Who is FBS?

FBS is an online Forex and CFD brokerage firm, licensed and registered by multiple regulatory authorities.

The service conditions maybe different depending on the regulation/jurisdiction you are in.

By opening a trading account with FBS, you can trade Forex, Metals, CFDs and Stocks online.

There are over 100 financial markets you can access through FBS’s trading platforms.

FBS is know as the most popular online FX broker especially in Asia including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thai and Malaysia.

To start trading, register for FBS’s service from the registration page.

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FBS Company Information

FBS’s service has started in 2009.

The broker has acquired millions of traders from over 190 countries*, has won a few dozens of industry awards.

The service is not provided in the following countries: Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Myanmar, Brazil, Malaysia, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As a regulated broker, traders’ funds are deposited into segregated bank account and ICF (Investors Compensation Funds) up to 20,000€ is also available for European traders.

For any inquiries, FBS’s multilingual support team is available for 24/7 non-stop.

As FBS is a customer-friendly broker and has many attractive conditions/promotions, about 80% of traders stay with FBS for long-term.*

*According to FBS Official Website.

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FBS’s Trading Conditions

With FBS, you can invest in Forex, Metals, CFDs and Stocks markets on MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platforms.

The available products are 35 currency pairs, 4 metals and 3 CFD.

The trading cost is different depending on the account type, and they are from 0.2 pip spread or 0.0 pip spread with extra commission.

The maximum leverage is 1:3000, and NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is fully supported for all account types.

FBS uses NDD (Non-Dealing Desk) and STP (Straight Through Processing) technologies thus there is no restrictions in terms of trading strategies on the platforms, including hedging, scalping and the use of trading robots (EAs).

There is no re-quotes or order rejections, and 95% of orders are executed within 0.4 second.

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What you can invest in with FBS?

With FBS, you can invest in about 100 financial markets through MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

The available markets are Forex currency pairs, Precious Metals, Indices, Stocks, Oils and Forex Exotic pairs.

You can invest in all of the above financial markets through one trading account.

There is no need to open multiple trading accounts to trade different markets.

When trade on FBS’s award winning platforms, MT4 and MT5, you can benefit from the following advantages.

  1. Minimum deposit from 1 USD
    With FBS, you can start trading even from 1 USD of minimum deposit amount. You don’t need to invest large amount to get started.
  2. Spreads from 0 pip
    FBS has reduced the spread cost to the minimum for all account types. Trading with FBS, means saving your money from unnecessary fees.
  3. Minimum order volume 0.01 lots
    With FBS, you can trade from 0.01 lots which equals to 1,000 units. On Cent account, you can trade 100 times smaller than the minimum volume.
  4. Leverage up to 1:3000
    FBS’s high leverage 1:3000 is the highest in the industry. With 1:3000 leverage, you can maximize your trading opportunities naturally.
  5. Split-second execution
    FBS adopts STP (Straight Through Processing) or ECN (Electronic Communication Network) to make sure all traders can take advantage of less than 0.3 seconds execution.
  6. No re-quotes
    FBS won’t reject your orders, but the broker makes sure that you will get the best market price at anytime regardless of the investment amount.

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1. Forex currency pairs

With FBS, you can invest in 35 Forex currency pairs.

On FBS’s ECN account, you can invest in up to 25 Forex currency pairs.

Forex currency pairs are the most popular financial markets among FBS traders, as FBS provides the best possible trading condition for the market.

With FBS, you can utilize up to 1:3000 leverage to trade Forex currency pairs, while being protected by NBP (Negative Balance Protection).

NBP makes sure that you won’t lose more than you deposit to FBS. All negative balances will be fixed to 0 instantly.

The minimum trading cost is 0.0 pips with a few commissions.

Forex market is well liquidated thus you will experience less slippage, comparing to other markets.

Invest in Forex with FBS

2. Precious Metals

On FBS MT4 and MT5, you can invest in 4 Precious Metals along with other financial markets.

Available metals for trading are Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Precious Metals are popular financial markets by traders, as they are used as safe haven to hedge risks.

FBS provides precious metals in a form of CFDs (Contract for Differences), thus you can invest in metals with low cost, high leverage and avoid unnecessary fees for trading.

Note that you cannot trade precious metals in FBS’s ECN account type.

