How to open an account with ForexMart Account Types and Promotions How to open an account with ForexMart Account Types and Promotions

ForexMart, recognized for its favorable trading conditions, caters to a diverse range of traders, offering demo and real accounts, auto-copy trading, and partner programs for additional income.

It operates globally, except in certain jurisdictions, and emphasizes regulatory compliance, being registered in Cyprus under CySEC and a member of ESMA.

The brokerage has been awarded for its promising services and uses MetaTrader 4 for its trading platform, alongside offering extensive educational resources and support to enhance trading skills.

ForexMart provides multiple account types with varying conditions to suit different trading strategies and preferences, all while maintaining competitive spreads and flexible leverage options.

It also offers a Copy Trading service to allow investors to earn by copying successful traders and a SMART $20 Trading Contest with real prizes to encourage competitive trading.

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What is ForexMart?

ForexMart, while relatively new to the Forex trading scene, has quickly established itself as a promising and reliable brokerage, much to the acclaim of members within the Hercules Finance community.

Fulfilling its obligations with commendable diligence, ForexMart offers an impressive array of trading conditions that cater to a wide spectrum of traders, from novices to the seasoned experts.

Key Offerings and Services

ForexMart’s services include a traditional demo account, an invaluable tool for both exploring the nuances of the trading platform and honing trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

This is complemented by a variety of real account options, each tailored to different trading styles and strategies, enhancing the brokerage’s appeal to a broad audience.

Additionally, ForexMart provides opportunities for auto-copy trading and an array of partner programs, opening avenues for supplementary income.

Recognizing the diversity in trader skill levels and needs, ForexMart’s platform is engineered to serve both the inexperienced and the adept.

Its long-standing partnership with Hercules Finance is a testament to its reliable and reputable service.

The broker’s proactive customer service team is always at the ready to address and resolve any inquiries or concerns, ensuring a smooth trading experience.

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Global Reach and Regulatory Compliance

Operating on a global scale, ForexMart is subject to a few geographic restrictions, notably excluding traders from the United States, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, and Syria.

A member of the TradoMart Ltd group, ForexMart was founded in 2015 in Cyprus.

It prides itself on strict adherence to regulatory standards set by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC, 266/15) and membership with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), ensuring a secure trading environment.

ForexMart’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by numerous accolades, including “The Best New Broker in Europe 2016” by the International Financial Journal (IFM) and “The Most Promising Broker in Asia” by ShowFx World.

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Trading Software and Educational Support

At the heart of ForexMart’s trading infrastructure is MetaTrader 4 (MT4), developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

This platform sets the industry benchmark for online forex trading, offering an array of advanced tools designed to keep traders ahead in the fast-paced forex market.

Education is a cornerstone of ForexMart’s philosophy.

The broker offers an extensive array of free training materials and market analytics aimed at enhancing traders’ knowledge and decision-making skills.

This educational commitment is paired with 24/5 customer support, ensuring traders have the guidance they need, whenever they need it.

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Why Trade with ForexMart?

ForexMart distinguishes itself with:

  • A diverse portfolio of over 100 trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies and futures contracts for metals and stocks.
  • A rich repository of trading insights and educational materials on its official website.
  • Engaging partner programs and auto-copy trading opportunities for additional earnings.

Considerations Before Trading

Potential traders should note that while ForexMart offers numerous advantages, there are certain limitations, such as the absence of the MT5 platform, limited investment options, and restricted scalping activities.

However, for traders prioritizing regulation, security, and a wealth of trading opportunities, ForexMart stands out as an exemplary choice.

ForexMart’s blend of regulatory compliance, global reach, advanced trading software, and comprehensive educational support positions it as a broker of choice for traders seeking a secure, informed, and versatile trading environment.

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Enhanced Trading Conditions

ForexMart stands out in the competitive world of forex trading by offering highly favorable trading conditions that cater to a wide range of traders worldwide.

From beginners to seasoned traders, ForexMart ensures that its services are accessible, efficient, and tailored to meet diverse trading needs and strategies.

