How-to-open-FXTM-MT5-Forex-trading-account How-to-open-FXTM-MT5-Forex-trading-account

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What is FXTM?

FXTM’s dedication over the past decade has established themselves as a premier global broker in FX, CFDs, and stocks trading.

Inspired by the vast possibilities of the internet, FXTM sets out to democratize trading for everyone, not just a select few.

FXTM believes that with the right tools and education, anyone can participate in the exciting world of trading.

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FXTM’s Guiding Principles: Trust, Access, and Value

FXTM operates under three core principles:

FXTM ensures a secure trading environment with stringent regulatory compliance and transparency. FXTM’s commitment to keeping customer funds segregated provides you with the confidence that, even in volatile times, your investments are protected.
FXTM levels the trading field by offering the same opportunities to all traders, whether novice or seasoned. FXTM’s educational resources are designed to arm you with knowledge and skills, ensuring you can make informed trading decisions.
FXTM’s aim is to minimize the cost of trading while maximizing your potential gains. FXTM fosters a partnership spirit, supporting you in becoming a successful trader.

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FXTM’s Performance Highlights

Global Reach:
With clients in over 150 countries and a network of offices across continents, FXTM’s presence is truly global.
Award-Winning Service:
Recognition with over 45 industry awards underscores FXTM’s commitment to excellent customer service and innovation in trading solutions.

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Enhanced Trading Conditions

Competitive Spreads:
Experience ultra-tight spreads, with options starting from zero on major FX pairs and gold.
Advanced Trading Platforms:
Choose between MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, available on mobile, desktop, or web for top-notch trading execution.

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Comprehensive Trader Support

Educational Resources:
FXTM offers extensive free educational content catering to both beginners and advanced traders, empowering you with essential trading knowledge.
Customer Support:
FXTM’s team is ready to assist with any questions, whether you’re deciding on the right account or starting as a beginner.

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Why Trade with FXTM?

Diverse Trading Options:
Trade hundreds of instruments across various markets, including FX, indices, commodities, and stocks.
Exceptional Conditions:
Enjoy some of the best trading conditions in the market with low commissions and precise execution.
Safety and Security:
Trade with confidence knowing your funds are segregated and insured up to $1 million.

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For the Experienced Trader

If you’re already trading, take advantage of FXTM’s latest market updates, expert analysis, and real-time prices.

FXTM’s innovative tools are designed to sharpen your trading strategies and enhance your market position.

Dive into the world of Forex, a dynamic market with daily turnovers exceeding $6 trillion.

Whether you’re a central bank, hedge fund, or private trader, the Forex market offers limitless opportunities for profit.

Whether you’re interested in honing your trading skills on a demo account or ready to trade live, FXTM provides a streamlined process to get you started.

With the FXTM Trader app, you can trade on the go, ensuring you never miss a market move.

  1. Open a Demo Account: A risk-free way to explore trading. Sign up, log in, and start trading with zero risk.
  2. Live Trading: When you’re ready, switch to a live account and start trading for real.

Explore the markets with FXTM and discover why they are the chosen broker for over a million traders worldwide.

Sign up on FXTM

How to open FXTM Trading Account?

Step 1: Choose Your Account Type

Visit the FXTM website and navigate to the account registration page.

Review the different account types available, such as the Advantage Account for low spreads on major FX pairs and zero commission on stock CFDs, or the Advantage Plus Account for zero commission trading on a wider range of instruments.

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Step 2: Register Your Account

Click on the ‘Open Account’ button and fill in the registration form with your personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number.

You will also need to set up a password for your MyFXTM account.

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Step 3: Verify Your Identity

To comply with financial regulations, FXTM will require you to verify your identity and residence.

Upload a copy of your government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license) and a recent utility bill or bank statement that shows your address.

This process ensures the security of your account and fulfills regulatory requirements.

See the KYC Requirement

Step 4: Fund Your Account

Once your account is set up and verified, log in to your MyFXTM dashboard and navigate to the ‘Deposits’ section.

Choose from various secure payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.

Select the method that suits you best and follow the instructions to deposit funds.

See Available Funding Methods

Step 5: Download the Trading Platform

FXTM offers MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, which can be downloaded directly from your MyFXTM account.

Choose the platform that suits your trading needs, download it to your desktop, or install the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet for trading on the go.

Download Trading Platforms

Step 6: Start Trading

With your account funded and trading platform installed, you’re ready to start trading.

Log in to your MetaTrader platform, explore the markets, and begin trading.

Utilize FXTM’s educational resources to enhance your trading knowledge and skills.

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If at any point you need assistance, FXTM’s customer support is available 24/5 to help with any questions or issues you might encounter.

Whether you’re a novice requiring guidance on how to place a trade, or an experienced trader looking for deep market analysis, FXTM’s team is there to support.

By following these steps, you can efficiently open an account with FXTM and start on your trading journey with one of the leading brokers in the forex and CFD markets.

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Trade the Global Markets with FXTM

At FXTM, you gain unparalleled access to over 1000 trading instruments, combining ultra-low spreads with lightning-speed execution.

This comprehensive range ensures that traders of all experience levels can find opportunities in various global markets.

Exploring Trading Instruments

What Are Prime Examples of Trading Instruments?

FXTM offers a diverse array of trading instruments, including:

  • Currencies: Engage in the world of forex trading with major, minor, and exotic currency pairs.
  • Stocks: Invest in the shares of leading global companies.
  • Indices: Gain exposure to segments of the stock market by trading on major indices.
  • Commodities: Trade commodities like oil, gold, and agricultural products, which are essential to global economics.

Most of these assets are available as CFDs (Contracts for Difference), allowing you to speculate on price movements without owning the actual assets.

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What Are Tradable Instruments?

A tradable instrument can be any asset purchased or sold on financial markets.

These range from tangible assets like gold and oil to financial instruments such as shares and bond securities.

FXTM also offers trading in indices and CFDs, providing opportunities for speculative investments based on the price movements of underlying assets.

See the list of tradable instruments

Choosing the Best Trading Instrument

The choice of the best trading instrument depends on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions.

Commodities and forex are known for their volatility, presenting opportunities for high risk and reward.

In contrast, stocks and indices may offer more stability but with different risk-return profiles.

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FXTM’s Industry Reputation and Regulation

FXTM is not only recognized for its reliable service and user-friendly platform but is also fully regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius, ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment.

This regulation helps protect the interests of all clients, reinforcing the commitment to providing the best trading conditions.

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Access a Vast Library of Instruments

Upon registering with FXTM, you’ll have the ability to trade a wide range of instruments to diversify and strengthen your investment portfolio.

