yadix-stp-ndd-dma-order-execution-statistics yadix-stp-ndd-dma-order-execution-statistics

Yadix has improved the Order Execution Level

When trading Forex and CFDs online, the execution quality is the key factor that affect your success directly.

Yadix, an online Forex and CFD broker is known as the STP MT4 broker with superior execution comparing to other brokers.

Yadix is a DMA and NDD broker which never interfere or manipulate traders’ orders or market prices.

Yadix connects its MT4 and get the price feeds through Equinix LD4 server facility via fibre optic cables.

Using the latest leading technology, Yadix has made another improvement on execution level.

Now you can trade Forex with better and faster order filling for more accuracy and greater potential profits.

What are the execution statistics on Yadix MT4 now? Find out more below.

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1. 78% of trades filled at requested price or better

On Yadix MT4, your orders are executed at the requested price or a better price.

This means that only 22% of orders are executed with slippage due to lack of market liquidity at that moment, or other various reasons.

Normally on Yadix MT4, your orders are executed as you ordered, or with positive slippage.

2. 24% of Buy or sell orders filled with improved prices

On Yadix MT4, 24% of your orders are executed at improved / better prices.

The improved price means the orders are executed with positive slippage.

With this condition, you have more probability that your orders are executed at the better price than the one you have requested.

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3. 99.1% of trades executed in 15 milliseconds or less

Yadix MT4 is directly connected through Equinix LD4 server in London.

By switching to the Equinix Financial eXchange, Yadix even lowers the latency for Forex trading.

With the leading technology, Yadix achieves to executed 99.1% of orders within 15 milliseconds or less.

4. 83% of stop loss, take profit and pending orders filled at asking price or better

Pending orders such as stop loss and take profit are very important to setup in order to achieve planned profit.

For such pending orders, Yadix’s superior execution condition will support to make them precise all the time.

Yadix also allows positive slippage for pending orders, enabling traders to profit even more with pending orders.

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5. The average value of price improvement is 0.24 pip

Yadix has published the report that the average value of price movement is 0.24 pips.

Which means you will most likely get positive slippage on your orders around 0.24 pips which obviously turns to your profit.

0.24 pips equals to 2.4 dollars for every 1 lot transaction.



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