Closure of FBS’s Copy Trading App

Sometimes great things might come to an end, and the FBS CopyTrade app is one of them.

It’s been four wonderful years of the social trading journey, but FBS has decided to shut down the app to fully focus on FBS Personal Area, our core product.

You have time to close your investments and withdraw your funds, now or later.

During the app shutdown, FBS is going to:

Give you time to prepare
For the next two weeks, everything remains the same. You can open and close investments as usual.
Close investments step-by-step
Starting from August 22, you won’t be able to open new investments. Take your time to close your investments with a profit.
Give time for funds withdrawal
You can withdraw your funds via any payment method available until September 22. After that, any remaining funds will be transferred into an account in FBS Personal Area that you can access via your FBS CopyTrade login and password.
Provide trading career opportunities
You can try FBS Personal Area and start your own trading journey. FBS provides free Forex educational materials and bonuses for beginners. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions or troubles caused by the FBS CopyTrade shutdown, don’t hesitate to contact the support team via

Contact FBS Support Team

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  1. They write that they have closed the service of copying trades and decided to transfer all efforts to FBS trading accounts.

    On the one hand such changes could upset some traders who had high expectations from social trading services. Moreover, the service existed for about 4 years as they write in this article.

    But I’m sure that it is time to start generating income from independent trading. Besides it is more profitable

  2. It has been a while now since the copy trading services were shut, and the broker is still superb.

  3. I always considered FBS copy trading as one of the steps to self improvement in trading in the first place. Hence why I chose the providers that were similar to my own trading strategy.
    Plus I never did just copy trading. I also traded manually with small volumes. So education and diversification is crucial.

  4. You know, somehow I feel that the broker has just become better and better. It is not as chunky as it used to be and the services are a lot more refined. The copy trading was good, but I think the FBS took it out for a reason and so far, I actually welcome all the changes and improvements that have been made.

  5. It’s possible that some clients may be disappointed.
    Nevertheless, I would like to address those involved in copy-trading:
    – At some point, your signal provider will inevitably cease providing their services.
    – Educating yourself and acquiring the skills necessary for independent trading would benefit you.
    – This investment in self-improvement will undoubtedly prove to be highly rewarding.

  6. Never used FBS’ copy trading service so I can’t say anything good or bad about it. I think there are enough earning money possibilities on the platform besides copy trading.

  7. Good! It does nothing but making traders lazy! In order to improve, you need to trade by yourself.

  8. It’s a pity. I think for some traders this service could be useful. Although on the other hand it means that the broker will be able to devote more resources to provide other areas of its activity.
    And it means the quality of service will be even higher.
    Let’s hope for the best.

  9. FBS has all the necessary ingredients for you to do your own thing. You don’t need other people.

  10. It is kind of disappointing:( I would have loved to have this feature at my disposal while using the broker. The services had been halted for a while before I found the broker. But I respect whatever the broker does because I have come to understand that it is usually for the benefit of its customers. Just take a good look at the bonuses and promotions of the broker.
    But, nonetheless, the FBS still remains a very solid broker and they offer a lot of other tools for me to take advantage of. So, really, no problem.;)

  11. On the one hand, the decision to shut down copy trading services seem to me a compulsory measure, as the company can’t support the same level of service maintenance, but on the other hand I am sure that copytrading will come back stronger!
    These are just my guesses and no more, but anyway, copy trading is quite a demanded tool.

  12. This is the attitude legit companies should have when changing a service. I truly respect what this broker has done. Most of the time, companies just release a statement of closure without warning.

  13. A huge disappointment… Well, probably copytrading service was shut down specifically to get back far stronger in future.
    At least I hope FBS broker will care about its enhancement and will release it back. Anyway… I’m not a real fan of following others’ strategies, but I tried it and it was flawless! Actually, the same can be stated about overall quality of trading conditions here.

  14. It’s a pity that FBS closed this service. Even though I didn’t use it, I’m sure it worked just as well as the rest of the company’s services.
    But since I’m fully focused on trading I don’t see anything critical for me in this change.

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