Whether you’re interested in forex, precious metals, commodities, stocks, or indices, FXTM equips you with the tools and resources to succeed in the global markets.

Explore the opportunities in the global markets by registering with FXTM.

Discover FXTM’s competitive spreads, high-speed trade execution, and extensive range of tradable instruments today.

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Trading Forex with FXTM

FXTM provides an extensive range of trading options across global markets, giving you the opportunity to trade major, minor, and exotic currency pairs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

With a daily trading volume surpassing $6.5 trillion, the foreign exchange market is not only the most liquid but also one of the most exciting trading environments in the world.

Why Trade Forex with FXTM?

Unbeatable Pricing:
Experience some of the best conditions in forex trading with spreads from zero on major currency pairs like EURUSD and USDJPY through FXTM’s popular Advantage account.
Rapid Execution:
FXTM guarantees that your trades are executed in milliseconds, ensuring you always receive the best possible market price.
Regulatory Assurance:
FXTM is regulated and licensed by respected entities including the FSC of the Republic of Mauritius and the UK’s FCA, providing you with a secure and transparent trading platform.
Comprehensive Education:
Regardless of your experience level, FXTM’s extensive educational resources are designed to help you refine your trading skills and strategies.

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Deep Dive into Forex Markets

Forex trading involves the simultaneous buying of one currency while selling another. This exchange is conducted in currency pairs, for example, the Euro against the US Dollar (EUR/USD). The first listed currency of a currency pair is called the ‘base’ currency, and the second currency is called the ‘quote’ currency.

Currency Pairs Explained:

  • Major Pairs: These pairs always include the US dollar and are the most traded globally. Examples include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF.
  • Minor Pairs: These are less frequently traded and do not include the US dollar but involve other major currencies like the Euro, the Japanese Yen, and the British Pound.
  • Exotic Pairs: These combine a major currency with the currency from a developing or smaller economy (e.g., USD/SGD, EUR/PLN).

Factors Influencing Currency Values:

  • Economic Indicators: These include interest rates, inflation rates, and overall economic stability.
  • Political Conditions: Political instability and turmoil can affect currency strength.
  • Market Sentiment: Traders’ perceptions influence market trends and can affect currency values dynamically.

Optimal Trading Times:

The forex market is unique because it operates 24/5 across four major trading sessions—New York, Tokyo, Sydney, and London.

Each market has its characteristics and trading volume peaks during the overlap of these sessions, especially between New York and London, which is considered the optimal time for trading due to higher liquidity and more significant price movements.

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Trading Strategies and Tools

At FXTM, traders can explore various strategies through the innovative trading tools and real-time data analysis.

Whether you’re a novice aiming to understand the basics or an experienced trader looking to refine your strategies, FXTM provides the resources and support to help you succeed.

Explore Major and Exotic Currency Pairs:

Most Traded Pairs:
The EUR/USD accounts for approximately 28% of daily forex transactions, making it the most traded currency pair due to the economic significance of the Eurozone and the United States.
Commodity Currencies:
Countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have currencies that frequently fluctuate in response to the prices of commodities such as oil and gold.

If you’re ready to dive into the forex market, FXTM offers a robust platform with competitive spreads, fast execution, and full regulatory compliance.

Open an account today to start trading or enhance your trading skills with FXTM’s comprehensive educational resources and expert analysis.

Remember: Trading involves risks.

It’s important to approach forex trading with a well-thought-out trading plan and risk management strategy.

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Trading Precious Metals with FXTM

FXTM offers you the opportunity to get into the precious metals market, one of the most revered trading sectors globally.

Whether you’re interested in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, trading spot metals allows you to speculate on their price movements against major currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound.

Invest in Metals with FXTM

Why Trade Spot Metals?

1. Diverse Trading Opportunities:

Trade popular metals like gold (XAU) and silver (XAG) directly against the price of the US Dollar, Euro, or British Pound.

Spot metal trading provides an excellent opportunity to hedge against inflation and diversify your investment portfolio, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

2. Benefits of Trading Metals with FXTM:

Safe Haven Assets:
Metals like gold and silver are widely regarded as safe haven assets, often maintaining or increasing in value during periods of market volatility.
Low Trading Costs:
Enjoy ultra-low spreads and commission rates, with spreads as low as zero for specific pairs like Gold/US Dollar (XAUUSD).
Fast Execution:
FXTM ensures your trades are executed in milliseconds, guaranteeing you receive the best possible market price.
Regulatory Assurance:
FXTM is regulated by the FSC of the Republic of Mauritius and the UK’s FCA, ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment.
Fund Security:
Trade with peace of mind knowing your funds are fully segregated and insured up to $1 million.

3. Spot Prices and Trading:

The ‘spot’ price is the current market price at which a particular asset can be bought or sold for immediate delivery.

Unlike future contracts, spot prices mean you are trading the asset in its current market condition.

With FXTM, you can access real-time data and use both long- and short-term price charts to make informed decisions about when to open or close a position.

Invest in Metals with FXTM

Precious Metals Available for Trading

  • Gold: XAUUSD (Gold/US Dollar), XAUEUR (Gold/Euro), XAUGBP (Gold/British Pound)
  • Silver: XAGUSD (Silver/US Dollar), XAGEUR (Silver/Euro)
  • Platinum and Palladium are also available, offering additional options for those looking to diversify further.

Getting Started with Metal Trading at FXTM:

  1. Register for an Account: Signing up with FXTM is straightforward. Visit FXTM’s website, complete the registration form, and set up your trading account.
  2. Deposit Funds: Add funds to your account using one of the several secure methods available.
  3. Choose Your Metals: Select from FXTM’s extensive range of precious metals and start trading.
  4. Begin Trading: Utilize FXTM’s advanced trading tools and insights to open and close trades, aiming to capitalize on the dynamic movements of metal prices.

Trading with FXTM not only gives you access to excellent trading conditions but also provides the support and resources you need to succeed in the volatile world of precious metals.

Whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader, FXTM offers a range of tools, educational resources, and a user-friendly platform to enhance your trading experience.

Invest in Metals with FXTM

Trading Stocks with FXTM

At FXTM, you have the opportunity to buy and sell shares from some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies, such as Facebook, Apple, and Alibaba, without paying any commission.

This makes it an excellent platform for those looking to invest in the stock market, from major US brands to international corporations.

