September 25, 2018

How many Forex traders lose their invested funds?

More than 80% of traders lose their funds by trading Forex and CFDs.

how-many-forex-traders-lose-money-online how-many-forex-traders-lose-money-online

Forex market – a play or permanent work?

Invest in Forex market

Find out how many traders lose with each broker

Did you know over 80% of online Forex and CFD traders lose their money?

The number isn’t made up by someone, but it is actually the case with majority of online Forex brokers.

European licensed online brokers publish their numbers every few months.

According to their data, we can certainly say that more than 70% to 80% of traders are losing by investing online.

Find out how many traders lose with each broker

Good news is that there are some brokers with the result of around 50%, and the number of traders losing their money seem to be decreasing over the years.

This may be thanks to developing trading tools and improved educational materials, but still it is true that more traders are losing while less traders are making profits.

While you may consider the numbers as your reference, you can also take this opportunity to think of why and what you are doing in the Forex market.

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Every trader dreams about making millions

Why do people take up trading and come to Forex?

That is a question frequently asked in forums.

There might be various answers to this question, although in most cases it’s a wish to achieve financial independence and to be self-employed and not to work for the boss.

There are, of course, those who dream about making millions.

Such intentions are undoubtedly great but setting such ambitious goals some people do very little to achieve them.

Every trader can ask himself or herself this question and the answer will probably coincide with the answers of other traders.

But a more interesting question is: What am I doing in the market?

Giving a sincere answer, a trader can compare it with one of the answers provided below.

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It’s not how lucky you are but the education is the key

There are a lot of people who really work in the market keeping the situation under control.

However, it does not mean that they spend days and nights at the terminal and follow the price movement.

In fact it’s vice versa, traders have enough time to relax as well. Having a rest is a part of their trading strategy.

Although they almost slave away keeping strictly to all the points of their trading strategy.

It’s significant to point out that they really fulfill all the points of the rules, everything to the minutest detail including trading signals and money management.

As a rule these traders achieve success.

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Continuously studying the Forex market

They gradually nurture their will power which contributes to feeling comfortable in the market conditions and finally brings profit.

And time free from trading but nevertheless working time traders spend on improving their trading systems or getting new knowledge.

Exactly for these traders Forex trading turns into work.

And it’s not a simple work but a permanent, hard but favorite work. They are fans of the market because it’s endlessly interesting for them!

The market usually likes educated, calm, hard-working and strong-willed people.

And the market is ready to share its wealth first of all with these people.

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Is Forex speculation a gamble?

Do you think Forex trading is a part of gamble?

In the first part of the article it was highlighted how necessary it is for every trader to ask himself or herself a question: What am I doing in the market?

After giving a really sincere and honest reply, compare it with one of the variants provided.

The first variant of the trader’s attitude to work in Forex was described before and now we are going to discuss the second one.

There are traders working hard 24 hours

There are traders who pretend that they are trading although they can insist on working in Forex market.

The working hours of such traders are chaotic.

They get up and go to bed when they want, they can afford to watch an exciting movie in the break, chat in social networks, in forums or simply play online games at odd times. And this “work” takes all day.

They can indulge themselves during the trading increasing risks.

It might seem to them that the market situation is developing in the way that the trade must be 100% profitable.

In this case they can take risks hoping to make profit right now rather than accumulate missed profit within few weeks.

Such traders treat some points from rules with certain negligence although they are inseparable parts of their trading strategy.

However, it is worth saying that such kind of traders can be in the market for quite a long time.

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You will lose if you gamble on Forex market

They usually have trading experience of one-two years but they often consider themselves professionals and even experts in the sphere of trading.

This overestimated approach leads to the situation when they allow themselves to change the system rules in the middle of the trade or completely neglect them.

Traders might believe that they know quite a lot and can feel the market adjusting to its requirements.

They usually prefer to be in the process of trading and feel uncomfortable without an open trade. Probably this attitude to trading occurs as being outside the market they feel that they are wasting time.

That’s why to open a trade at the first opportunity is a common situation for these people.

As a rule such trades end up quite sadly.

After wasting plenty of time and possible several big profits, traders inevitably reach the state when they get a Margin Call and finally lose their funds.

Exactly about these traders it is said they play in Forex market.

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Think of Forex trading as full-time job

Having discussed both variants characterizing this or that type of traders, every trader can look at himself or herself from the outside and realize what type they belong to.

If it turns out that the answer is the second one and most of the enumerated features coincide with your type of trading, then it is necessary to change something.