The market movements of precious metals are rather stable, and suited for traders who are good at following commodity market value.

Invest in Precious Metals with FBS

3. Indices (Index CFDs)

FBS MT4 and MT5 also provides Stock Index CFDs along with other financial markets.

The available Index CFDs are DAX30, NASDAQ and S&P500.

The indices are useful financial instruments to follow the big trends of stock markets worldwide.

Stock Indices on FBS MT4 and MT5 are offered in a form of CFDs.

The CFD gives you the following advantages when trading Stock Indices with FBS.

  1. High Leverage (Margin Trading)
  2. Low Trading Cost by avoid unnecessarily transactions and operations
  3. NBP (Negative Balance Protection) to protect traders from exceeded losses

Stock Index CFDs are suited for traders who can follow the trend of international stock markets.

Invest in Index CFDs with FBS

4. Stock CFDs

With FBS, you can also invest in Stocks in a form of CFDs.

FBS has selected world’s major companies’ stocks and has added to MT4 and MT5 accounts.

With FBS, you can short sell Stocks and make profit from falling market prices.

High leverage and low cost of trading are also advantages of Stock trading on FBS MT4 and MT5.

FBS has covered the list of FAANG gang too.

FAANG is an acronym for the market’s five most popular and best-performing tech stocks: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and (Alphabet’s) Google.

Wall Street grouped these companies into one acronym to capture the collective impact that their share prices have on the markets.

By comparison, the 610 other stocks in the technology sector totaled $5.6 trillion in value, as of 2019.

Take advantage of market opportunities by trading leading companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google (FAANG) and other CFD instruments on the FBS’s MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Invest in Stocks with FBS

5. Oils (Energies)

On FBS MT4 and MT5, you can also invest in Energy CFDs such as Brent Crude Oil (BRN) and WTI Crude Oil (WTI).

Oil market is easier to follow comparing to other markets, and has very interesting market movements corresponding with economic events in oil rich countries.

With FBS, both Brent Crude Oil (BRN) and WTI Crude Oil (WTI) are CFDs thus you can also make profit from falling market prices by short selling.

Do you follow news of oil companies, Saudi Arabia and politics surrounding the market?

Then you may be suited to trade Energy CFDs on FBS MT4 and MT5.

Invest in Oils with FBS

6. Forex Exotic

Not only major and minor Forex currency pairs, but FBS also offers Exotic Forex currency pairs on MT4 and MT5.

The available Exotic currencies for trading are Chinese Yuan (CNH), Turkish Lira (TRY), Brazil Real (BRL), Mexican Peso (MXN), Russian Ruble (RUB) and South African Rand (ZAR).

The Exotic currency pairs are popular due to the following reasons.

  1. High volatility or market prices
  2. High rate of swap points (interests for overnight positions)
  3. Simpler to read the market trend
  4. Trading your local currencies

Forex Exotic currency pairs can change the way you trade.

With FBS, you can invest in Forex Exotic currency pairs together with all the other financial markets including Forex majors, Metals, Indices, Stocks and Oils.

Invest in Forex Exotics with FBS

Trading Account Types of FBS

You can trade with these conditions from $1 of minimum deposit.

Minimum Deposit 1$ 5$ 100$ 500$ 1000$
Spread Floating from 1 pip Fixed from 3 pips Floating from 0,5 pip Fixed 0 pip Floating from -1 pip
Commission 0$ 0$ 0$ from 20$/lot 6$
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:3000 1:3000 1:3000 1:500

For the full account types comparison, please visit the Official Website or scroll down the page.

FBS has Standard, Cent, Micro, Zero Spread and ECN account types.

FBS Online Registration Page

1. Cent Account

FBS’s Cent account is suited for traders who want to trade smaller volume.

For FBS’s Cent account, 1 lot equals to 0.01 standard lot.

The minimum trading volume in FBS’s Cent account is 0.01 lot, which equals to only 10 units (dollars).

The maximum trading in FBS’s Cent account is 1,000 cent lots.

FBS’s Cent account also provides you with high leverage 1:1000 which enables you to trade with a very small margin.

FBS’s Cent account requires only 1 USD as the minimum deposit amount, and you can actually trade in FBS’s Cent account with $1 of margin.

The trading cost is 1.0 pips with no extra trading commissions.