Benefits of Stock Trading with FXTM

  • Ownership: Invest in and own a piece of your favorite companies like Apple or Tesla. This is an excellent choice for long-term investment strategies.
  • Risk Management: Trading stocks is generally considered less risky compared to CFDs, as it doesn’t involve trading with leverage.
  • Accessibility: With the option to trade fractional shares, for example, 0.3 of an Apple share, you can diversify your investment without a substantial upfront investment.

Invest in Stocks with FXTM

Why Choose FXTM for Stock Trading?

Zero Spreads on Major FX Pairs:
Trade major forex pairs alongside stocks, benefiting from zero spreads.
24-Hour Support:
FXTM’s customer service team is available around the clock from Monday to Friday to assist with any inquiries.
MetaTrader 5:
Utilize MT5, one of the most advanced and popular trading platforms in the world, to trade as little as one share or to build a comprehensive stock portfolio.
Fast Account Opening:
Open your trading account quickly and start trading as soon as your account is verified.

Invest in Stocks with FXTM

Getting Started with Stock Trading

Trading stocks with FXTM is straightforward and accessible on the most popular account types, Advantage and Advantage Plus.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register for an Account: Sign up for an FXTM account. The registration process is simple, guiding you through each step.
  2. Deposit Funds: Once registered, deposit funds into your account using any of FXTM’s supported methods.
  3. Select Your Stocks: Access real-time pricing on hundreds of the most commonly traded stocks from the NYSE and NASDAQ.
  4. Trade: Start trading. You can monitor your investments in real-time and make decisions based on the latest market data.

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Understanding Stock Trading

Stock Trading vs. CFDs:
When you trade stocks, you are buying shares and thus owning a part of a company. Unlike CFDs, stock trading on FXTM doesn’t allow opening short (sell) positions, but you can sell any shares you own whenever you choose.
Market Influences:
Stock prices are influenced by a variety of factors including supply and demand, corporate finances and performance, economic conditions, political events, and overall market sentiment.

To succeed in stock trading, staying informed is key.

Utilize FXTM’s tools and resources to keep up-to-date with company news, earnings reports, and technical analysis.

This will help you make informed decisions about which stocks to buy and the best times to sell.

It’s never been easier to start trading stocks.

With FXTM, you gain access to a user-friendly platform backed by expert support and comprehensive educational resources, making it ideal whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the stock market.

Register today to begin your trading journey and explore the exciting opportunities in stock trading.

Invest in Stocks with FXTM

Trading Stock CFDs with FXTM

At FXTM, you have the opportunity to trade Stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on individual companies from the world’s top stock exchanges, including NASDAQ, NYSE, and HKEX.

This means you can engage with the market movements of major brands like Apple, Alibaba, Tesla, Facebook, and Starbucks without needing to buy the actual stocks.

Invest in Stock CFDs with FXTM

What are Stock CFDs?

Stock CFDs allow you to open long or short positions on the price movements of stocks, offering the flexibility to capitalize on price changes in either direction.

This derivative product means you don’t own the underlying asset but trade on the anticipated price movements, benefiting from both rising and falling markets.

Key Benefits of Trading Stock CFDs at FXTM:

Open long positions if you expect the stock price to rise or short positions if you anticipate a decline.
Enhance your trading power with leverage, allowing you to control a larger position with a smaller amount of capital. Remember, while leverage can increase your profit potential, it also increases risk.
Diverse Selection:
Choose from a wide range of Stock CFDs from the biggest exchanges globally, providing a broad spectrum of trading opportunities.
Trade on MT5 accounts with tight spreads. FXTM’s trading costs are designed to be competitive, maximizing your potential returns.

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Why Trade Stock CFDs?

  • Unbeatable Costs: Enjoy typically zero spreads on major FX pairs when trading Stock CFDs, ensuring low trading costs.
  • Market Access: Use the popular MT5 platform to trade, offering robust tools and a user-friendly interface for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Regulatory Assurance: FXTM is globally regulated and licensed, providing a secure and transparent trading environment.
  • Educational Resources: FXTM offers a wealth of educational materials to help you understand markets and refine your trading strategies.

Invest in Stock CFDs with FXTM

Understanding the Mechanics of Stock CFD Trading:

Trading Stock CFDs involves speculating on the price movement of stock prices without actual ownership of the shares.

Whether you’re taking a long position (expecting the price to rise) or a short position (expecting the price to fall), Stock CFDs provide the opportunity to profit from both upward and downward market movements.

Account Options at FXTM:

Advantage Account:
Experience market execution and competitive pricing on a wide range of instruments including stock CFDs. This account is popular among traders looking for robust trading conditions.
Advantage Plus Account:
Similar to the Advantage account with the added benefit of zero commissions on other leveraged instruments, though with slightly wider spreads.

Trading Hours:

  • US Stocks: Trading hours are from 16:30 to 23:00 server time.
  • HK Stocks: Trading hours are from 04:30 to 11:00 server time, with a break from 07:00 to 08:00.
  • NSE (India): Regular trading sessions run from 09:31 to 15:00, with specific times allocated for pre-trading and open auction call.

Getting Started with Stock CFDs at FXTM:

  1. Register for an Account: Signing up is straightforward — visit FXTM’s website and follow the registration process.
  2. Deposit Funds: Once your account is set up, deposit funds to start trading.
  3. Start Trading: Select from FXTM’s extensive range of stock CFDs and begin trading using their advanced platforms.

FXTM equips you with all the tools you need to trade stock CFDs effectively.

With access to global stock markets and a supportive trading environment, it’s an excellent time to expand your trading portfolio by leveraging the potential of stock CFDs.

Invest in Stock CFDs with FXTM

Trading Commodities with FXTM

FXTM offers you the chance to trade in some of the largest oil and natural gas markets, including Crude and Brent oil, as well as Natural Gas.

Commodities trading allows you to speculate on the price movements of these essential energy sources without the need to own the physical goods.

Invest in Commodities with FXTM

Why Trade Oil and Gas Commodities with FXTM?

Gain easy access to the globally demanded oil and gas markets directly through FXTM’s platform.
Portfolio Diversification:
Commodities are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio away from traditional stocks and bonds, providing a hedge against inflation.
Leverage Opportunities:
Experience the benefits of leverage, allowing you to open larger positions with a smaller amount of capital.
Low Costs:
Enjoy super-low commission rates and tight spreads that enhance your trading experience without eroding your potential profits.
Fast Execution:
FXTM ensures your trades are executed swiftly, so you always receive the best possible market price.
Security and Trust:
Trade with peace of mind knowing that your funds are segregated from FXTM’s own and insured up to $1m. FXTM is regulated and licensed in various jurisdictions, ensuring a transparent and secure trading environment.