It might be recommended to try to organize yourself both in trading and on vocation, do everything possible so that the attitude to trading will comply with the first variant.

Only in this case one may say that Forex market is a full-time job but not a play.

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How much you could lose on Online Forex and CFD Investment?

How much is the maximum risk while trading Forex and CFDs online?

‘Risk Management’ is one of the most important aspect that you should think while investing your own funds.

You don’t just think of how much you could make, but you must also think of how much you could lose.

Do you know how much is the maximum amount you can lose while investing in Forex and CFD*?

*CFD stands for Contract for Difference, and the product ranges from Stocks, Commodities, Metals, Bonds, Indices to more markets.

The answer is ‘unlimited’.

Note that you can lose more than you invest, depends on the company you invest with and financial instruments you trade.

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Stop Out and NBP (Negative Balance Protection) by Online Brokers

Online FX & CFD Brokers try their best to protect its traders from risks.

‘Stop Out’ is the tool to close all open positions automatically when the your account can no longer support the positions you have.

It will simply protect you from too much risks even when you are not monitoring your account.

NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is a type of insurance which protects traders from exceeded losses.

This makes sure you don’t lose more than you deposit to your account, so you can limit your maximum loss to the total deposit amount.

Both Stop Out and NBP exist to protect investors from exceeded losses.

Nowadays, most of the online FX & CFD brokers have both of the conditions for all traders.

You can afford only 100 USD to start with? That’s fine because there are brokers that even accept from $5.

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No Deposit Bonus to trade ‘Risk-Free’

If you don’t want to make a deposit at first, but want to try out Online Forex and CFD trading, you can start with ‘No Deposit Bonus’ promotions.

With a ‘No Deposit Bonus’, you can have real fund to start trading online for free.

  • No cost involved
  • No risk to lose your own funds
  • Not a Demo but Real account

You can find the list of No Deposit Bonus promotions here.

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17 Things which Winners and Losers do

We all want to be successful traders but success and trading depends a great deal and your mental attitude towards trading.

Luckily, an attitude is not an inborn trait that stays with you for a lifetime it’s something that can be changed.

What losing traders do?

To succeed you must avoid the traits that characterize unsuccessful traders.

These include:

  1. Spontaneity
  2. Lack of confidence
  3. Pessimism
  4. Jumping from one technique to another
  5. Impatience
  6. Constantly being connected to the computer
  7. Lack of Capital Management knowledge
  8. Fear of recognizing losses

Trading with these traits will result in near search of losses.

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What winning traders do?

Your chances of success will increase considerably if you’re able to adapt the following traits.

  1. Discipline
  2. Motivation
  3. Optimism
  4. Remaining logical and rational
  5. Patience
  6. Enjoying the trading at self
  7. knowledge of proper risk management
  8. Independence
  9. Calm acceptance of losses

These traits can turn trading into a fun game with the chances of winning are higher.

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5 Important Facts in Forex market

Besides the traits of losers and winners of investment above, here are 5 basic principles for investors.

  1. Learn and understand the rules and principles of trading.
  2. Learn how to manage capital strictly in wisely.
  3. Plan a trading strategy that is appropriate for the market condition based on knowledge and technical analysis.
  4. Try to reach a stage with the trading system is working for you.
  5. Identify a weak trades and work to overcome them.

Found something familiar to your trading activity?

By considering the above trading tips, there maybe something you can change on your trading strategy.

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Macroeconomics – What is the regular market theory?

It includes data of: the state budget, production, sales, industrial capacity, food supplies, prices, credits, unemployment level, etc.

Cause and effect relationship among the factors which form the base of the driving force are taken into consideration as well.

It is complicated to use this data during the day except for determining the possible market sentiment.

As a result the macroeconomic data is used in the long-term perspective.

In contrast with the technical analysis which can provide quite an exact forecast with some deviations, the fundamental analysis has sometimes too many deviations and frequently it does not have clear-cut conclusions.

Consequently relying only on the fundamental analysis, there is a high probability to make a wrong guess due to a big number of influential factors.

According to the results of surveys conducted in one of the US magazines, the economists who based their forecasts on fundamental analysis dropped bollocks of four crises out of five.

This fact can be explained by a situation when following and analyzing the interconnection within one economic sector of the region, there is always other data from another region which can influence on the market sentiment.

Thus, it is recommended to take into account both a fundamental and a technical analysis to achieve maximum profit and get help in forecasting the instrument movement on the trading platform.

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