SquaredFinancial-introduces-Client's-Funds-Insurance-(Lloyd’s-of-London) SquaredFinancial-introduces-Client's-Funds-Insurance-(Lloyd’s-of-London)

SquaredFinancial set the greatest level of security

Protecting your funds is one of SquaredFinancial’s highest priorities.

In order to ensure traders, the greatest level of security, Squared Financial Ltd has now introduced Client’s Funds Insurance (ARCH 2012 & AXA XL 2003 at Lloyd’s of London).

Should anything happen to SquaredFinancial, which causes the company to close or become insolvent, all clients are covered by the Lloyd’s of London insurance policy, which provides:

  • Repayment of all client funds (Ultimate Net Loss – Subject to terms and conditions).
  • A maximum pay-out of US$1,000,000 per client.

Referring to the policy document, it states as Lloyd’s of London “on the occurrence of an Insolvency Event during the Policy Period, pay to the Insured for the benefit of Claimants, an amount equal to the Ultimate Net Loss of each Claimant subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions from and limits of liability set out in this Policy.”

The insured amount is up to USD 1,000,000 per Claimant.*

*Subject to and in accordance with the limits and the terms and conditions of the Policy.

This level of safety and security allows all of our clients to trade with total peace of mind.

For more information about SquaredFinancial, please go to SquaredFinancial Official Website

Go to SquaredFinancial Official Website

SquaredFinancial accepts from only 100 USD

The high level of security and insurance aren’t just the merits of trading with SquaredFinancial.

With SquaredFinancial, you can invest in various financial assets from only 100 USD of the minimum deposit amount.

The trading account type which accepts deposit from only 100 USD is SquaredFinancial’s Gold account.

For more superior and professional trading conditions, you may deposit at least 1,000 USD for Platinum account or 10,000 USD for Diamond account.

SquaredFinancial is now running $50 Welcome Bonus, whicn you can get to increase the initial investment amount immediately.

Open SquaredFinancial Real Account and invest in Futures, Forex, Energies, Metals, and Indices.



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