Invest in Oils and Gas with FXTM

Understanding Commodity CFD Trading

What is a Commodity CFD?:
A Contract for Difference (CFD) on a commodity allows you to speculate on the price movements of the commodity without actually buying or selling it. The contract is settled in cash rather than physical goods.
How It Works:
If you predict that the price of oil or gas will rise, you can take a long position (buy). If you expect the price to fall, you can open a short position (sell). This flexibility allows traders to profit from both rising and falling markets.
CFD vs. Investing:
Unlike direct investment, CFD trading is leveraged, meaning you can control a larger position with a smaller amount of capital. However, while this can magnify profits, it also increases the potential for losses.

Additional Trading Opportunitie

FXTM also offers the ability to trade stock CFDs, enabling you to speculate on the price movements of major companies’ stocks without the need for physical ownership.

This can be an excellent strategy for those looking to further diversify their trading activities.

Invest in Commodities with FXTM

How to Start Trading Commodities with FXTM

  1. Open an Account: Setting up your trading account with FXTM is straightforward. Visit FXTM’s website, complete the registration process, and you’re ready to start.
  2. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds securely into your trading account using one of FXTM’s multiple funding options.
  3. Start Trading: Choose from FXTM’s extensive range of commodities and start trading using the advanced tools and insights to make informed trading decisions.

Trading commodities like oil and gas can provide lucrative opportunities, especially when markets are volatile.

However, it’s important to be well-informed and prepared.

FXTM supports its traders with educational resources, expert analysis, and real-time data to help you navigate commodity markets effectively.

Invest in Commodities with FXTM

Trading Global Indices with FXTM

FXTM offers traders the opportunity to engage with global market indices through Contracts for Difference (CFDs), allowing you to take positions on the world’s major indices such as the S&P 500, FTSE 100, Nasdaq 100, and more.

With FXTM, trading indices is a straightforward way to gain exposure to entire economies or sectors through a single transaction.

Invest in Indices with FXTM

Why Trade Indices at FXTM?

Trade major global indices with the flexibility to go long or short according to your market view and trading strategy. This means you can potentially profit from both rising and falling markets.
Benefit from ultra-tight spreads and low commission rates, making trading cost-effective and maximizing your potential returns.
High Leverage:
Utilize up to 1:1000 leverage to magnify your trading exposure and potential profits. Remember, while leverage can increase your profit potential, it also increases the risk of losses.
Speed and Efficiency:
Experience rapid execution speeds at FXTM, ensuring you always get the best available market price for your trades.
Regulatory Assurance:
Trade with confidence knowing that FXTM is globally regulated and adheres to strict standards of operation, providing a secure trading environment.

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Understanding Indices and CFD Trading

What are Indices?:
Indices are tools used to measure and track the price performance of a group of stocks from a particular country or sector. For example, the US500 (S&P 500) tracks the performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.
How Does CFD Trading on Indices Work?:
CFDs are derivatives that allow you to speculate on the rising or falling prices of indices without the need to own the underlying assets. This method of trading enables greater flexibility and the opportunity to leverage.
Benefits of Indices CFDs:
By trading CFDs on indices, you gain exposure to broad market movements with just one trading decision. Plus, you have the ability to open both long and short positions, depending on your market analysis and predictions.

Invest in Indices with FXTM

Key Indices Available for Trading at FXTM

  • US500 (S&P 500): Ideal for gaining exposure to the US economy.
  • NAS100 (Nasdaq 100): Perfect for those looking to trade technology and biotech sectors.
  • UK100 (FTSE 100): Offers a cross-section of industries from the UK market.
  • JP225 (Nikkei 225): Access top Japanese firms across various sectors.
  • US30 (Dow Jones Industrial Average): Trade on the overall performance of thirty major US blue-chip companies.
  • AU200 (ASX 200): Represents the 200 largest stocks in Australia by market capitalization.

To begin trading indices with FXTM:

  1. Open an Account: Register with FXTM to access the comprehensive trading platform.
  2. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds securely to start trading.
  3. Start Trading: Choose from FXTM’s wide range of indices and take advantage of market movements.

Remember, while trading indices offers substantial opportunities, it also comes with risks, especially when using leverage.

It’s essential to understand these risks and manage them effectively.

FXTM provides extensive educational resources and real-time market analysis to help you make informed trading decisions.

Whether you’re new to trading or looking to enhance your skills, FXTM has the tools and resources to support your growth as a trader.

Explore the potential of indices trading with FXTM today and leverage the advanced trading solutions, expert insights, and world-class customer support to navigate the global markets effectively.

Invest in Indices with FXTM

Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs with FXTM

Cryptocurrencies have not only revolutionized the financial landscape but have also emerged as a highly volatile and exciting market for traders around the world.

At FXTM, you can dive into the world of cryptocurrencies by trading crypto CFDs (Contracts for Difference), allowing you to speculate on price movements without the need to own or store the actual digital coins.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with FXTM

Why Trade Crypto CFDs with FXTM?

Access and Flexibility:
Trade leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple. Enjoy the flexibility of going long or short on 11 leading cryptos, leveraging tight spreads and small minimum volumes to capitalize on rapid price movements in either direction.
Leverage Opportunities:
Amplify your trading potential with leverage up to 1:1000. While this can significantly increase potential profits, it’s important to remember that it can also increase potential losses.
Security and Trust:
FXTM is globally regulated and licensed, backed by over 25 years of trading expertise, ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment.
Ease of Trading:
Open an account quickly, and you don’t have to fund it until you’re ready to trade. Trading crypto CFDs with FXTM eliminates the need for crypto wallets, recovery seeds, cold storage, or concerns about crypto exchange hacks.

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What Are Crypto CFDs?

Crypto CFDs allow you to speculate on the price movement of cryptocurrencies without the complexity of owning the coins themselves.

This method of trading has several benefits:

Market Flexibility:
Profit from both rising and falling markets by going long or short based on your market predictions.
No Wallets Needed:
Since you’re not purchasing the coins directly, there’s no need to manage a digital wallet or worry about security issues related to storing cryptocurrencies.
Simplified Trading Process:
Trade alongside FX, stocks, commodities, and indices with a single FXTM account, simplifying your trading experience and portfolio management.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with FXTM

Getting Started with Crypto Trading at FXTM

  1. Open an FXTM Account: Signing up is straightforward. Just fill out the registration form, and your account will be set up in minutes.
  2. Deposit Funds: Choose from FXTM’s secure payment solutions to fund your account quickly and easily.
  3. Start Trading: Access FXTM’s trading platform, select the cryptocurrency you wish to trade, decide your position size, and execute your trade, whether long or short.

