FXTM Crypto Giveaway FXTM Crypto Giveaway

Promotion Details

Offer 1 BTC & lots of ETH
How to get You need to open an account and trade to meet e volume requirement.
Available to All Traders of FXTM
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

1 Bitcoin & lots of ETH

The FXTM Crypto Giveaway, officially dubbed “The Great Crypto Giveaway,” is a promotional event set by FXTM to engage both its new and current clients in a spirited contest offering significant cryptocurrency prizes.

Scheduled to take place from April 17, 2024, to May 18, 2024, the giveaway includes a series of draws concluding with a final Lucky Draw on May 22, 2024.

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Eligibility and Entry

To participate, contestants must be clients of FXTM, excluding those from the European Union and the United Kingdom, who are not eligible due to specific regulatory exclusions.

Participants must have a live trading account with FXTM that is in good standing, adhere to the Operative Agreements, and consent to the Terms and Conditions of the giveaway as stipulated by FXTM.

Every contestant who deposits at least USD 200 into their trading account during the Raffle Period earns a Raffle Ticket, with a limit of one ticket per contestant.

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Prizes and Requirements

The event boasts a variety of prize tiers based on the trading volume achieved during the Raffle Period:

1st Prize:
1 BTC for contestants who achieve a trading volume of USD 35 million in cryptocurrency and USD 700 million in FX, Metals, or CFDs.
2nd Prize:
5 ETH for a trading volume of USD 15 million in cryptocurrency and USD 350 million in other trading areas.
3rd Prize:
2 ETH for reaching USD 3.5 million in cryptocurrency trading and USD 150 million in other markets.
Open Prize:
1 ETH, which requires no specific trading volume, ensuring broader participation.

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Drawing and Distribution of Prizes

The Lucky Draw will sequentially pull from the pool of qualified contestants, with the first draw for the top-tier prize, followed by subsequent tiers.

Once a Raffle Ticket is drawn and the associated prize awarded, it will be removed from the pool to maintain fairness, allowing each participant a chance to win one prize.

Winners will receive their prizes in their designated crypto wallets within ten business days following the draw.

During the Raffle Period, contestants are encouraged to participate in other ongoing promotions offered by FXTM, maximizing their benefits and engagement with the platform.

While the promotion excludes certain geographic locations due to regulatory constraints, it is designed to include a broad spectrum of traders. Notably, clients registered with FXTM in Kenya are specifically eligible for the Open Prize, providing an opportunity for widespread participation.

This giveaway not only aims to reward loyal clients but also to stimulate further trading activity by integrating exciting incentives with everyday trading operations.

Through this initiative, FXTM continues to support and reward its global community of traders.



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