In FBS’s Cent account, orders are processed with STP (Straight Through Processing) execution which achieves 0.3 second order execution.

Open FBS Cent Trading Account

In FBS’s Cent account, you can invest in 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD and 33 stocks.

2. Micro Account

FBS’s Micro account is provided with extremely high leverage 1:3000.

FBS supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) for all account types, thus the maximum loss is always limited to the total deposit amount.

You can start trading in FBS’s Micro account from $5 of minimum deposit amount.

The minimum spread for Forex currency pairs is fixed to 3.0 pips.

The fixed spread gives advantages to traders with EAs (Expert Advisers) with easier setup.

There is no extra trading commissions for trading in FBS’s Micro account.

FBS’s Micro account is provided with STP execution through MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Open FBS Micro Account

3. Standard Account

FBS’s Standard account offers the very basic and balanced trading conditions on MT4 and MT5 platforms.

FBS’s Standard account is provided with floating spread from 0.5 pips, and no trading commissions.

The maximum leverage is 1:3000 for FBS’s Standard account and NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is also supported.

The available trading volume is from 0.01 lots (1,000 units) to 500 lots (50,000,000 units).

FBS’s Standard account processes orders with STP execution and the average order execution speed is 0.3 second.

The execution speed can be varied depending on the internet connection, your device’s status and other conditions.

With the above conditions, you can start trading from $100 of minimum deposit amount.

FBS’s Standard account is recommended for traders who can’t decide which account to get started with FBS.

Open FBS Standard Account

4. Zero Spread Account

FBS’s Zero Spread account offers all financial instruments on the platform with 0.0 pips fixed spread.

Iou will be charged $20 per lot commission for trading on the FBS’s Zero Spread account.

FBS’s Zero Spread account is especially suited for traders with Scalping strategies and EA (Expert Adviser) users.

You can also benefit from 1:3000 high leverage on FBS’s Zero Spread account.

The available trading volume is from 0.01 lots to 500 lots, and all orders are executed within 0.3 seconds with STP model.

FBS’s Zero Spread account is available from $500 of minimum deposit amount.

Open FBS Zero Spread Account

5. ECN Account

FBS’s ECN account offers spread from -1.0 pips.

FBS’s ECN account achieves to provide traders with this low spread by adopting various liquidity providers and connecting their price quotes with ECN technology.

ECN stands for Electronics Communication Network which makes it possible to provide a spread lower than 0.0 pips.

FBS’s ECN account charges $6 per lot commission for trading.

FBS’s ECN account removes the limitation of the number of simultaneous orders in the account.

The maximum leverage is limited 1:500 for the FBS’s ECN account.

In FBS’s ECN account, you can trade 25 Forex currency pairs.

You can start trading with the above trading conditions from $1000 of minimum deposit.

Open FBS ECN Account

FBS’s Bonus Promotions

FBS has variety of Bonus Promotions that you can’t miss.

Starting with the $100 Trade Bonus which you can receive for free.

With the bonus, you can trade on FBS MT5 without risking your own funds.

When you make a deposit, you can choose to receive 100% Deposit Bonus up to $20,000 on multiple accounts.

All traders are eligible to join FBS Loyalty Program which you can earn Points for your trades and exchange them for guaranteed rewards.

For the latest offers, visit the Official Website.

Do you already have an account with FBS? Then login to the Client Cabinet for more.

FBS Official Website

1. Trade 100 Bonus ($100 No Deposit Bonus)

For all new traders, FBS offers $100 No Deposit Bonus (it is called Trade 100 Bonus)

FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus is given to the new traders for free.

To get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus, you do not need to make a deposit or pay a fee, thus there is no cost or risks involved to your own funds when trading with the $100 No Deposit Bonus.

FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus is available on a MT5 account.

MT5 (MetaTrader5) is the advanced trading platform featuring all the pioneering tools and options of MT4.

FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus is the ultimate risk-free trading bonus, with which you can experience the trading conditions of FBS for free.

FBS even allows you to withdraw profits if you made any with the FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus.

The withdrawal of profit from FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus account requires certain conditions.

Details of FBS’s Trade 100 Bonus

2. 100% Deposit Bonus

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus helps you to trade with larger amount of margin.

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus is provided up to 20,000 USD which will be credited in your personal area instantly once you apply.

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus can be applied to multiple trading accounts and any amount of deposit.

