ZuluTrade-vs-Myfxbook---Which-FX-Copy-Trading-is-better ZuluTrade-vs-Myfxbook---Which-FX-Copy-Trading-is-better

ZuluTrade vs Myfxbook

When it comes to Forex copy trading, there is a number of services available today, but the major and popular ones are always a few.

The most major and well-known social and copy trading services are ZuluTrade and Myfxbook.

While both copy trading services provide you with many superior features and tools, and you may be having a hard time deciding which one to use.

While they are both competitive, there are certain aspects that make ZuluTrade a better social and copy trading platform provider.

You may be surprised to see how much profits investors of ZuluTrade are making.

Now, what makes ZuluTrade superior and many investors are choosing the service?

In this article, we will look into more details of both social and copy trading services, ZuluTrade and Myfxbook.

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Experience Social Forex Trading with ZuluTrade

Forex traders can take advantage of ZuluTrade (Social Trading Platform) to gain limited access to a vast pool of professional traders and profitable trading systems.

You can choose the professional trader you want to follow and spread the risk of Forex trading as one of the multiple strategies.

Based on the track record of the traders you follow, your account accurately mirrors the performance of the smartest and most talented Forex traders in the social trading industry.

All of this result will flow directly into your trading account.

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What is ZuluTrade?

Zulu Trade is an industry-renowned online and mobile social trading platform.

With Zulu Trade, you can discover proven traders ranked by ZuluTrade’s unique performance evaluation algorithm “ZuluRank” and convert their trades into real trades with your account.

Users have complete control over their accounts, and this management tool has advanced risk management features such as ZuluGuard, a shield against highly volatile trading strategies.

Read the “ZuluTrade Review” to find out more about this social and copy trading service.

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How does ZuluTrade work?

ZuluTrade users can select the traders they want to follow using performance tables ranked by algorithms based on ZuluTrade’s “knowledge communication” as well as performance factors for mass trading.

And ZuluTrade users can fully customize the trades initiated by them according to the preferences and risk tolerance of the traders they follow.

Users can customize all of the trading parameters of any currency pair or trader, choose their own lot size, automatically manage the number of trades, trading time and whatever they need.

You can’t find a reason not to start Zulu Trade, a treasure trove of professional trader knowledge!

Zulu Trade is one of the largest social trading communities.

Users of this platform can follow thousands of talented currency traders registered in 192 countries.

By conducting automated trading, users can remove potentially harmful emotional and error-prone human factors from the way they practice trading.

Users can take advantage of the fact that ZuluTrade’s signal providers are active in time zones around the world to seize opportunities in the 24-hour Forex market and professional finance without having to be in front of a computer at all times.

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Unique features of ZuluTrade

The signal providers are analyzed by various factors and ranked.
Advanced account protection to monitor user transaction performance 24 hours a day.
Test simulation of the performance of selected traders according to account settings.
Customized settings
Users can customize their account to their own specifications.
Risk management
Margin-Call-O-Meter is a feature that estimates and informs the portfolio of selected signal providers and the risks they pose to users.
Automator is an innovative tool that allows ZuluTrade users to create and execute their own automation rules.

To use ZuluTrade’s social and copy trading service, you are recommended to use AAAFX, an online Forex broker.

AAAFX’s platform is directly integrated to ZuluTrade, and you can more efficiently invest in Forex through AAAFX’s account.

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Automatic trading using MyFXBook

Many online Forex brokers partnered with MyFXBook to offer the most popular Forex copy trading services.

MyFXBook’s AutoTrade is an account mirroring service that allows you to copy and execute your transactions from the most successful trading systems.

MyFXBook’s AutoTrade service is an online platform for Forex trading copy used by over 90,000 Forex traders.

Connect your account to MyFXBook and trade with auto-copy, detailed analysis and statistics.

What is AutoTrade of MyFXBook?

All MyFXBook traders and public trading systems are endorsed by MyFXBook, giving you access to a pool of experienced and most profitable social traders.

AutoTrade is an online platform that allows you to copy and execute transactions from over 900 million successful Forex trading systems.

With a MyFXBook account, you can easily create portfolios and automatically copy transactions from other proven traders.

You can also manage and customize the copied Forex trading and use it as a reference for your own trading through detailed portfolio analysis.

  • Only the trading system of proven traders can be copied. Demo accounts and poorly performing accounts are not available for autocopy.
  • The trading system and Forex traders must be reviewed and approved that MyFXBook has a sufficient trading record.
  • You can modify or close the copied Forex trading at any time.
  • No software download is required and it can be accessed from a browser.
  • Analysis tool with accurate statistical information and data.

In order to start trading in AutoTrade of MyFXBook, you need a live MT4 account dedicated to AutoTrade.

Many brokers allow you to open a live account for free.

After logging in to your MT4 live account, click here to sign up for AutoTrade in MyFXBook.

Follow the instructions on MyFXBook to complete the account link.



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