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Risk Management in Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency markets are known for their extreme volatility, which, while offering substantial potential for gains, also comes with heightened risks.

Here are a few tips to manage these risks effectively:

  • Educate Yourself: Understand the factors that influence cryptocurrency prices and stay updated with market trends.
  • Use Stop-Loss Orders: Limit potential losses by setting stop-loss orders, which automatically close your position at a predetermined price.
  • Start Small: Especially if you’re new to crypto trading, begin with smaller amounts to minimize risk as you learn the market dynamics.
  • Diversify: Don’t put all your funds into one cryptocurrency. Diversify your trades across different assets to spread risk.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with FXTM

Why Trade Cryptos with FXTM?

FXTM provides you with the tools, technology, and resources you need to trade crypto CFDs effectively.

With the robust trading platforms, educational resources, and dedicated customer support, FXTM ensures that you have a comprehensive trading experience tailored to the demands of the crypto markets.

Whether you’re an experienced trader looking to explore cryptocurrencies or a newcomer eager to tap into this market, FXTM offers a trading environment that combines security, flexibility, and access to global cryptocurrency markets.

Open an account today and start navigating the exciting world of crypto trading.

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FXTM Account Types

FXTM offers a variety of trading accounts designed to meet the diverse needs of traders.

From those looking for zero spreads to others seeking commission-free trading, FXTM has crafted the account types to enhance your trading experience with competitive conditions.

Minimum Deposit $/€/£ 500 $/€/£ 500
Spreads From 0.0 From 1.5
Commissions $3.5 per lot traded on FX
$25 per million notional on Spot Metals
$35 per million notional on Index CFDs and Commodity CFDs
0.07% of the notional value for Cryptocurrency CFDs
$0.02 per side / lot traded on Stock CFDs (1 share = 1 lot), Minimum commission $0.01
Trading Instruments FX, Spot Metals, Index CFDs, Commodity CFDs, Cryptocurrency CFDs, Stock CFDs (only MT5) FX, Spot Metals, Index CFDs, Commodity CFDs, Cryptocurrency CFDs, Stock CFDs (only MT5), Stocks (only MT5)
Order Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Currency USD / EUR / GBP / NGN USD / EUR / GBP
Leverage/Margin Requirements Up to 1:2000 (floating) Up to 1:2000 (floating)
Margin Call 80% 80%
Stop Out 50% 50%
Swap Free Yes Yes
Limit & Stop Levels No No
Decimal Quotes on FX and Metals FX: 5 decimals (3 on JPY pairs), Metals: 2 decimals for XAUUSD, 3 decimals for XAGUSD FX: 5 decimals (3 on JPY pairs), Metals: 2 decimals for XAUUSD, 3 decimals for XAGUSD
Minimum Volume in Lots Per Trade 0.01 0.01
Maximum Number of Orders Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Volume per Order 100 100
Maximum Volume in Lots of Orders Unlimited 100
Maximum Volume of Pending Orders 300 300
Signup Links Open ADVANTAGE Account Open ADVANTAGE PLUS Account

Open an account with FXTM

1. Advantage Account

Zero Spreads:
Trade major FX pairs like EURUSD and EURGBP, as well as Gold/US Dollar (XAUUSD) with spreads as low as zero.
Commission-Free Trading on Stock CFDs:
Enhance your trading with no commission costs when trading Stock CFDs.
Rapid Market Execution:
Ensure you receive the best market price available with FXTM’s market execution.
Access to Learning Resources:
Take advantage of FXTM’s comprehensive suite of educational tools and market insights.
Popular Among Traders:
FXTM’s most favored account due to its cost-effective trading conditions and fast execution speeds.

Open Advantage account

2. Advantage Plus Account

Zero Commission:
Enjoy trading on an ECN account without any commission fees across all instruments.
Competitive Spreads:
Although spreads are wider compared to the Advantage account, they remain highly competitive.
Market Execution:
Like the Advantage account, this account also ensures immediate execution at the best available market prices.
Wide Choice of Markets:
Trade a variety of instruments including stocks, indices, metals, and more, all from one platform.
Ideal for Experienced Traders:
Preferred by those who value trading without commission and can accommodate wider spreads.

OpenAdvantage Plus account

Account Comparison

Both accounts require a minimum deposit of $500 and offer leverage up to 1:2000, providing significant flexibility in trading volume and style.

They also share benefits such as market execution for optimal pricing, unlimited maximum number of orders, and access to major trading instruments like FX pairs, Spot Metals, and CFDs on indices and commodities.

Key Differences:

  • Spreads: Advantage offers spreads from 0.0 pips, whereas Advantage Plus starts from 1.5 pips.
  • Commissions: Advantage charges a commission per lot on various instruments, whereas Advantage Plus offers completely commission-free trading.

Go to FXTM Official Website

Additional Features Common to Both Accounts:

  • Swap Free Options: Both accounts offer a swap-free option, accommodating traders who adhere to Islamic finance principles.
  • Security and Regulation: FXTM is globally regulated, ensuring that your trading is supported by robust security measures and compliance with international standards.

Open an account with FXTM

Getting Started with FXTM

To begin trading with either the Advantage or Advantage Plus account:

  1. Create a MyFXTM profile: Register on FXTM’s platform by providing necessary details.
  2. Choose Your Account Type: Select the account that best fits your trading style and requirements.
  3. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds securely through FXTM’s range of payment options.
  4. Access the MT Platform: Log in and start trading on the world-renowned MetaTrader platform.

Whether you are new to trading or an experienced market participant, FXTM offers tailored account options to help you achieve your trading objectives.

With FXTM’s robust platform, dedicated support, and competitive account features, FXTM is dedicated to providing you with a superior trading experience.

Choose the account that best suits your needs today and start trading with a leading global broker.

Go to the registration page

Forex Trading with a Free FXTM Demo Account

If you’re new to forex trading or looking to sharpen your trading skills, the FXTM demo account is the perfect tool for you.

This risk-free environment allows you to practice trading with virtual funds, giving you the freedom to explore and learn without any financial risk.

Benefits of an FXTM Demo Account

Real Market Conditions:
Practice trading under real market conditions. This hands-on experience is invaluable as it allows you to understand how market fluctuations impact trades and how to use trading tools effectively, such as Stop Loss to protect your investments.
Familiarize Yourself with Trading Platforms:
Use FXTM’s demo account to get comfortable with the MetaTrader platform, which offers a variety of indicators and timeframes designed to help you monitor and analyze the markets.
Build Confidence:
The demo account prepares you for live trading by helping you build confidence in your trading decisions without the stress of real financial loss.

