SuperForex's-Profi-STP-now-offers-3000-high-leverage SuperForex's-Profi-STP-now-offers-3000-high-leverage

1:3000 maximum leverage for Profi-STP SuperForex accounts.

Essential support to increase both investment volumes and potential profits.

Maximum leverage of 1:3000 for Profi-STP SuperForex accounts

SuperForex, after having carried out careful evaluations based on the continuous requests of its clients, has provided a significant update of the leverage available for Profi-STP accounts up to a maximum of 1:3000. This amazing initiative will allow every trader holding a Profi-STP account, whether a SuperForex client or a new member, to dramatically increase the volume of investments to be made on the forex markets and consequently the potential profits.

Trade with 1:3000 Leverage

What is leverage?

First of all, it is believed that it is extremely important to know in principle what financial leverage actually is before using it in trading. For less experienced and beginner traders, it will be essential to know the main characteristics.

By definition, leverage is a tool offered by SuperForex that gives traders the opportunity to multiply their exposure on the market without having to use additional money. In short, a real loan granted to traders by the broker in order to invest with greater volumes on the markets. And one of the features of this loan does not provide for any interest payments by the trader, and this makes it possible to use it in any operation or negotiation.

In any trade, the total capital required to open and hold a position using leverage is called “margin”. The trader will be able to take advantage of the instrument in question on a wide range of financial products such as CFDs and forex.

When a trader decides to use leverage for his investment, SuperForex will allow him to invest only a part of the total value of the position, the rest will be covered by the broker.

It is very important to remember that both the profits and losses deriving from trading with leverage will be calculated on the overall total of the position, consequently, the final result of the investment may be much greater than the initial one. The profits generated by this type of investment will be extremely high compared to the capital invested but in the event of losses, these could even be greater than the initial deposit.

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Open a real account Profi-STP SuperForex

Profi-STP SuperForex account

Since forex is by far the financial market characterized by the highest liquidity in the world, with more than $ 5 million in daily turnover, it allows traders to be able to open and close trades very easily, given the fact that the fluctuations of the instruments are sufficiently predictable thanks to the use of services and tools such as fundamental and technical analysis and Expert Advisors (trading software).

Technical analysis.
Instrument considered by many traders to be essential in trading in the forex markets, technical analysis is based on the forecast of the price trend of a specific instrument taking into consideration the values ​​previously recorded. Technical analysts are convinced that both historical and present data can provide all the information necessary for an accurate evaluation of the instrument in which to invest.
Expert Advisors.
The Expert Advisor (EA) is a software for automated trading, programmed with MQL and usable on the Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 platforms. Basically we are talking about a robot that deals with the fully automatic management of the tradee positions. You have the ability to close or open any position for any selected asset.

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To cope with these market characteristics, SuperForex created the Profi-STP account.

The Profi-STP account has been structured in such a way as to meet the needs of a certain category of trader, accustomed to large deposits, to a trading with a high percentage of risk and high investment volumes aiming at considerable profits.

the. The conditions that characterize this type of account have been created for traders who tend to be ambitious, able to make the most of both liquidity and any investment opportunity of the forex market. The Profi-STP account offered by SuperForex gives the trader full freedom of control over any offer, thus allowing the trader to maximize the profits generated by trading.

Later you will be able to know in detail the main features of the Profi-STP account offered by SuperForex.

Account currency USD, EUR, GBP, ZAR
Maximum deposit Unlimited
Minimum deposit 500
Compatibility with promotions Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
Lot size $ 100,000
Maximum leverage 1:3000
Swaps None
Spreads 0
Forex Сopy Not available

Anyone interested in this type of account can receive more information by visiting the official website to start investing with SuperForex on a wide range of available instruments (such as cryptocurrencies, gold, metals, stocks, oil and indices), fast withdrawal and deposit conditions. and safe, high-level trading services (technical analysis, fundamental analysis, economic news) and being able to take advantage of a maximum leverage of 1:3000.



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