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October 4, 2021

What trading platforms does Deriv offer?

Deriv offers three trading platforms which are DTrader, DBot, and DMT5. Once you open an account with Deriv, you can open accounts for various platforms directly through Deriv's client cabinet. How to open a Forex account with Der...


February 4, 2021

What are Deriv's Crash/Boom 1000 and Step indices?

Crash/Boom and step indices are now available for round-the-clock trading with multipliers on DTrader of Deriv. You can get more control over their trade, protect your capital, limit your losses, and amplify your gains. Deriv DTrad...


January 15, 2021

Deriv's leverage and multipliers. Which is better?

Difference between Deriv's leverage and multipliers Deriv's leverage Deriv's multipliers Difference between Deriv's leverage and multipliers Deriv offers 2 main tools for traders to increase their trading volume. Both le...


January 7, 2021

How to set up Deriv's Two-factor authentication (2FA)?

How to set up Two-factor authentication (2FA) on Deriv? You can protect your account with 2FA. Each time you log in to your account, you will need to enter your password and an authentication code generated by a 2FA app on your sma...


January 7, 2021

What are trading, withdrawal and deposit limits of Deriv?

On Deriv's trading platforms, there are certain limitations on your trading activities, fund deposit and withdrawals, etc. The maximum number of open positions is limited to 100. It represents the maximum number of outstanding cont...


January 7, 2021

What are Deriv's trading limits and self-exclusion?

About trading limits and self-exclusion These self-exclusion limits help you control the amount of money and time you spend trading on DTrader, DBot, and SmartTrader. The limits you set will help you exercise responsible trading. ...

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