fbs-dreams-come-true-contest-facebook-likes-bonus-promotion fbs-dreams-come-true-contest-facebook-likes-bonus-promotion

Trading Contest Details

Prizes Anything you wish to have
Available to Both New & Existing Clients
Contest Dates Every month
How to entry Sign up with FBS & Post your Dream on Facebook
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

This isn’t a Contest to trade FX or CFDs.

It is a Contest to “get likes as many as you want” on Facebook.

Win the contest, then FBS will make your dream come true. Such as Motor bikes, Investment tools, Cars, Whole package of VIP trips etc…you will be surprised to see what FBS has given to its investors!

If you are interested, FBS offers another promotion where you can receive 123 USD for Free, to trade Forex.

How to join this “Facebook Contest”

1. Sign up with FBS & Verify your Personal Information

To be qualified to this contest, you will first need to have your account and verify personal information with documents.

It is absolutely Free, and contest is Free to join.

*You can open any types of accounts, as it doesn’t affect your contest result.

2. Connect your Facebook Profile to FBS

Go to the promotion page of FBS in their official website as below. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, then you will need to open one to join them.

3. Post your “Dream”(or things you want) on FBS’s page

Just simply write your “Dream” on the FBS’s Facebook page.

Point – Cash, Money, Something illegal or Something that cannot be purchased will be disqualified.

4. Get “Likes” as many as you can

Talk to your friends or do anything you want to get likes.

It is important to be included in the Top 100 list of participants who got largest number of likes.

5. FBS makes your dream come true

FBS will choose the one out of 100 posts, according to how “unique” the dream is.

Then the broker contacts the winner, and the name and the his/her dream will be announced on the official website.

Point – You can join this contest many times as you like.

Full Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you understand the whole rules of this contest.

  • This promotion(contest) is held monthly from the 1st and ends at 22:00 on 30th of the month.(UTC+7)
  • The contest is Free to participate and you can join it every month continuously.
  • You can only participate once per contest.
  • You can not use a fake Facebook account, otherwise the post will be excluded from the contest.
  • “facebook.com/financefreedomsuccess” is the address where you need to share the post. You need to post it first in your timeline and make the post public to everyone.
  • The winner of each contest will be announced on the official website of FBS.
  • This promotion does not include any trading activities or deposit, but you must have registered with FBS and verified personal information with documents already.
  • FBS will fulfill the dream of the winner within 30 days after the selection.

The winner of each contest will need to submit report including photos and some details on it. When you are selected by FBS, you will know more details.



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