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Offer Free VPS
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Lightning-fast connection and immediate order execution with VPS Hosting.

VPS servers offered by Traders Trust

Cutting-edge technologies, latest generation software and hardware are created and constantly used to facilitate and in some cases automate online trading operations.

Among these, VPS servers offer extremely useful services at a practically immediate execution speed.

But first of all, what are VPS servers? How do they work?

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What is VPS?

The VPS is the acronym of Virtual Private Server, a type of server extremely popular among traders and widely used.

The Virtual Private Server is a real virtual machine that bases its structure on a physical server and offers traders numerous services, very similar to those available with a dedicated server.

For this reason, on some occasions, they are also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS).

In most cases, hosting offers extremely advantageous commercial solutions using a physical server in which several VPS are hosted.

Each virtual server has its own Operating System (OS) and allows traders access to a finely structured root.

These features allow server users to operate in total autonomy while being able to exploit a hardware structure used in common with other operators.

The VPS servers offered by Traders Trust have features that are synonymous with efficiency and total security:

  • Traders Trust VPS dedicated servers are hosted in the Equinix LD-4 and thanks to the cooperation with Beeks, the broker has the possibility to make a cross-connection between its VPS and the trading servers also hosted in the LD-4 .
  • Fast connection speed.
  • Compatible with all platforms offered by the broker.
  • Use of automated trading (EA) possible.

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List of available VPS plans

Traders Trust allows the interested customer to use the service by being able to choose three different options: the Bronze package, the Silver package and the Gold package.

Each package offers different solutions and usage costs.

Features Offered Bronze Pack Silver Pack Gold Pack
Subscription type Monthly Monthly Monthly
Available RAM From 2560MB – 1 VCPU From 4096MB – 2 VCPU 6656Mb RAM – 4 VCPU
Maximum disk space 30 GB 50 GB 75 GB
Your Selection of MT4 brokers Available Available Available
Managed VPS Service Option Available Available Available
cTrader – cAlgo support Available Available Available
Windows 2012/2016, Linux Server Available Available Available
Subscription fee From £27 From £48 From £80

Although the service is normally available with the cost, Traders Trust allows traders to use the service for free if certain minimum deposit and trading requirements are met.

The conditions vary according to the type of package selected.

This offer is accessible to everyone, both customers already holding a real Traders Trust account and potential new traders.

In the event that the interested party wants to take advantage of it, he can open a new real Traders Trust account by clicking here.

The conditions that will allow the trader to use a Traders Trust VPS server for free are as follows:

Bronze Package
Real account holder, initial deposit over $2,000, trade a minimum of 5 round lots per month.
Silver package
Real account holder, initial deposit over $3,000, trade a minimum of 7 round lots per month.
Gold Package
Real account holder, initial deposit over $5,000, trade a minimum of 10 round lots per month.

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Terms and conditions of use of the VPS Traders Trust promotion

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements necessary to be able to use the service for free, the trader must carefully read and accept the regulation which will allow free access to the promotion.

  • The customer will have free access to the promotion if he is eligible. Eligibility criteria include: minimum deposit required, monthly trading volume of a single Traders Trust account, account registered directly to the subscriber.
  • To be able to access the free “VPS Promotion” service, the trader must first purchase one of the available packages and send the payment invoice via email to immediately after making the purchase.
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  • At the end of each month, if the customer has met the minimum requirements (deposit and trading which vary according to the selected package) he will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred for the purchase of the VPS package with an automatic credit on your real account.
  • Redeemed Funds may be traded or withdrawn without restriction.
  • The VPS promotion is compatible with other promotional offers managed by the broker.
  • There will be no restrictions on the trading strategies that can be implemented.
  • The service is compatible with all platforms offered by Traders Trust

For more information on the service, contact the support team via the official website.



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