available to All traders of HotForex
Offer Cashback Rebate & Special Services
How to get Sign Up & Trade

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Do you live in South Africa? Then please go to HotForex ZA (South Africa) main introduction page.

HotForex Loyalty Program and Cash Back Rebate

HotForex has Loyalty Program, which literally rewards loyal traders with cash back rebate and other special services.

Participating in the Loyalty Program is absolutely free and the amount of rewards depends on your trading days and volume.

The rewards of the Loyalty Program includes Cash Back Rebate, Free VPS, private session with market analyst and Autochartist (market scanner).

Signup and apply for the Loyalty Program from the client portal today!

Go to HotForex Official Website

HotForex Loyalty Program Information

Here are some main information of HotForex’s promotion “Loyalty Program”.

Promotion Type Loyalty Program
Who can participate? All clients of HF Markets (SV) Ltd
Requirement Account Verification & $300 Minimum Deposit
Maximum amount of rewards Unlimited
Cash Back Rebate rate 1 USD per 3 standard lot trade
Participation to other promotions Available together with Loyalty Program

To participate in HotForex’s Loyalty Program, you may open HotForex’s real account, login to the client portal from the Official Website and confirm your participation.

HotForex Online Registration Page

HotForex Loyalty Program levels

There are 5 different levels within HotForex’s Loyalty Program.

Your status can be upgraded by increasing your active trading days which you have opened and/or closed a trade.

Please refer to the below table for the levels of Loyalty Program and the requirement for each status upgrade.

Loyalty Level To Achieve Level
Red Register Online
Silver 31 active trading days
Gold 62 active trading days
Platinum 105 active trading days
Fund deposit and withdrawal transactions do not count towards the active trading day status.

Go to HotForex Official Website

hotforex loyalty program status level hf bars

Condition of Demotion within HotForex Loyalty Program

Your Loyalty Status can be demoted if the consecutive inactive calendar trading days accumulates to 30.

An inactive trading day is defined as a calendar day during which the Client has not opened or closed a trade.

In the event of demotion, your Loyalty Status will be reverted to Red level, which is the lowest loyalty level of the promotion.

Demotion will also nullify the accumulated HF Bars in the client portal.

You can check the number of inactive trading days and HF Bars in the client portal.

Login to HotForex Client Portal

How much HF Bars you can earn with HotForex Loyalty Program?

You can earn HF Bars by account verification & deposit, trading Forex & Precious Metals and referring friends to HotForex.

Here are the list of activities you can do to earn HF Bars and the number of HF Bars you will earn.

Actions of participants Number of HotForex Bars
Account Verification & $300 minimum deposit (or €250) 100
1 lot trade at Red Level 6
1 lot trade at Silver Level 8
1 lot trade at Gold Level 10
1 lot trade at Platinum Level 12
Referring a Friend to HotForex 170

Only trades of Forex, Gold and Silver will be included to the calculation of HF Bars.

If positions are closed within 5 minutes or less than 5 pips away from the opening price, the position won’t be included to the calculation of HF Bars.

Visit HotForex Official Website

The Rewards of HotForex Loyalty Program

There are various rewards that you can get by exchanging HF Bars in the client area (my HF area).

Here are the list of rewards available through the Loyalty Program and the required HF Bars.

Type of Reward HotForex Bars Redemption
Cash Reward Every 35 HotForex Bars = 1 USD*
1 Month Subscription to Autochartist 150
1 Month Access to VPS Silver Package 1100
1 Hour private session with a HotForex Market Analyst 2500
3 Month Access to VPS Silver Package 3100
*The minimum number of HotForex Bars that can be converted to cash is 1000 bars.

Once you request for rewards, the cash back rebate or other special services will be provided within 4 business days.

Open HotForex Real or Demo Account

How to join HotForex Loyalty Program?

To participate in HotForex’s Loyalty Program, please follow the steps below.

1. Signup and Open a real (live) account with HotForex

Go to HotForex’s online registration page and open a live trading account.

