Trading-Conditions-of-XM's-Gold-and-Silver---Precious-Metal-CFDs-on-MT4-and-MT5 Trading-Conditions-of-XM's-Gold-and-Silver---Precious-Metal-CFDs-on-MT4-and-MT5

Invest in Precious Metals on XM

By opening an account with XM, you can invest in precious metal CFDs such as Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.

With XM, you can benefit from the following advantages.

  • Gold and silver trading online without requotes
  • Attractive non-FX investments
  • Liquid market
  • Select short or long position in the same account
  • Unique leverage up to 1000:1
  • Transaction at no additional fee

Trade Forex, Precious Metals, Energy and Stock Indexes from One Account Access 16 trading platforms from one account.

Invest in Precious Metals of XM

Trading condition of Gold on XM MT4 and MT5

  • Lowest price fluctuation – 0.01
  • Minimum spread – 0.3
  • Average spread – 0.35
  • Long swap value (points) – -3.58
  • Short swap value (points) – -1.37
  • Value per lot – 100 oz
  • Limit and Stop Levels – 0

Invest in Gold with XM

Trading condition of Silver on XM MT4 and MT5

  • Lowest price fluctuation – 0.01
  • Minimum spread – 0.03
  • Average spread – 0.035
  • Long swap value (points) – -1
  • Short swap value (points) – -0.8
  • Value per lot – 5000 oz
  • Limit and Stop Levels – 0

Invest in Silver with XM

The gold and silver margin calculation formula is “lot number x contract size x market price / leverage”.

For all account types, silver leverage on MT4 and MT5 platforms is up to 1: 400.

* Minimum distance to set a pre-order at the current market price.

** If you continue to hold an open position on the next trading day, you will pay or receive a specific amount calculated based on the difference in interest rates between the two currencies of the currency pair. This process is called “swap”. At the trading terminal, “swap” is automatically converted to the deposit currency. This process is executed at 00:00 (time zone is GMT + 2, pay attention to daylight saving time), and it takes a few minutes. Swaps from Wednesday to Thursday will be charged for 3 days.

*** The average spreads listed here are calculated throughout the day. Spreads tend to be narrower in normal market conditions. However, spreads widen during illiquid times, such as just before the end of a session or on weekends, when market conditions can be volatile due to significant news outcomes, political instability, or unexpected events. There is a possibility. When you trade with us, XM Trading will be your partner. All your trading needs and risks are hedged at current market spreads with the help of our liquidity providers. However, if market conditions are volatile and liquidity is low, our liquidity providers will charge larger spreads than usual. In such cases, XM Trading will be obliged to bear part of the spread increase.

Gold & Silver Trading Hours (Note the time zone is GMT + 2, daylight saving time)

Monday – Thursday: 01:05 – 23:55

Friday: 01:05 – 23:50

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Trading condition of PALL (Palladium) on XM MT4 and MT5

  • Lowest price fluctuation – 0.01000 USD
  • Minimum price movement – 0.1
  • Lowest spread – 10.01
  • Value per lot – 10 Troy ounces
  • Minimum / maximum transaction size – 1/45
  • Margin requirement rate – 4.5%
  • Limit and Stop Levels – 0

Invest in PALL (Palladium) with XM

Trading condition of PLAT (Platinum) on XM MT4 and MT5

  • Lowest price fluctuation – 0.01000 USD
  • Minimum price movement – 0.1
  • Lowest spread – 4.25
  • Value per lot – 10 Troy ounces
  • Minimum / maximum transaction size – 1/100
  • Margin requirement rate – 4.5%
  • Limit and Stop Levels – 0

Invest in PLAT (Platinum) with XM

Minimum distance to set a pre-order at the current market price.

Positions that have not been settled on the maturity date will be forcibly settled.

The margin calculation formula for CFD products is “lot number x contract size x open price x margin rate” and is not calculated by the leverage of the account setting.

The margin requirement for hedging a position on a CFD product is always 50%, even if the margin maintenance rate exceeds 100%.

We do not provide automatic rollover for new transactions of financial stocks with maturity dates.

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Gold trading and precious metal markets

Along with crude oil, copper and petroleum, gold trading and other precious metals are hard commodities that play a major role in the commodity market and are traded on a contract basis. Precious metal-based contracts include futures, spot prices, forwards and options.

Futures contracts are negotiated through the futures trading (or commodity) market. Investors around the world have access to nearly 50 major commodity markets, including trading products such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which boast high financial value and sustainability. While Asia is the world’s largest precious metal market (China, India and Singapore are the top consumers of these commodities), the commodity market is dominated by European and American companies, with Canada and Germany being the largest precious metal companies. We have a base.