You can also withdraw FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus by meeting certain volume requirement in the applied account.

The promotion will support your trading and provides you with great amount of cash back in the end.

Details of FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus

3. FBS Loyalty Program

FBS’s Loyalty Program is available for all traders of live and real accounts.

To join FBS’s Loyalty Program, you must login to the personal area and confirm your participation.

FBS’s Loyalty Program rewards traders with “FBS Prize Points” every time they trade.

The FBS Prize Points can be exchanged for gorgeous gifts later, such as Mercedes S-Class, Rolex Yacht-Master Gold, Trip to FBS Headquarters, MacBook Air 13’’ 256GB, iMac Pro 27” 32Gb, Rolex Submariner, iPhoneX 256GB and Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128 GB.

There are many prizes that you can claim through the FBS’s Loyalty Program.

The FBS’s Loyalty Program won’t charge you any fees.

BY trading longer period and larger amount, your loyalty status will be upgraded and you will earn more FBS Loyal Points per trade.

FBS’s Loyalty Program rewards loyal traders of FBS with luxurious gifts.

Details of FBS’s Loyalty Program

4. FBS Pro Demo Trading Contest

FBS Pro is a demo trading contest which you join with virtual money.

The prize amount is $1000, and it will be shared with 5 top traders of each round.

FBS Pro Demo trading contest involves no risks as the contest uses only demo account with virtual money, but still gives you the opportunity to earn real cash prizes into live trading accounts.

FBS Pro Demo trading contest period is 2 weeks and runs every month.

Are you a new trader? Then join FBS Pro Demo trading contest to practice trading online with the chance to win real cash prizes.

Are you are professional trader? Then you can join to complete with other traders of FBS for the cash prize.

Details of FBS Pro Contest

How to start trading with FBS

Follow the steps below to start trading online with FBS.

  1. Register online and open an account
  2. Make a deposit to your account*
  3. Install MT4 or MT5 trading platforms
  4. Login and start trading

It is convenient and easy to work with FBS.

A low barrier of entry allows everybody to become a fully functional participant of the world trading.

Registration process will not take a lot of time.

In 10 minutes after your registration you will be able to go ahead with trading.

If you have any questions or troubles, contact FBS support team at anytime from the Official Website

*For the details of available Deposit and Withdrawal methods and its conditions, please visit the page here.

Have you been trading with FBS? Leave your review and opinion of the broker to let other investors know!

To register and signup as an IB (Introducing Broker) of FBS, visit the page here.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

FBS MT4 and MT5 trading platforms

fbs mt4 metatrader4 mt5 metatrader5 trading platforms terminal

FBS provides the online trading service with 2 award winning trading platforms, MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5).

MT4 and MT5 are the most popular trading platforms in the world.

FBS makes sure that you have unlimited access to MT4 and MT5 terminals’ trading tools.

FBS doesn’t even set any restrictions of trading strategies on the platforms.

You may already know the advantages and what you are capable of doing on MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Here are some advantages that you can earn but using FBS’s MT4 and MT5 platforms.

  1. More than 41 tools: currency pairs, CFD and Futures
    Through FBS’s MT4 and MT5 accounts, you can invest in various financial markets all together. There is no need to open multiple accounts to invest in other markets.
  2. The same login data to enter all the platforms
    By opening one trading account, you can access to all types of platforms (apps) of FBS’s MT4 and MT5. FBS’s MT4 and MT5 are compatible with Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone and iPad.
  3. Low spreads and low cost
    By using STP and ECN technology, FBS’s MT4 and MT5 are provided with the lowest trading cost possible in the industry.
  4. Full functional expert advisors (EA)
    FBS’s MT4 and MT5 don’t have any restrictions in terms of trading strategies. You can run any types of EAs on FBS’s MT4 and MT5.
  5. One-click trading and embedded news
    FBS’s MT4 and MT5 will keep you updated with the important economic and political news instantly. With the “one click trading” tool, you won’t miss market opportunities on FBS’s MT4 and MT5.
  6. Technical analysis tools: 50 indicators and charting tools
    FBS’s MT4 and MT5 features all the pioneering customer indicators and analysis for traders.
  7. 3 types of charts
    FBS’s MT4 and MT5 can be customized to your preference. On FBS’s MT4 and MT5, you can utilize all the charting tools, order types and indicators.
  8. Micro-lot accounts (optional)
    With FBS, you can start trading from 1 USD of deposit. The micro lot trading offered on FBS’s MT4 and MT5 achieve extremely small amount of investment.
  9. Hedging positions
    On FBS’s MT4 and MT5, you are free to hedge your positions and manage risks as many as you want. There is no limitation.
  10. VPS service support
    FBS provides its traders with free VPS (Virtual Private Server) to run EAs with the optimal trading environment.
FBS MT4 and MT5 platforms are available for free. The download links of FBS MT4 and MT5 terminals and apps can be found in FBS Official Website.