Basically all account types are eligible for the promotion.

The online registration and account opening may only take a few minutes to complete.

Please note that PAMM Master, Investor accounts, demo accounts and contest accounts cannot participate in the promotion.

HotForex Online Registration Page

2. Deposit at least $300 or €250

The required minimum deposit amount for the Loyalty Program is $300.

Transfer your funds to HotForex with any methods you prefer such as bank wire transfer, credit/debit card or online wallets.

If your account type requires more amount to get started, you may deposit higher than the amount specified.

3. Apply for the promotion

Login to HotForex Client Portal and confirm the participation to the Loyalty Program.

4. Trade to earn HF Bars

Once you confirm your participation to HotForex’s Loyalty Program, you may start trading in the live trading account.

HF Bars will be given to trades made on Forex pairs, Gold and Silvers.

The calculation of the Client’s qualifying trades/actions and the updating of his/her HotForex Bars balance will take place once a day.

Go to HotForex Official Website

Fund Withdrawal Conditions of HotForex Loyalty Program

Participating to HotForex’s Loyalty Program does not restrict fund deposit and withdrawal.

You can deposit and withdraw your funds and profits at anytime you want.

In case you have participated in other promotions of HotForex, make sure to follow the rules of these promotions.

Refer your friend to earn HF Bars

Each eligible client can refer up to 5 friends to HotForex and earn 170 HF Bars per referral.

Note that Introducing Brokers and Affiliates cannot participate in the Loyalty Program through this feature “refer a friend”.

To successfully refer your friends to HotForex and earn HF Bars, the referral (the referred friend) must complete the following processes.

  1. Open HotForex Real Account
  2. Complete account verification by submitting the required documents
  3. Deposit at least $300 or €250 to the real account
  4. Trade at least 1 round turn lot

The trade made by the referral must be opened for at least 5 minutes and closing price must be at least 5 pips away from the opening price.

To refer-a-friend, the Client must login to myHF, click on the Refer-a-Friend tab, fill in the name and email address of the referral and send the invitation.

Open HotForex Real or Demo Account

FAQs of HotForex Loyalty Program

Here are frequently asked questions of HotForex’s promotion “Loyalty Program”.

Who can participate in HotForex’s Loyalty Program?
Both new and existing traders of HotForex (HF Markets (SV) Ltd) can join the promotion. To find out whether you can participate or not, contact support team from the Official Website.
Is HotForex’s Loyalty Program a cash back promotion?
HotForex’s Loyalty Program’s feature also includes Cash Back Rebate as one their rewards. Not only the cash back but participants have many other rewards to choose from.
What are the available rewards through the Loyalty Program?
The available rewards for the participants of HotForex Loyalty Program includes Cash Back Rebate, Free VPS, private session with market analyst and Autochartist (market scanner).
Can I withdraw cash back rebate amount I earn from the Loyalty Program?
Yes, the promotion does not limit fund withdrawals. You can withdraw your fund, profits and earned cash back amount at anytime you want without causing any cancellation of accumulated HF Bars.
Can I also participate in other promotions of HotForex at the same time?
Yes, as long as other promotions allow the participant to join the promotion with the same account, you are free to participate others. HotForex’s Loyalty Program itself allows participants to get other bonus schemes.
What are the withdrawal conditions of HotForex’s Loyalty Program?
The promotion does not set any requirements for fund withdrawals, neither for fund deposits. You can manage your funds as you want at anytime.
Any restricted trading methods set by HotForex’s Loyalty Program?
Participants of HotForex’s Loyalty Program can perform any kind of trading strategies as they want.
Can IBs (Introducing Brokers) join HotForex loyalty program?
Yes, IBs and affiliates of HotForex can also participate in the promotion, but they cannot earn HF Bars by refer a friend program feature.

Do you have any other questions in mind regarding the promotion and HotForex’s service?

Contact their multilingual support team available for 24/5 from HotForex Official Website today.

