October 18, 2018

Try Forex Copy Trading, EAs (Expert Advisers) or Portfolio Management

How Forex's Social and Copy Trading can help you make profit with confidence?

merits-and-demerits-of-fx-social-and-copy-trading-platform merits-and-demerits-of-fx-social-and-copy-trading-platform

May the ‘Om’ be with you.

This article is originally referred from FXPro News.

Forex trading involves so much psychology

One of the most important things in life in general and in trading in particular is the acceptance of its impermanence.

The fact that everything changes and most things are out of your control is a difficult fact to acknowledge.

However, the only thing that you can truly control is your reaction to events – which is actually quite important.

To bring the calmness and serenity back into your trading sessions, you have to lose the attachments you have for certainty, a specific outcome, or an ideal that you want.

Clinging to all this brings with it frustration and irritation, which in turn causes you to draw the wrong conclusions and make wrong decisions.

Instead, try to replace your ideals with aspirations.

Ideals are rigid, they lack fluidity and aren’t flexible, whereas aspiration has flexibility built in.

It’s something that you aspire to have/achieve/reach, but there are various ways of getting there.

And finally, remember that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ situations.

All are stepping stones to something else, a new development, an interesting possibility.

You can’t predict how a seemingly ‘bad’ situation will play out in a month, it could very well develop into a very positive outcome.

The same goes for trades – ‘good’ ones, will help build your confidence and confirm your ideas and habits, while the ‘bad’ ones will bring with them wisdom and help you make better decisions in the future.

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Social and Copy Trading maybe your answer

Online Forex and CFD trading has become very common among online investors and now it is accessible from any devices anywhere in the world.

There are hundreds of trading tools and platforms available and you have unlimited opportunities to earn profit by investing online.

But if you don’t know how to use these tools efficiently and strategies to make profit, online Forex and CFD trading can be a nightmare for you.

In this case “Social and Copy trading” can be a very powerful tool.

“Social and Copy trading” is where you can copy professional (profitable) traders’ accounts to yours, so you can make profit with them.

This type of service can copy Forex and CFD orders in real-time to your accounts.

Signup online, look for your traders to copy and you may be able to earn profits even when you are sleeping because they are all automated.

  1. Signup and Open an account
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Choose strategy providers
  4. Wait as your account trade to make profit

List of Social & Copy Trading Platform providers

The service isn’t complicated at all once you understand them.

Here are some tips that you should know before using “Social and Copy trading services”.

Merits of Social and Copy trading

There are many profitable traders and you have a chance to copy their trades.

You don’t need any experience in trading, but you just need to understand the risk and know how to assess these strategy providers.

The process of copying is all automated, thus once you choose the strategy providers, you just need to wait for the result.

Demerits of Social and Copy trading

There are always risks involved to online investment.

While you can choose great strategy providers, you must know that there is no perfect trading strategies in the world.

Everyone can make a mistake, and even the most profitable trader can lose in some cases.

So you must know the risks involved to your trading, and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Start Social & Copy Trading

Can MT4 and MT5 Expert Advisers (EAs) really make profit permanently?

Is your solution to online investment a use of EAs (Expert Advisers)?

The question might seem controversial but if you study it in detail then you can give a positive answer and confirm that yes robots can trade in Forex market and bring profit to a trader.

Why do we have hesitations then? Although there might be no hesitations but plenty of questions regarding the usage of advisers.

Advisers have gained in quite widespread popularity. A lot of traders especially beginners keep a close watch on this trend in trading.

And here it is worth thinking about “why it happens that 95% of beginners in trading as a rule lose”… An addiction to easy prey is typical of many people and the opportunity to get it by means of an adviser attracts a considerable amount of traders.

People usually download from the Internet robot-champions or pay for super lucrative personal funds, however, in most cases it does not bring handsome profit.

In order to assure yourself of the hopelessness of these operations, a trader should ask himself or herself a simple question and find an answer on it.

Are you looking for an EA to trade on MT4 that make stable profits?

Yadix provides its traders an EA with verified success for free. Find out more in the link below.

Find out more about Yadix’s StablePro EA

People make mistakes. So does robot created by people.

How long is the trader going to use a robot and what profit should it bring?

If a trader is determined to work with a robot on a permanent basis, then it may be firmly said that this path leads to nowhere.