Visit FBS Official Website

Trade Forex and CFDs with FBS on Mobile Phones (Android, iOS and Tablet)

Today, you can start your Forex investment for free using your mobile phone.

Mobile trading allows to make transactions by means of portable devices. A lot of traders are not always able to sit at the PC.

However, the market situation changes rapidly, even using an adviser requires to keep abreast of the events in Forex market.

For these traders the opportunity to work at the pocket computer, smartphone, iPad or iPhone is a wonderful way out.

Thus, one can make transactions anywhere: on the road, on holidays, in the office.

The only condition to work in Forex market is to install a relevant software on your mobile device.

Any trader can download and install programs on the corresponding page of FBS Official Website.

It is completely free to download them.

Find the Download Links for Mobile Apps

MT4 and MT5 Mobile Trading System (OS) Requirement

It is convenient to work on the mini-platform like on the standard terminal.

A trader can open any types of orders, use trading indicators, receive signals to open transactions.

An obvious difference is a small size of the mobile screen which might influence on the efficiency of work.

Although this parameter is not so significant while making simple operations, for instance, closing an order.

Programs for Forex market used on mobile devices are synchronized with PC.

Consequently, the trader can open a transaction at home and then watch its development on the mobile device.

To work on Forex a portable device of the trader should meet the following minimal demands.

  • For devices on Android suitable are versions of Android 2.1 and further, 3G/WiFi.
  • For iPad and iPhone operational system iOS 4.0 and further, 3G/WiFi.
  • For Windows it is required to have Windows Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5, 6 or 6.1.

For a flawless operation it is recommended to opt for a device with more upgraded technical characteristics.

Download Mobile MT4 and MT5 apps

How orders are executed on FBS MT4 and MT5?

As a broker with NDD (Non-Dealing Desk), FBS allows any kinds of trading strategies on the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

On FBS MT4 and MT5, you may perform any strategies such as Scalping, Swing Trading, Hedging, Day Trading and Long-Term Trading.

You are also allows to run any types of EAs (Expert Advisers) with FBS, and FBS provides free VPS (Virtual Private Server) for traders in need.

Any profitable orders are allowed on FBS MT4 and MT5 as there is no conflict of interest between FBS and its traders.

For order execution, FBS uses STP (Straight Through Processing) technologies thus all traders’ orders are directly sent to the real markets without interruptions.

With the STP technology, FBS has recorded that 95% of orders are executed within 0.4 seconds.

For FBS’s ECN account type, FBS adopts ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology which makes it possible to offer negative spread (-1.0 pips spread).

Regardless of the size of investment, FBS provides the best execution environment for all traders.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

Free Online Education with FBS Facebook

FBS presents #FBSEDUCATION, a new project where FBS’s top analysts stream educational webinars on trading.

Highly requested and professionally produced, it will change your way of approaching Forex forever.

The first webinar of the series took place from 2019.

FBS analyst Elizabeth Belugina will show you how to get started on Forex with FBS.

The lesson covers everything you need to know to make up your mind on the account type, open your account, and make your first deposit and profit.

Join the webinar and let the journey to success begin!

Want to go further?

Follow FBS Markets Inc on Facebook, check out the updates, and access a huge library of educational materials that will eventually lead you to big profits.

Get Education on Online Trading

Leverage Condition and Limitation of FBS MT4 and MT5

FBS offers the highest Forex leverage in the industry, 1:3000.

Although the high leverage is a great advantage for traders, there are some rules that you must know when trading with the high leverage.

First, the leverage is limited for Cent and ECN account types.

The available maximum leverage is 1:1000 for Cent account type and 1:500 for ECN account type.

