ironfx-limited-protected-trades-bonus-compensation-promotion-mt4-live-floating-spread ironfx-limited-protected-trades-bonus-compensation-promotion-mt4-live-floating-spread

Promotion Details

Offer $500 Loss Compensation
Available to All traders of IronFX
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

IronFX Limited Protected Trades Bonus

The promotion protects from any losses of your initial 5 trades.

“Limited Protected Trades Bonus” is a risk-free trading promotion, which you can start trading with IronFX with all the losses covered for the initial 5 trades.

By meeting all criteria, your loss will be covered up to 500 USD.

Are you are new trader of IronFX? Then you can participate in this promotion to earn real benefit.

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Note that only Live Floating Spread account type can get this offer.

IronFX Limited Protected Trades Bonus Information

Here are the main information of the promotion “IronFX Limited Protected Trades Bonus”.

Promotion Type Risk Free Trading
Applicable Trades Initial 5 trades (less than 0.1 lots in total)
Requirement Account Verification, 500 USD of deposit and 4 round turn lots of trading
Maximum Protection Amount 500 USD
Withdrawal of Bonus Not available

By meeting the conditions, IronFX guarantees that only profits will remain for the first 5 trades you make.

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How to get IronFX Limited Protected Trades Bonus?

To open a live trading account and participate in this promotion, please follow the steps below.

1. Signup and Open a live trading account

Go to the Online Registration Page of IronFX and signup for free.

Note that the promotion is available only for IronFX’s Live Floating Spread type.

You may also submit the required documents during the registration process to verify your account information, as it is one of the requirements by the promotion.

2. Deposit at least 500 USD

The required minimum deposit amount by this promotion is 500 USD.

Use any preferable method to transfer your funds to IronFX.

3. Start trading

The promotion offers protection for the initial five (5) trades.

To be qualified for the protection, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. The total volume of the first 5 trades must be less than 0.1 lots.
  2. You must complete 4 standard round turn lots.
  3. Positions for the volume requirement (4 lots) must be opened more than 5 minutes but less than 72 hours.

The above 3 conditions must be met within 30 days of the approval of the Trading Account participating in this offer.

Note that the use of Expert Advisors and/or any other plug in system, and hedging/opposite positions will disqualify this Offer.

4. Get your first 5 trades protected by IronFX

Given that you have met all criteria of the promotion, you can have your first 5 trades protected up to the maximum amount of US$500.

The credited bonus fund will be immediately available for trading.

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Fund Withdrawal Conditions of IronFX Limited Protected Trades Bonus

The bonus cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other accounts of IronFX internally.

You can withdraw your own fund and profit at anytime with no limit.

For more information about fund withdrawals with IronFX, please contact their multilingual support team.

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FAQs of IronFX Limited Protected Trades Bonus

Here are the frequently asked questions about the promotion “Limited Protected Trades Bonus”.

Who can participate in this promotion?
Any new clients of IronFX can participate in this promotion. Note that the offer may not be available for traders residing in certain jurisdictions.
With what account type can I participate in this promotion?
The offer is available only for IronFX’s Live Floating Spread type. If you haven’t opened this account type, then you may open additional account to participate in this promotion.
What are the requirements to get the bonus?
To protect your initial 5 trades, you must deposit at least 500 USD, trade 4 standard lots and complete account verification.
Can I trader the bonus?
No, the bonus cannot be transferred internally between accounts of IronFX.
How much loss will IronFX will cover through this promotion?
The maximum amount of loss that can be covered is 500 USD.
Any prohibited trading strategies set by this promotion?
The promotion prohibits participants from using EAs (Expert Advisers) or any algorithm robots, and placing hedging/opposite positions.
Can I also participate in other promotions of IronFX?
Yes, this promotion does not restrict traders from participating in other promotions at the same time. For more information, please refer to other promotion’s terms and conditions.

Do you have any other questions mind regarding to this promotion or IronFX’s service?

Visit IronFX Official Website and contact their support team available for 24/5.

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Terms and Conditions of IronFX Limited Protected Trades Bonus

Here are the terms and conditions of IronFX’s promotion “Limited Protected Trades Bonus”.

Make sure that you know the conditions before participating in this promotion.

  • The promotion is available only for new clients of IronFX who have never traded with the broker.
  • The offer is available only once per eligible client.
  • To participate in the promotion, you must open IronFX Live Floating Spread type.
  • Any abusive or improper conduct will immediately disqualify the client from the promotion.
  • The use of Expert Advisors and/or any other plug in system will disqualify this Offer.
  • The bonus amount cannot be transferred between accounts of IronFX.
  • The promotion offers protection of the initial 5 trades of the applicable account.
  • To be eligible for this promotion, you must meet all criteria within 30 days of the approval of the Trading Account participating in this offer.
  • You must deposit more than 500 USD to participate in this promotion.
  • The total trading volume of the initial 5 trades cannot exceed 0.1 lot at any given time.
  • To be qualified for the promotion, you must trade at least 4 standard round-turn lots in the account.
  • Each position must be opened at least 5 minutes to be qualified for the calculation of volume requirement.
  • The duration of the initial 5 trades must not exceed 72 hours, otherwise these positions will be closed automatically.
  • Any loss of the initial 5 trades will be covered by IronFX, given that all criteria is met.
  • The maximum protection amount is 500 USD, or equivalent amount in other currencies.
  • In case the eligible client places an opposite/hedging position, the client will be excluded from the promotion.
  • The Client is allowed to utilize this offer within 30 days from the creation (i.e. verification and approval) of its Trading Account participating in this offer.


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