Open a Demo account with FXTM

Features of the FXTM Demo Account

Seamless Transition to Live Trading:
The demo account mirrors the functionality of a live trading account, featuring the same tools, features, and real-time trading environment. When you’re ready to transition to live trading, you’ll find the process smooth and familiar.
Flexible Virtual Funding:
Start with a virtual balance as high as $1 million to test different strategies and understand leverage. Alternatively, you can start with as little as $1 to simulate trading with smaller amounts.
Wide Range of Tradable Instruments:
Practice with a variety of financial instruments. While stock trading isn’t available in the demo environment, you can trade CFDs on metals, commodities, and indices to diversify your practice sessions.
No Financial Risk:
Since the funds are virtual, there’s no risk of monetary loss. This allows you to experiment and make mistakes, which are essential for learning.

Go to FXTM Official Website

Getting Started with Your Demo Account

  1. Register for a Demo Account: Simply provide a few details on FXTM’s registration page.
  2. Receive Your PIN: FXTM will send you a unique access code by SMS and email. Use this code to activate your account.
  3. Login and Trade: Once you receive your MyFXTM login details, you can start trading immediately on your demo account.

Remember, while the demo account provides a profound educational experience, the profits you make are also virtual.

The real value lies in the skills and knowledge you acquire, which are crucial when you begin live trading.

If you have any questions or need assistance during your practice sessions, FXTM’s dedicated Customer Support team is here to help guide you through any challenges or inquiries you may have.

Open your FXTM demo account now and begin your journey into the world of forex trading with confidence.

It’s an excellent way to enhance your trading skills, understand market dynamics, and develop a strategy that suits your trading style—all at no risk.

Open a Demo account with FXTM

MetaTrader Platforms of FXTM

At FXTM, you can get the full potential of MetaTrader, the world’s most popular online trading platform.

Available in two versions, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), these platforms cater to traders of all experience levels with powerful tools and flexible trading options.

Whether you prefer trading on desktop, mobile, or directly through your browser, MetaTrader and FXTM provide the technology and support you need to explore financial markets effectively.

Download Platforms

Key Features of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Device Compatibility:
Both platforms are accessible on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, ensuring you can trade anytime, anywhere.
User Interface:
MT4 is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it ideal for new traders, while MT5 offers more advanced features for experienced traders, including additional timeframes and technical indicators.
Market Access:
Trade a wide range of markets including FX, commodities, indices, and more. MT5 also offers expanded options such as stock CFD trading and an economic calendar.
Technical Tools:
MT4 includes over 30 technical indicators, while MT5 offers more than 80, catering to more comprehensive analytical strategies.
Trading Operations:
MT4 supports three order execution types, whereas MT5 offers four, along with more pending order types and a built-in community chat for enhanced trading engagement.

Open an MT4 account with FXTM

Why Choose MetaTrader with FXTM?

Both platforms allow you to trade the way you prefer – on desktop for a full trading environment experience, on mobile for trading on the go, or via WebTrader if you prefer browser-based trading without any downloads.
Advanced Trading Tools:
Utilize advanced charting capabilities, automated trading through Expert Advisors (EAs), and extensive back-testing options.
Trade with confidence knowing that MetaTrader offers a high level of security, protecting your data with encryption and secure protocols.

Open an account with FXTM

Trading on Mobile with MetaTrader

Mobile trading has never been easier.

Download the MT4 or MT5 app directly to your smartphone or tablet to enjoy:

  • Real-Time Trading: Execute trades, monitor markets, and use technical indicators and graphical objects directly from your mobile device.
  • Complete Control: Manage your account, view trading history, and buy or sell assets on the go.

Download Mobile App

Getting Started with MetaTrader on FXTM

  1. Download and Install: Choose MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 based on your trading needs and download it for free. Available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  2. Open an FXTM Account: Quickly register for an account, providing minimal details, and choose your preferred MetaTrader platform.
  3. Demo or Live Trading: Start with a demo account to practice your strategies without risk, or fund your live account to begin real trading.

Open an MT4 account with FXTM

Trading Platforms Overview:

Known for its simplicity and effectiveness, it offers a robust trading environment with multiple analytical tools, interactive charts, and the ability to use automated trading systems. Perfect for beginners and those who prefer a straightforward trading experience.
Provides additional features like more technical indicators, timeframes, graphical objects, and advanced pending orders. It’s ideal for traders looking for more complex trading tools and multi-asset trading opportunities. Best for experienced traders looking for a more comprehensive trading platform with additional features.

Each version of MetaTrader offers unique advantages, so your choice depends on your trading style and needs.

Explore both platforms with FXTM’s demo accounts to determine which one suits you best.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your trading techniques, MetaTrader combined with FXTM’s expert support ensures a superior trading experience.

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Deposits and Withdrawals Made Easy

FXTM provides a comprehensive range of deposit and withdrawal methods designed to cater to the needs of the global clients.

From local payment solutions to major credit cards and e-wallets, FXTM’s goal is to make your financial transactions seamless and efficient.

Secure and Swift Financial Transactions

Security of Funds:
FXTM prioritizes the security of your funds by storing them in top-tier banks, ensuring they are fully segregated from company funds. This guarantees that your money is safe and readily accessible.
Regulatory Compliance:
FXTM is regulated across various jurisdictions worldwide, placing your funds in highly secure environments. This allows you to trade with peace of mind, knowing that your capital is protected under strict regulatory standards.
Diverse Payment Options:
Whether it’s local banking channels in India and Nigeria, or global payment methods like Visa and Skrill, FXTM’s platform supports a wide array of payment options to ensure you have the flexibility to manage your funds conveniently.

See Available Funding Methods

Local and International Payment Solutions

  • UPI and Netbanking for India and Pakistan
  • Instant bank transfers in Nigeria
  • Equity Bank and local transfers in Ghana
  • M-Pesa and FasaPay across Africa
  • Major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro
  • E-wallets including Google Pay, Skrill, and Neteller
  • TC Pay Wallet and Bank Wire Transfers

Open an account with FXTM

Financial Operations Policies

Inactivity Fees:
Accounts showing no trading activity for six months incur a monthly inactivity fee of 5 EUR/USD/GBP until the balance is depleted. This is to encourage active management of your trading investments.
Reimbursement Policy:
In cases of non-activity or abuse concerning reimbursement, FXTM reserves the right to reclaim fees or charge equivalent banking fees or a 3% withdrawal fee to cover administrative costs.

Deposits are generally instant, barring the need for additional verification.

Withdrawals are processed promptly to ensure you have timely access to your funds.