The leverage can also be limited for accounts with higher amount of balance.

Please refer to the below table for the details of the leverage restriction for certain account balances.

Account Balance Available Maximum Leverage
Up to 200 USD 1:3000
From 201 USD to 2,000 USD 1:2000
From 2,001 USD to 5,000 USD 1:1000
From 5,001 USD to 30,000 USD 1:500
From 30,001 USD to 150,000 USD 1:200
From 150,001 USD 1:100

The leverage will be limited upon transactions, deposits or notice by FBS’s customer support.

Visit FBS Official Website

2 types of spread – Floating and Fixed

On FBS MT4 and MT5 accounts, you can choose from the 2 types of spread which are Floating (Variable) and Fixed.

In case of the floating (variable) spread, the minimum spread starts from 0.2 pips.

For ECN account, you can also trade from -1.0 pips.

Floating spread is suited for traders who want to trade at the exact market price and avoid any order rejections.

In case of the fixed spread, the minimum spread starts from 0.0 pips.

The fixed spread is suited for traders with EAs (Expert Advisers).

The fixed spread also makes it easy to calculate trading cost at anytime, and you don’t need to worry about wider spread while trading.

The minimum spread and spread conditions can be varied depending on the account type you choose.

For both spread types, FBS quotes 5 digits for better precision of market prices.

Check FBS’s Account Types

Why trade with FBS? – Advantages of Online Trading with FBS

Established in 2009, the online Forex and CFD broker has achieved so many things over the years.

Now that the broker has over 12 million traders to take care of, there are reasons for the broker to be chosen.

You haven’t registered with FBS and tried their service yet?

Signup for free today and Check out the recent offers and promotions.

There certainly is so many reasons to choose FBS as your broker.

Let us introduce you some of them here.

Visit FBS Official Website

1. Award Winning MT4 and MT5 platforms

FBS’s MetaTrader4 is a trading platform which is widely used in the world of trading.

And this is not an accident because it has such advantages that make it stand out of the crowd.

The main peculiarity of this platform is that it can maintain a service for tens of thousands traders at the same time.

Although it is easy to use the security level is very high which is critical while choosing a platform.

You will be able not only to carry out deals with the help of FBS MT4 but also receive various information about the changes at the market, technical analysis, projections and a host of other things.

FBS offers both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 trading platforms.

The most popular trading platform in the world, and the advanced platform of the same company.

Deposit from 5 USD and you can experience both of the platforms’ new features.

2. Loyalty Program

Being loyal to FBS pays you well.

By continuously trading with FBS, you will constantly get “Loyalty Points” which you can exchange for gorgeous rewards.

Rewards include the latest Samsung, iPhones, Macbook, Watch, Mercedes S class and more.

Trade Forex and CFDs with FBS more, you will earn more FBS Prize Points which can be exchanged for gorgeous rewards.

FBS Loyalty Program Details

3. 24/7 friendly customer support

FBS provides customer support for 24/7 non-stop.

You can reach them via live chat, email, phone call, SNS such as Facebook, Instagram and many others.

FBS is a solid team of experts.

FBS sincerely take care of the customers that is why the consultation centre has 24/7 availability.

You can apply here at any time day and night and the specialists will grant you competent and professional aid, answer all your questions.

They are always happy to help.

4. Spread from 0.0 pips and Leverage 1:3000

FBS offers the minimum spread from 0.0 pips with Market Execution.

There are no trading restrictions, thus you are allowed to perform any kinds of trading strategies on FBS’s trading platforms.

Leverage is the highest in the industry 1:3000 and NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is supported.

Check out FBS’s Trading Conditions

5. Variety of Online Trading Tools for Free

FBS offer the traders a lot of different trading tools for convenient and efficient usage.

All this is aimed at gaining income easily and at minimum expense.

These tools are just necessary for beginners.

They will help to minimize time, increase income and turn the process of earning money into an enjoyable pastime.

The presented tools will help you to control your capital which will positively influence on your trading results.

6. Webinars (Online Seminars)

FBS gives you a great opportunity to develop your professional level in the world of financial trading.

No matter how long you have been working in this market, you can get a useful information about the world market and trading operations.

There is no need to pay for educational courses, go to another part of the city, spend your travel time.

All you need is a personal computer and the Internet at your hand.