In the futures trading market, where gold and other precious metals are actively traded in addition to currencies and stock indexes , trading is possible 24 hours a day except weekends. In general, precious metals are purchased in two main ways: spot trading and futures trading. Whereas spot trading involves the actual buying and selling of these commodities, which are paid and delivered on the spot date (typically two business days after the trading date), futures are standardized contracts and both sides. A certain amount of precious metal is agreed to be bought or sold at a price agreed upon by the parties (called the future price) for delivery and payment (called the delivery date) on a future date. Buying and selling of futures is done through online trading without owning the actual physical of the commodity being traded.

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Trading gold and precious metals with XM

The most frequently traded precious metals are gold, platinum, palladium and silver, and the high trading volumes of these commodities are due to their sustainable value, which is independent of the economic conditions inherent in these precious metals. The tendency to buy precious metals online and own them in kind as long-term investments has increased significantly over the last few decades. Precious metal trading also offers those interested in short-term investments, as derivatives and stock exchange trading do not require a lot of money and the simpler way to hold a position against price movements.

Unlike many commodities that are heavily influenced by production and consumption trends, for example, the trading price of gold is not affected by such variables. Gold’s trading price reacts to political changes, so it acts as a hedge against other markets during uncertain times. Along with gold, platinum, palladium and silver are also valuable assets and are traded by investors who consider them a custody of value in times of financial uncertainty.

There are several factors that affect price fluctuations and cause volatility in the precious metal market. One of the most important factors is the global financial institutions that make speculative investments and cause price fluctuations. Another factor affecting the market is end-user trends, primarily driven by jewelry buyers. Demand for gems raises prices in the precious metal market. The economy also affects market prices. In the world’s fastest growing economies, wealth levels directly correlate with demand for gold and other gemstones. When investors look for risky investment options, the price of certain precious metals goes down when the prices of other precious metals go up. Finally, demand for some other financial assets other than precious metals also influences price fluctuations.

Invest in Precious Metals of XM

A historical overview of gold trading and precious metals

Precious metals, especially gold, have always been a symbol of wealth. For centuries from the prehistoric era when gold was used for bartering, coins, bars and gold nuggets with fixed purity and weight have remained valuable and in high demand assets. The first gold coins were created in 600 BC and continued to be used as a currency exchange (gold standard) until the 1930s. Gold, a highly dielectric and malleable metal, is used in a variety of industries, from gemstones to commercial science, electronics and pharmaceuticals, as it does not react with other ingredients. Gold as commodity money has replaced the fiat currency system only since 1976 and remains a strong investment asset to this day.

Along with gold, silver has been used for currency exchange for over 4000 years under the silver standard that lasted until the 19th century. Due to manufacturing, commercial and consumer demand, silver is a strong investment asset, and derivative products such as silver futures are traded in various securities trading markets around the world. With the advent of online trading, silver exchange trading products have become an easy way for investors to expose their silver prices and have become a long-term investment target.

Compared to gold and silver transactions, which have been used as investment assets since the ancient civilization, platinum and palladium have a short history in the financial field. However, due to its rarity, annual excavation volume, and various uses in multiple industrial sectors, it sometimes tends to sell for more than gold. Platinum, which is 10 times rarer than gold, is associated with wealth, and platinum-platinum alloys have been used before the Colombian civilization. The first mention of platinum in Europe was made in the 16th century and has been used in various industries since the 18th century, ranging from gems and motors to chemistry, dentistry and pharmacy.

Like platinum, palladium plays a major role in technology. Since its discovery in Europe in the 19th century, global demand for palladium has risen significantly, especially in the automotive industry, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical and electrical industries, gems and, of course, as an investment asset. When the economy is sustainable and stable due to supply and demand (market pricing), the prices of platinum and palladium will be as high as or higher than gold, but when the economy is unstable, those prices will be. Gold will be a more stable investment target as it will fall below the price of gold.

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Today’s Gold and Precious Metals Trading

Precious metals have been one of the most popular hard commodities since the 1970s. In addition to currency exchange ( FX ) trading, long-term investment in gold and other precious metals is a globally popular way to build a risk management portfolio during periods of inflation and economic and political instability.

Futures contracts are so-called derivative contracts, which mean that their value is derived from the performance of the underlying asset. One of the main objectives of investing in precious metal futures is risk mitigation. By giving buyers and sellers of contracts the option of fixing prices and rates in advance for future transactions, both sides can protect their funds from violent or sudden price movements that could increase losses.

Precious metals can be traded in both directions. If the market is expected to rise (bullish trend), we will close by trading to buy a futures contract (long position) and selling it. On the other hand, if the price is expected to move downward (bearish trend), we will close the contract by selling the futures contract (short position) and buying back the contract. It is also possible to trade multiple futures contracts by making multiple individual entries and exits (contracting at different prices and closing at one price, or vice versa). Being able to trade in both directions allows investors to make a profit in both up and down markets.



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