Standard processing hours are from 06:00-20:00 GMT +2 on weekdays, and adjusted hours on weekends.

FXTM strives to avoid delays, but please note that interruptions at payment processors can occur.

Go to FXTM Official Website

Additional Deposit and Withdrawal Details

Third-Party Payments:
FXTM does not accept third-party payments. Depositors must ensure that the sender’s name matches the registered FXTM account name to prevent delays or rejections.
Currency Conversion:
Transactions in currencies other than your account’s base currency will be converted at FXTM’s prevailing conversion rates, which are updated daily. Please note, conversion fees may apply.
Withdrawal Specifics:
Withdrawals must be made using the same method as the original deposit whenever possible. This is to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

Log in to MyFXTM Portal

Simple Steps for Managing Your Funds

Depositing Funds:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Deposits’ section under ‘My Money’ in MyFXTM.
  2. Select your preferred deposit method and enter the required details.
  3. Choose the trading account to deposit funds into.
  4. Review and confirm the transaction details to complete the deposit.

Withdrawing Funds:

  1. Access the ‘Withdraw’ section via MyFXTM.
  2. Choose your preferred withdrawal method.
  3. Select the account or wallet from which the funds will be withdrawn.
  4. Fill in the necessary details and submit the request.

Internal Transfers Between Accounts:

  1. Log into MyFXTM, select ‘Internal transfers’ under ‘My Money’, and specify the accounts and amount for the transfer.
  2. Transfers are typically instant, but please contact customer support if you experience any delays.
To maintain high-quality customer service, FXTM is introducing a $3 fee for transactions under $30.

This fee does not apply to transactions of $30 or more.

Go to FXTM Official Website

Insurance and Protection

FXTM offers an insurance fund of up to $1m to cover your balances and positions in the unlikely event of insolvency, providing an additional layer of security.

FXTM employs SSL encryption to secure all transactions and communications, protecting your data from unauthorized access and ensuring its integrity throughout transmission.

By choosing FXTM, you benefit from a secure, regulated trading environment with a multitude of payment options designed to meet the diverse needs of the global clientele.

Whether you are funding your account or withdrawing your earnings, FXTM’s processes are streamlined for your convenience and security.

Open an account with FXTM

Trading Statistics: Why FXTM Stands Out

FXTM believes in transparency and accountability, setting ourselves apart in the forex industry not just by meeting standards but by surpassing them.

Here are some of the performance statistics that demonstrate FXTM’s commitment to providing exceptional trading conditions.

Exceptional Trade Execution Speed

99.90% of Trades Executed in Under a Second
Trading success often hinges on the speed of execution. FXTM ensures that nearly all trades are executed in less than a second, allowing you to capitalize on market conditions precisely when you need to.
Average Order Execution Time: 0.071 Seconds
Time is of the essence in trading. FXTM’s systems are optimized to execute your orders at lightning speed, minimizing delays and maximizing your trading potential.

Trade with FXTM’s Fast Execution

Competitive Trading Costs and Optimal Pricing

Ultra-Low Spreads on Major FX Pairs and Gold
FXTM offers spreads that are close to zero for major FX pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD, and even zero on gold trades, ensuring that you benefit from minimal trading costs.
97.18% Price Improvement Rate
A significant percentage of orders experience price improvement, meaning they are executed at a better price than the one quoted at order placement. This statistic reflects FXTM’s efficiency in securing the best available prices for all clients.
Average Price Improvement: 0.30 Pips
On average, trades closed by Take Profit are improved by 0.30 pips. This not only underscores FXTM’s commitment to favorable trading conditions but also enhances the potential profitability of each trade.

FXTM doesn’t just claim to offer outstanding trading conditions; they back it up with facts.

FXTM’s high performance statistics are a testament to the advanced technology and client-first approach.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, these figures highlight the benefits and effectiveness of trading with FXTM.

Trade with FXTM to save money

Trading Commissions and Fees at FXTM

FXTM is committed to providing competitive and transparent trading costs.

FXTM understands the importance of clear pricing in your trading decisions.

Here’s an overview of the fees and commissions you can expect when trading with FXTM.

What is a Spread?

The spread is the difference between the ask (sell) price and the bid (buy) price for each trade.

It represents the transaction cost for traders and is a common way brokers like FXTM generate revenue.

However, FXTM strives to keep the spreads tight, ensuring you pay as little as possible.

FXTM’s Spread Policy

FXTM’s Advantage account features exceptionally low spreads, often as low as zero, on major FX pairs and Gold/Dollar trades.

This means you can trade more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Zero Commission Trading
With FXTM’s Advantage Plus account, you enjoy the benefit of zero commission fees, which enhances your trading profitability.
Low Commission Fees
FXTM’s Advantage account offers competitive commission rates across various instruments, including FX, Spot Metals, and Cryptocurrency CFDs. For specific details, you can always check the Help Centre.

What is a Swap?

A swap is the interest paid or earned for holding a position overnight.

FXTM offers two types of swaps: Swap long (for buy positions) and Swap short (for sell positions), calculated in pips per lot.

The rates vary by the instrument traded, but FXTM aims to keep these costs low for traders.

Trade with a low cost

FXTM’s Pricing in Numbers

As low as zero on major FX pairs like EURUSD and USDJPY, and on Gold trades.
FX Commissions:
Only $3.5 per lot on the Advantage MT4 account, providing highly competitive rates.
Commission on US Stocks:
Absolutely zero, allowing you to trade major American brands without the overhead of transaction fees.

FXTM’s pricing structure is designed to be as transparent and trader-friendly as possible, helping you make informed trading decisions without worrying about excessive costs.

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Forex Trading Promotions & Contests at FXTM

FXTM is dedicated to enhancing your trading experience with competitive advantages and opportunities.

Here’s why you should choose FXTM:

Exceptional Trading Conditions:
Enjoy zero spreads on major FX pairs and benefit from some of the lowest commission rates in the industry. FXTM’s ultra-fast execution ensures you’re always ready to capitalize on market prices at the right moment.
Versatile Trading Platforms:
Access the world’s most popular trading platforms, available for free download on PC, Mac, mobile, or tablet, ensuring you have the flexibility to trade from anywhere at any time.
Education for All Levels:
FXTM’s comprehensive educational resources are tailored to support both novice and experienced traders, helping you to continually improve your trading skills.

See the Latest Promotions

Enhance Your Experience with FXTM’s Promotions

FXTM offers regular promotions to provide even better value on your trades.

These promotions are designed to make your trading experience more rewarding and are updated frequently to give you the best possible advantage.