Starting with a minimum deposit of just $1, ForexMart makes forex trading accessible to everyone.

The brokerage is known for its flexible leverage options, extending up to 1:500 for Classic, Cent, and Pro account types, and up to 1:200 for the Zero Spread account, allowing traders to maximize their trading potential while managing risk effectively.

One of the most appealing aspects of ForexMart’s trading conditions is the minimum trade volume, set at 0.01 lots across all account types, facilitating precise money management and strategy implementation.

Moreover, the minimum spread starts at an impressive 0.0 points, highlighting ForexMart’s commitment to providing competitive and cost-effective trading solutions.

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Diverse Account Types for Every Trader

ForexMart understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to trading. Therefore, it offers several account types, each with distinct characteristics and benefits:

Classic Account:
Ideal for beginners and those preferring straightforward trading conditions. With minimum spreads starting at 1 pip and no commission charges, it requires a modest minimum deposit of $15.
Pro Account:
Designed for more experienced traders looking for tighter spreads without commissions. Minimum spreads start at 0.6 pips, with a minimum deposit of $200.
Cents Account:
Perfect for traders wishing to trade with smaller amounts. This account type features minimum spreads of 1 pip, no commissions, and trading in cent lots, requiring a minimum deposit of $15.
Zero Spread Account:
Catering to traders who prioritize low spreads and are willing to pay a commission starting from $6. This account offers minimum spreads of 0.0 pips and requires a $500 minimum deposit.

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Account Type Classic Pro Cents Zero Spread
Min Spread 1 pips 0.6 pips 1 pips 0.0 pips
Average Spread 1.2 pips 0.8 pips 1.2 pips 0.2 pips
Commissions No commissions No commissions No commissions Commission from $6
Min Deposit $15 $200 $15 $500
Min Lot 0.01 0.01 0.1 (cent lots) 0.01
Order Execution Market Market Market Market
Signup Links Open a Classic account Open a Pro account Open a Cents account Open a Zero Spread account

These account options are supplemented by detailed specifications, such as a margin call of 30%, a stop-out level of 10%, and the capacity to hold up to 500 open trades with a maximum lot size of 10,000, demonstrating ForexMart’s flexibility and adaptability to various trading styles and preferences.

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ForexMart Demo Account: A Risk-Free Training Ground

For those new to forex or looking to test strategies without financial risk, ForexMart provides a comprehensive demo account.

Equipped with the MT4 trading platform, up to $500,000 in demo balance, and access to real-time market quotes, the demo account is an invaluable tool for honing trading skills.

Supported by 24/5 customer service, it ensures that assistance is always at hand.

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ForexMart’s commitment to offering superior trading conditions, a variety of account types to suit different trading strategies, and exceptional support services positions it as a leading broker in the forex market.

Whether you’re a novice trader starting with a Classic account or a professional seeking the advantages of a Zero Spread account, ForexMart facilitates a trading environment where you can grow, learn, and succeed.

Registration for any of the accounts, including the demo account, is straightforward, allowing traders to embark on their trading journey swiftly and efficiently.

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How to open an account with ForexMart?

Opening an account with ForexMart and commencing your trading journey encapsulates both ease and efficiency, tailored to ensure a seamless transition from registration to active trading.

Whether you’re drawn to the volatile and lucrative world of cryptocurrencies or the traditional forex markets, ForexMart accommodates your financial ambitions with a broad spectrum of trading instruments, including over 100 options ranging from forex currencies to cryptocurrencies, and futures contracts for metals and stocks.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to embark on your trading journey with ForexMart.

Step 1: Visit ForexMart’s Official Website

Start by navigating to ForexMart’s official website.

This platform is your gateway to a wealth of information about the broker’s offerings, including account types, trading conditions, and educational resources.

Here, you can also find direct links to download the MetaTrader 4 platform, access the web terminal, or look into the specifics of copy trading and the SMART $20 Trading Contest.

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Step 2: Account Registration

Click on the sign-up link to begin the registration process.

ForexMart simplifies this step, requiring only basic personal information and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for security.