HotForex Official Website

Terms and Conditions of HotForex Loyalty Program

Here are the terms and conditions of HotForex’s promotion “Loyalty Program”.

Before participating, make sure to read the full T&C and understand the rules of the promotion.

  • The promotion is run by HF Markets (SV) Ltd.
  • HotForex brand is used by multiple companies of HF Markets group, and you may not be able to participate in the promotion if your account is registered under different entity than HF Markets (SV) Ltd.
  • The HotForex trading rewards loyalty program is available for both new and existing clients.
  • The participation to the promotion can be confirmed in “my HF area”.
  • PAMM Master, Investor accounts, demo accounts and contest accounts cannot participate in the promotion.
  • The trading rewards distributed to the participants of HotForex loyalty program is called “HF Bars”.
  • HotForex bars cannot be transferred between different account profiles.
  • The eligible client may earn 100 HF Bars if he/she completes account verification and deposit at least 300 USD or 250 EUR.
  • The eligible client may earn certain HF Bars for every 1 round turn lot traded in the applicable accounts.
  • Only positions closed after 5 minutes from the opening time and 5 pips from the opening price, will be included for the calculation of HF Bars.
  • HF Bars can be earned for trading on only Forex pairs, Gold and Silver. For other financial instruments, no HF Bars will be awarded.
  • Calculation and distribution of HF bars will be performed by HotForex once a day.
  • Each eligible client can refer up to 5 clients to HotForex to earn HF Bars regardless of whether the process is successful or not.
  • Any referrals that eligible clients make must be new client of HotForex who have never opened an account with HotForex.
  • To earn 170 HF bars by referring friends to HotForex, the referral must open a live account, complete account verification, fill minimum deposit requirement and trade at least 1 standard lot.
  • The level within HotForex loyalty program can be upgraded by having more active trading days.
  • The Client’s active trading day balance is the sum of all active trading days.
  • All eligible clients will be set to the red level by registering to HotForex. Red level is the lowest level within HotForex loyalty program.
  • After 31 consecutive active trading days, the eligible client will be upgraded to the Silver level.
  • After 62 consecutive active trading days, the eligible client will be upgraded to the Gold level.
  • After 105 consecutive active trading days, the eligible client will be upgraded to the Platinum level.
  • If there is a period of inactivity of 30 days or more, the Client will be demoted to the red level regardless of the level the client is previously at.
  • There is no gradual demotion such as from Platinum to Gold.
  • In case of demotion all accumulated HF bars to the client profile will be removed.
  • HF Bars accumulated in the my HF area can be converted for cash back rewards or other special services with certain ratio.
  • In case an eligible client chooses to convert HF Bars for cash back, the minimum amount the client can convert is 1000 HF Bars.
  • Any requests (cash back rewards or other special services) will be completed within 4 business days since the application.

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* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

HotForex's service condition outweighs most of the other FX brokers'. Find out Why.

We are no longer promoting HotForex. The information regarding to HotForex on the website 'Hercules.Finance' maybe outdated. ref. HotForex

Do you live in South Africa? Then please go to HotForex ZA (South Africa) main introduction page.

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  4. I’m holding around 7 trade and free margin still enough to float, I’m start to using hot forex last month 12 April, early in the morning of today, all my open positions of this 7 trade have been close, and I’m loss around 230usd,and my account still left 4 36usd ,and last few year I’m using another 2 broker never happen this issue, no matter how long I hold the trade, the free margin is enough ,the broker won’t close any open positions without inform, really feel bad to say that, this broker really is the first broker

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  6. I have been trading with this hotforex broker for quite some time now. The server execution is fast. Orders are processed instantly without requotes. Broker spreads are minimal so it is easier to do scalping or even news trading. Profit realisation is fast and easy to withdraw to your bank account via skrill.

  7. a very good broker, they are trust worthy and an easy recommendation, no hickups and withdrawals are really easy, thank you to the support team for being patient with me and assist me in setting up the account 4 months ago.well done

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