120%-JustMarkets-deposit-bonus 120%-JustMarkets-deposit-bonus

Promotion Details

Offer 120% Deposit Bonus
Available to All Clients of JustMarkets
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

No limits on the total bonus amount. the higher your deposit, the more advantageous the bonus will be.

120% JustMarkets Deposit Bonus

In the opinion of many, a promotion is incredible.

JustMarkets offers its traders the opportunity to request a deposit bonus up to a maximum of 120% without placing any limit on the maximum number of deposits granted and the total amount.

In a nutshell, the higher the deposits made, the more funds will be resulting from the promotion.

The percentage of the deposit bonus varies according to the amount deposited:

  • For deposits up to $100 you will receive a 50% bonus.
  • For deposits from $100 to $500 you will receive a 100% bonus.
  • For deposits over $500 you will receive a 120% bonus.

Visit the official website of JustMarket

How to claim JustMarkets’ Deposit Bonus

Requesting the promotion will be extremely simple for the interested trader.

Just visit JustMarkets’ official website and follow the next steps:

Make a deposit
To deposit funds into your JustMarkets account click on “deposit” and select the desired amount.
Request promotion and choose the appropriate size.
To access the Deposit Bonus click on the “Receive a deposit bonus” checkbox located at the top right of the page and then select the percentage that best suits your needs (50% – 100% – 120%). Remember that the size of the bonus varies as the amount deposited changes.
Agree to terms and conditions
Read carefully and accept the terms and conditions for using the promotion.

The benefits deriving from the offer will be clearer by consulting the next comparison table.

Without Deposit Bonus With Deposit Bonus
Deposit made $500 $500 + $600 bonus
Free margin $500 $1,100
Maximum leverage 1:500 1:500
Required margin $465 $1047
Volume 2 lots 4.5 lots
Pip price $20 $45
Profit $200 $450

The more funds to invest, the greater the chances of profit.

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Promotion terms and conditions

  • All accounts are eligible for the promotion and any bonus size except the Standard Cent type which can only receive the 50% bonus on every deposit up to $100 and above.
  • The bonus will not be calculated on the sum of the deposits but on each single credit made. For example, if a customer deposits $100 and an additional $100, it will not be calculated as $200. Any deposit method is valid in order to get the Bonus.
  • The “120% Deposit Bonus” promotion has no limit on the number of deposits and total amount.
  • Any transfer of funds between accounts will not be considered a deposit and therefore not valid for the promotion.
  • Funds resulting from the offer will be credited to the applicant’s account in the “Credit” section and may only be used for trading purposes.
  • A total number of trades must be fulfilled in order to withdraw bonus funds: Number of lots = Bonus amount / 2.
    It is important to note that the value of one lot has a volume of $100,000. Consequently, if a trader deposits $500 and receives a bonus fund of $600, he will have to trade 300 lots for a total value of $30,000,000 in trading volume in order to withdraw the funds.
  • The bonus will be credited for each single deposit, while the minimum required volume is exchanged consecutively in the order of deposits.
  • The orders considered not eligible for the calculation of the trading volume are: orders with a trading result of less than 5.9 pips – orders closed before crediting necessary to be able to participate in the bonus program.
  • If the minimum trading requirements are not met, only the earnings generated by trading can be withdrawn from the promotion funds. In order to cancel the withdrawal restrictions imposed by the offer, the trader will have to cancel the promotion and all the benefits deriving from it. You can do this by clicking on “Status” on the “Bonuses received” page of the Back Office.
  • When the trader meets the minimum trading requirements, the entire bonus will be automatically transferred from the “Credit” section to the “Balance” section within 2 hours.
  • The promotion includes a time limit to tradethe requested volume not exceeding 30 calendar days (starting from the deposit made). In the event that the conditions are not met on time, the bonus will be automatically canceled.
  • The promotion will be suspended and canceled if the deposited capital is less than or equal to the bonus fund received.
  • In the event that you reach the Margin Call level on your JustMarkets account, the broker will not be required to send you any notification or warning.
  • This promotion is not available to customers residing in European Union countries, including Italy.


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