“Smart investing doesn’t consist of buying good assets, but of buying assets well. This is a very, very distinction that very, very few people understand.”

By Howard Marks(an American Investor)

How do you invest “smartly”?

Finding the most suited strategy for yourself maybe one way to do that. But How?

FXPro offers 3 most popular trading platforms in the world. They are all available for Free and by just signing up with FXPro once.

They all have different advantages and used by millions of traders in the world though, let us introduce you how investors are seeing these platforms differently.


MT4 is obviously the most used trading platform by retail FX traders, and its share may be more than 90% in the market.

As there are over millions of traders using the platform, there are also thousands of programs(EAs, Indicators and Scripts) available for users on the web.

MT4 maybe the best platform to find a program that suit your trading strategy.

Although, the developer of MT4, MetaQuotes has announced that they have stopped working on MT4 and now they are mainly working on developing MT5.


MT5 is relatively a new trading platform, and it is very similar to MT4 in terms of visual and interface.

MT5 is better than the MT4 in terms of numbers, tools, executions and also more financial instruments are available on it.

Now that there are 100 of Forex brokers using MT5 to offer investment services, MT5 is believed to be the nest most popular trading platform in the world very soon.

The program language is also the same as MT4’s, so there are thousands of programs available for MT5 too.


cTrader is a platform developed by Spotware, and its advantage is the “ECN” trading environment.

ECN stands for Electronics Communication Network, and cTrader only allows this type of execution.

Spotware guarantees that no brokers can interfere clients’ trades or manipulate market prices displayed on the platform, and it is believed to be the platform with the most “fair” trading conditions.

Comparing to MT4, not so many programs are available on the web, but it is suited for traders who like to have a fair trading environment to trade on.

FXPro offers all of the platforms above

FXPro is the only broker which offers all of the above trading platforms together.

Along with them, the broker also offers variety of trading tools and educational materials on their official website.

Find out more information of FXPro’s service in the official website!



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