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Introduction to investing in tokenized assets, what a token is, and how to profit from it.

Investments in tokenized assets with

Tokens are a series of digital information kept within a distributed ledger (blockchain) that give the owners of this “virtual currency” a right of ownership.

Consequently, the concept of tokenization can be understood as the modification of the rights of a certain good or service in a digital token registered on a blockchain.

The real estate and the token are bound by a smart contract also commonly referred to as a “smart contract”.

The term “Tokenize” in a nutshell, means that a trader can generate a token and subsequently connect it to a real asset through the type of contract described above (smart contract).

The tokens used for cryptocurrency exchanges on allow any trader to trade on the most quoted assets in the tokenized form in markets around the world.

Using Bitcoin and Ethereum it will be possible to invest in shares of the most popular companies present on the markets, indices, commodities and currency markets, all in tokenized form.

For this type of investment in cryptocurrencies, has extremely advantageous conditions and services, being able to invest in a wide range of assets (more than 2000 tokenized assets available), a platform developed exclusively for investments in cryptocurrencies, and maximum leverage equal at 1: 500.

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Understanding Tokenized Exchange Assets

The exchange of virtual currencies through merges the cryptocurrency sector with that of traditional assets, from this it logically follows that tokenized assets turn out to be a valid and extremely effective investment alternative.

With tokenization, as previously mentioned, the trader will be able to create a token (registered using the distributed ledger technology) having the right of ownership over a real good or service.

Tokenized assets (commonly called tokens), appear to have their own value corresponding to the value of the underlying asset. For example, Assuming a trader decides to tokenize Google stocks, gold, oil, etc.

As the price of the underlying asset rises, the value of the token will increase accordingly.

Conversely, if the price of an asset goes down, the token’s value will go down.

Therefore, trading in tokenized assets can be profitable to the same extent as traditional assets.

Furthermore, it should be added that a dividend adjustment accrues on the tokenized assets, which allows extracting the same financial result as from a common investment in real assets.

For example, the TSLA.CX token reflects the value of Tesla stock on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Users who trade tokenized shares purchase the TSLA.CX token and proceed with the exchange, in the same way as a more ordinary Tesla stock exchange.

But one of the fundamental differences between the two types of exchange derives from the speed and efficiency of the operations carried out by the blockchain.

A tokenized share is a blockchain-based financial asset that meets all legal requirements of the country in which it is issued.

The main advantage of such assets is that they can be traded using cryptocurrencies and earn profits like in traditional financial markets.

You will no longer have to rely on fiat currencies to be able to invest in stock price movements.

The main characteristics of the tokenized assets are listed below.

  • Blockchain technology.
  • Safe and reliable regulation.
  • They reflect the prices of the underlying assets.
  • Traded in both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Invest in’s Tokenized Assets

How to exchange cryptocurrencies with offers its clients tokenized cryptocurrency exchanges using a wide range of tools, including over 2,000 available tokens that reflect the market price of traditional financial assets.

Among the assets that can be traded on the platform, there are the tokenized shares of Amazon, Apple, Volkswagen and Coca-Cola; tokenized indices Dow Jones 30, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100; tokenized commodities: gold, silver and Brent oil.

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Exchange tokenized assets

The tokenized resources on are managed using blockchain technology, synonymous with reliability, security and efficiency.

When a trader decides to trade, he receives a token that reflects both the price of the underlying asset and its market fluctuations.

It is important to point out that tokens allow you to profit from traditional markets without necessarily converting crypto investments into fiat money.

Regulated by law.
The cryptocurrency exchange operates in compliance with the new Belarusian legislation and fully complies with the main AML and KYC guidelines.
Simplicity and transparency. warns all traders in advance of any fees to be incurred and legal issues to be aware of.
Competitive spreads.
The final price is the result of a bidding competition that receives from customers and liquidity providers.
Max. leverage
traders can trade tokenized assets on major world markets with leverage of up to 1: 100.

Invest in’s Tokenized Assets

Rediscover cryptovslutes on believes that being able to easily vary trading between fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, tokenized stocks, tokenized commodities and indices can be the first step in ushering in a new era of cryptocurrency investing.

With the trading app, every operation will be at your fingertips, wherever and whenever it is deemed necessary.

With all the features available to the trader, he will be able to invest in the main tokenized markets when he deems it appropriate to do so.



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