Please ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions associated with each promotion before participating.

Engage in Exciting Contests

Participate in FXTM’s forex contests to showcase your trading skills and compete against traders from around the world.

Each contest is an opportunity to test your strategies, discover new market opportunities, and win fantastic prizes and prestigious titles.

Like FXTM’s promotions, all contests have specific terms and conditions, so it’s important to understand these before you enter.

Open an account with FXTM

Refer a Friend Program

Share the benefits of trading with FXTM by referring a friend, and both of you can earn a $50 bonus.

It’s a great way to expand your trading network while benefiting from additional rewards.

Invite your friends to FXTM

To take part in FXTM’s promotions and contests, simply register on the FXTM website.

The process is quick and straightforward—fill out the registration form, and you’re ready to engage.

FXTM emphasizes transparency, so make sure to read the terms and conditions to fully understand the benefits and requirements of FXTM’s offers.

Go to FXTM Official Website

Enhance Your Trading with FXTM Signal Centre

Navigating the complex world of trading can be challenging, but with FXTM’s Signal Centre, powered by Acuity, you gain access to high-quality trade ideas that can help streamline your trading strategy and spot opportunities effortlessly.

What is Acuity Signal Centre?

Acuity, an award-winning provider known for its comprehensive technical analysis and actionable trading plans, powers FXTM’s Signal Centre.

This service merges expert analyst insights with advanced AI technology to offer robust trading signals across multiple asset classes.

Each signal provides specific entry, take-profit, and stop-loss levels, along with confidence indicators that gauge the potential success of the signal.

Go to the Signal Centre

Key Benefits of Using Signal Centre

Timely Updates:
Receive fresh trading ideas three times a day, aligned with the openings of the European, US, and Asian market sessions.
Diverse Asset Coverage:
Get signals for a wide range of assets including FX, stocks, commodities, and indices.
Actionable Advice:
Detailed entry points and exit strategies are provided, making it easier to plan and execute trades.
Trusted Source:
Acuity is a reputable, independent provider regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring reliability and integrity in the signals provided.

Open an account with FXTM

How Signal Centre Enhances Your Trading

  • Saves Time: Signal Centre does the heavy lifting by conducting thorough technical analysis, allowing you to focus more on trading rather than data crunching.
  • Informs Decisions: Whether you’re looking for a quick second opinion or a full trading plan, these signals provide valuable insights to inform your trading decisions.
  • Easy to Use: Integrated directly into MyFXTM, accessing and using Signal Centre is straightforward and convenient.

Go to the Signal Centre

How to Access Trading Signals

Unlocking the power of trading signals with FXTM is simple:

  1. Log In: Access your MyFXTM account.
  2. Navigate: Go to ‘Signal Centre’ found under ‘Trading Services’.
  3. Explore: Browse through the latest trade ideas and select one that aligns with your trading strategy.
  4. Analyze: Review the detailed entry, take-profit, and stop-loss levels provided.
  5. Trade: Apply these insights to your trading activities on the FXTM platform.

Learn how to trade with FXTM

Daily Signal Schedule

Signals are updated three times daily to ensure you have access to the latest information:

  • 7:30 AM GMT: Prior to the European market open
  • 2:00 PM GMT: Before the US market opens
  • 6:00 PM GMT: In anticipation of the APAC market session

Whether you’re interested in traditional currencies or exploring commodities and indices, Signal Centre provides comprehensive trade ideas across all asset classes available on FXTM, ensuring you have the necessary tools to expand and diversify your trading portfolio.

By integrating Signal Centre into your trading strategy, you not only enhance your ability to make informed decisions but also leverage cutting-edge technology and expert analysis to potentially boost your trading performance.

Log in to MyFXTM now and start exploring the opportunities with Signal Centre.

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FXTM Copy Trading

If you’re interested in the financial markets but lack the time or expertise to trade, FXTM’s Copy Trading service offers a streamlined solution.

By following strategy managers through FXTM Invest, you can access trading opportunities effortlessly.

FXTM Invest is an innovative service that connects you with experienced strategy managers.

When you choose to copy a strategy manager, your account will automatically replicate their trades, allowing you to benefit from their expertise and potentially enhance your investment portfolio.

Copy Trades through FXTM

Benefits of FXTM Copy Trading

Start with as little as $100 and scale up your investment as you become more comfortable.
Access a wide array of trading strategies across multiple asset classes including FX, stocks, commodities, and indices.
Automatically copy trades without the need to monitor the markets constantly.
Maintain full control over your investments with transparent trading operations and only pay fees when your strategy manager earns a profit.
Security and Regulation:
Trade with confidence knowing that all operations are overseen by global regulatory standards.

Go to FXTM Official Website

How to Start Copy Trading with FXTM

  1. Sign Up or Log In: Access your MyFXTM account or create one if you’re new.
  2. Select a Strategy Manager: Choose from a list of vetted professionals based on performance, trading style, and risk level.
  3. Open an Invest Account: Easily set up your copy trading account within MyFXTM.
  4. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds to start copying trades. You can start with a minimum of just $100.
  5. Copy Trades Automatically: Once you’ve chosen a strategy manager, their trading actions will be automatically mirrored in your account.

Strategy Managers are skilled traders whose strategies you can follow.

Each manager is rigorously assessed and their performance data is transparently displayed in MyFXTM, helping you make informed decisions based on past results, trading style, and overall risk level.

Copy Trade through FXTM

For Strategy Managers: Sharing Your Strategies

If you’re an experienced trader, you can become a Strategy Manager with FXTM Invest.

This not only allows you to earn a percentage of the profits you make for your followers but also helps you build your reputation as a trader.

  • Earn up to 30% profit share: You’ll receive a percentage of the profits from investors who copy your trades.
  • Grow Your Following: Increase your visibility and potential earnings as more investors copy your trades.
  • Trade on Preferred Platforms: Use the advanced features of MT4 or MT5 to execute your trading strategies.

Become a Strategy Manager

  1. Open an Advantage Plus Account: Register as a Strategy Manager.
  2. Start Trading: Showcase your trading skills and strategies.
  3. Promote Your Strategy: Use social media and other platforms to attract more followers.
  4. Earn from Your Success: Gain a share of the profits from your followers’ successful trades.

Whether you’re looking to follow a strategy manager or share your trading strategies, FXTM Invest offers a platform that accommodates both needs efficiently.

Interested individuals can learn more through FXTM’s educational resources or by contacting the support team for personalized assistance.

Explore the potential of copy trading with FXTM and get the expertise of seasoned traders to navigate the financial markets more effectively.



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