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How to become an affiliate or partner of FBS?

By becoming an affiliate or introducing broker, you can start your own business at the Forex, CFD and futures market.

Cooperation within the framework of the Broker partnership program will help you to enter this business, while experienced managers of FBS will do their best to ensure your business growth and development together with the broker.

Cooperation under the Broker program implies that your success is the FBS’s success.

Do you have a website and want to get much higher commission rates?

Just place on your website the information about FBS and enjoy higher commissions and all the benefits of WebMaster partnership Program!

FBS always assesses the results of a partner’s operation in quite a flexible way and frequently meet the partner halfway in case he possesses a clear-cut motivation for cooperation and business ambitions.

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How to start making profits with FBS’s partner Program?

Each trader in your network can become a partner.

Each partner may bring an unlimited number of partners and traders into your network.

  • You must have a website about Forex or Financial business.
  • You must register as a partner on FBS Official Website.
  • Place your partnership links or FBS’s banners on your website.

Even if you do not have your own website, you can still register as a partner with Broker partnership program.

After registration every partner gets his own unique referral link.

By giving this link to a client or by placing it on your website you can attract clients exactly in your own partnership network within FBS.

When a client follows this link a special label will be placed in his browser.

The system identifies this label when the client registers his account and adds this client into your partnership network.

Become FBS’s Partner/Affiliate

The label will be stored in a browser for the nearest 10 years.

Because of that, if a client follows your link today but decides to register, for example, next month, he will be added to your partnership network anyway.

Why you should become a partner of FBS?

FBS knows the partners and profoundly understand all their needs in respect of effective development and growth along with the Company.

Becoming FBS’s Partner, you are incorporated into the Company so they’ll do the best to make your business develop together.

Concluding a partnership agreement with FBS, you receive a secured high profit, flawless service as well as the following advantages:

  1. FBS’s service is easy to sell.
    Partners do not encounter any difficulties by selling FBS’s service to their customers. The broker constantly improves the service quality, provide the customers with new products and services as well as maintain customers’ motivation to work with them by means of different loyalty programs.
  2. Thought-out and convenient Partner Personal Office.
    The functionality of the Partner Office enables to easily control the Customer Portfolio, financial indicators and to manage your business.
  3. Absence of restrictions by commission accrual and payment.
    Unlike many other companies, FBS does not set any restrictions by accruing commissions to the partners. FBS accrues and pay a commission fee in respect of every transaction performed by a customer acquired by you irrespective of its volumes.
  4. Absence of restrictions by commission withdrawal
    1. You can withdraw a commission at any time and in any amount.
    2. There are no restrictions related to transaction time.
    3. The amount of commission being accrued depends only on customers trading volume and is not determined by a number of acquired customers, customers’ deposit volume, their trading frequency, etc.

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To become a partner of FBS, no financial investments for business start are required.

You are provided with the detailed statistics related to your customer network trade turnover, and the company ensures a comprehensive technical and information assistance.

More information about the schemes of calculation of Partner’s commission you can learn by reading each of the partner programs description in the relevant section of the site.

FBS is always ready to discuss and select an optimal, individual scheme of cooperation both for experienced partners and newcomers who have just started promoting their business.



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