One may get profit with the help of an adviser but it probably won’t last as long as it is wished by a trader.

For instance, an adviser brings profit for two weeks, maybe two months but then the systems will definitely glitch and nobody know when it happens.

And nobody knows how hurtful it may be for the deposit.

In this case a trader has only one way out — to trust the robot and become an onlooker who tries to predict if it will manage to find the right way or not.

Thus, it might occur that instead of increasing your funds, the adviser may turn into a mechanism of destruction.

Finally, it should be remembered that adviser are made by people and unfortunately people make mistakes.

Quite often people have a little bit wrong attitude to these programs, especially beginners.

It resembles the perception of information on the radio or TV by elderly people who take everything at its face value.

This gullibility is sometimes used by advertisers with sticky fingers who distribute information about “magic pills” treating all diseases.

The same happens with robots.

Some believe that the fact of using it in the terminal says that it was developed by professionals and is a high-quality product.

However, in reality it does not say anything.

Nowadays almost everyone, who understands programming at least a bit, can create an adviser.

That’s why it is important to understand who made this adviser. It might be a good trader but a bad programmer or vice versa.

A great piece of luck is to meet a good trader and programmer in the one skin.

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“IronFX Portfolio Fund Management” for investors to maximize profit

Looking for trustworthy, transparent and profitable fund management service?

If you don’t prefer copy and social trading service or using EAs, then there is another option.

What’s IronFX Portfolio Management?

IronFX Portfolio Management is managed by IroFX, based in Cyprus, licensed by CySEC.

IronFX Portfolio Management is operated in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of the European Union.

IronFX started the business based on an ethical, transparent and honest foundation, and they continue to carry this motto in the work and services they offer you.

The main vision is to offer the best possible returns, liquidity and diversification from other traditional asset management products available today in the market.

Offering extraordinary returns and liquidity diversification is their main mission, and IronFX hope to continue doing so while continuing to work with all valuable clients.

IronFX’s Forex managed accounts were built with the aim to provide sophisticated investors with the maximum returns that are possible for their funds, and therefore keep investors fully satisfied.

Visit IronFX Official Website

What IronFX Portfolio Management offers?

IronFX Portfolio Management’s aim is to provide a fully transparent Forex Managed Account service that prides itself on delivering clients extraordinary returns on investment, licensed and regulated.

Investors are provided with first-class support giving clients worldwide complete confidence in IronFX Portfolio Management as their preferred Forex Managed Account Company.

It is their objective to provide the opportunity for investors to participate in these automated trading programs resting assured that these programs are applying successful and sophisticated trading logic based on many parameters, timeframes, strategies, leverage and risk management controls as opposed to traditional asset management programs that are fully dependent on the human factor.

IronFX Portfolio Management is driven by key elements such as experience, talent and an innovative approach.

Their expertise has evolved from years of experience in the financial services industry.

It is their objective therefore to provide the investor a platform to appreciate high returns from a Forex Managed Account taking advantage of all the above mentioned tools and expertise Commitment, mutual respect, full transparency and professional client services are key elements that contribute to the unique corporate identity of IronFX Portfolio Management.

IronFX Online Registration

Transparency, Liquidity and Diversification

IronFX Portfolio Management’s vision is to offer investors a secure and stable environment with full transparency and ethical business policies.

Their Forex Managed Account community is the top priority, therefore, they have and will continue to develop their environment using years of financial services experience to deliver to you the best possible investment returns, but never to dilute the personal VIP service that they provide to each and every investor.

IronFX Portfolio Management offers a unique opportunity to investors that understand the potential of the foreign exchange markets and would like to maximize the returns on their investment.

1. Transparency

As a fully regulated and licensed company, they offer full transparency to our clients while maintaining the strictest compliance procedures to ensure client privacy and security.

As a result, there are no hidden fees and commissions.

2. Liquidity

You can access the market with the highest liquidity in the world.

Further to this, IronFX provides the clients a No Redemption Period policy.

This means that you can access your funds whenever you want.

3. Diversification

Diversify your investment portfolio from all other traditional investments while controlling your maximum loss desired.

Do you have questions or suggestions?

Contact them, they will be glad to answer your inquiries!

Find out more about IronFX’s Portfolio Management

Original Source: FXPro News

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