The presented webinars impress by the usage of modern technologies: they might be in the form of presentations, videos, tables, diagrams, etc.

All the presented materials were thoroughly chosen on the basis of professional literature by skilled specialists of the company.

Therefore, up-to-dateness and competence of these webinars is obvious.

With the help of FBS and the webinars you will essentially save your time and money.

Check FBS Webinar Schedule

7. Low Deposit Requirement

It is very easy to enter the world of financial trading.

But first of all, you should accept the terms and conditions of FBS to get started.

This document is valid as any law agreement although it does not require your signature.

After that you are provided an opportunity to register and to open your trading account and top up your account from 5 USD of minimum deposit amount.

The sum varies depending on the type of the trading account that you have chosen.

You have to put down your e-mail in the register form so that FBS could send you the registration number and all the instructions.

8. 1:3000 High Leverage for Forex

FBS meets the wishes of the clients.

Even if you do not have enough capital, you can increase the size of operations and income.

It is possible to do it with the help of the borrowed funds.

Therefore, leverage is a ratio of disposed funds to borrowed.

The bigger the sum is when you open the account, the more will be provided to you by the company.

FBS’s 1:3000 is the highest offered in the industry.

Open FX account with 1:3000 leverage

9. Spread from 0.0 pips (0 cost)

FBS gives an opportunity to trade without any spreads.

This strategy will simplify work for both a professional and a beginner.

The process of trading becomes more vivid, the application process of technical analysis mounts efficiently.

FBS also offers fixed spreads.

Therefore, the difference between the purchase price and the currency sale can be fixed.

The fixed spread is not affected by the quotation fluctuations.

10. Best Swap (Interest) Rate in the industry

FBS has refused from the well-known scheme of earning money on spreads against the clients.

That is why FBS offer you swaps without any commissions.

With FBS, you will not have to overpay for overnight positions.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

11. Islamic Swap Free Account

FBS company offers a SWAP-FREE service for those who use trading systems not affected by swaps and for those whose religious commitment does not allow them this usage.

That is why this service got the second name, Islamic Accounts.

This kind of accounts have undeniable advantages.

Traders can be sure that exchange fluctuation will have no influence on their income.

In order to access this service, it is necessary to get in touch with the customer support and accept an agreement.

12. High Quality of Online Trading Service

High quality service is an outstanding feature of FBS company.

You can always address with any question the Consulting Centre which provides 24/7 availability.

The experienced specialists are always ready to help you, they will give careful consideration of your question.

The service is defined by such notions as politeness and professionalism.

It is of high priority for them to know that you are satisfied by the service performed.

Go to FBS Official Website

13. Live Market Analysis and Report

Analytics is an integral part of successful trading in the world of financial operations.

It is significant to be aware of any currency rate changes in order to gain profit as well as to possess professional estimates regarding their progress in prospect.

It drastically increases the efficiency of trading operations and correspondingly income.

All the information represented in this part is the result of hard work of the whole team of FBS Company professional analysts.

However, in spite of the competency of the compiled materials they are not instructions and guidelines to follow.

It only presents what exactly is happening at the market. And it is your choice to make the next step.

FBS company does the best to provide the clients with a whole range of services available for a modern trader.

The specialists follow the upgrades in the world of financial trading and try to offer the clients new developments to ease a conclusion of successful trading operations.

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14. Safety of Accounts and Funds

FBS completely understands the wish of the customers to protect personal information and the information about trading operations.

That is why FBS company made an effort to provide its clients the highest possible level of security.

In order to protect your trading accounts you can access service of SMS-passwords.

Before every withdrawal your SMS-password will be requested.

Therefore, your trading account will be protected from unauthorised transfer as high as possible.

What’s more all the data that you give them is covered with secure coding using up-to-the-minute technology.

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15. MT4 and MT5 One Click Trading

FBS offer you the service “One click trading” which simplifies trading in the company to the maximum.

It will help you to save your time and make more deals.

It is very important because time can sometimes influence on your profit from a deal.

Thus, using One click trading service you will not only save time and efforts but also increase your income.

16. Trading Competitions (Contests)

FBS company regularly holds competitions for the customers.

You have a wonderful opportunity to win real prizes.

Moreover, the prize fund of the company constantly rises. Follow the offers and take part in competitions.

The above advantages are only some of the many.

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* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

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