Upon completing the registration, you will have access to your account dashboard, from which you can manage your trading activities, financial transactions, and access the trading platforms.

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Step 3: Choose Your Account Type

ForexMart acknowledges the diversity of trader preferences and strategies by offering several account types:

  • Classic Account: A perfect starting point for beginners, offering straightforward trading conditions.
  • Pro Account: Tailored for experienced traders looking for tighter spreads.
  • Cents Account: Ideal for those wishing to trade smaller amounts.
  • Zero Spread Account: Designed for traders prioritizing low spreads.

Each account type caters to different trading strategies and preferences, so select the one that best aligns with your trading goals.

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Step 4: Fund Your Account

After choosing your account type, proceed to fund your account.

ForexMart makes this process efficient by offering a variety of deposit methods, including bank cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, without charging any deposit fees.

Remember, the initial deposit requirements vary depending on the chosen account type.

Step 5: Download and Access the Trading Platform

With your account funded, you’re ready to trade.

Download MetaTrader 4 for desktop, or access it via mobile or the web terminal.

MT4’s advanced features, including multiple chart monitoring and direct chart trading, offer a comprehensive trading experience.

ForexMart also provides a demo account option, allowing you to practice trading strategies risk-free.

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Step 6: Engage in Trading or Copy Trading

Begin trading by analyzing the markets using the extensive educational resources and analytical tools provided by ForexMart.

Alternatively, explore the Copy Trading service to either replicate the trades of experienced traders or share your own trades with followers for additional income.

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Step 7: Participate in the SMART $20 Trading Contest

For those looking for an additional challenge, ForexMart’s SMART $20 Trading Contest offers a platform to showcase trading skills and win real prizes based on performance.

This contest is an excellent opportunity to test your strategies against other traders in a competitive environment.


By following these steps to open an account and start trading, you position yourself to explore the vast opportunities within the forex and cryptocurrency markets.

Security of Your Financial Transactions with ForexMart

ForexMart understands the importance of smooth financial transactions in your trading journey.

To ensure that you can manage your funds efficiently and securely, ForexMart has implemented a comprehensive system for deposits and withdrawals that prioritizes your convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Zero Deposit Fees, With Reimbursement on Charges

ForexMart does not impose any fees on deposits.

Recognizing that payment systems may levy commissions for their services, ForexMart goes a step further to support all clients.

ForexMart is committed to reimbursing any deposit charges you incur, ensuring that your investment with them starts on the right note.

This initiative is part of the broader commitment to creating optimal trading conditions for all clients.

Transparent Withdrawal Policy

ForexMart’s withdrawal fees are structured to be as transparent and client-friendly as possible, varying according to the chosen payment method.

However, it’s crucial to note that while ForexMart does not charge a withdrawal fee directly, the payment service providers might.

Comprehensive Range of Payment Methods

To accommodate your diverse needs, ForexMart offers a wide array of deposit and withdrawal methods, including major Visa and MasterCard bank cards, and a variety of e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, UnionPay, PayCo, Alipay, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

This range ensures that you can select the payment method that best suits your preferences and requirements.

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Efficient Withdrawal Processing Times

ForexMart prides themselves on the efficient processing times for withdrawals:

  • Bank account transactions are processed within 1-5 days, allowing for secure and timely access to your funds.
  • For other payment systems, withdrawal requests are typically processed in less than 48 hours, ensuring quick and efficient fund management.

Minimum Withdrawal Amounts and Currency

To accommodate the needs of all clients, ForexMart has set reasonable minimum withdrawal amounts:

  • $300 for bank accounts to ensure a balance between accessibility and the cost-effectiveness of transactions.
  • $20 for bank cards and electronic wallets, making it easier for clients to manage their funds actively.
  • All withdrawals are processed in USD, providing a standardized and straightforward currency conversion process.

Conditions for Fee Reimbursement

ForexMart aims to maintain a fair and transparent relationship with all clients.

It’s important to note that any deposit and/or withdrawal fees reimbursed by ForexMart may be borne by the client if the Company determines a failure to meet any required conditions.

These conditions may include illegal activities, breaches of any Agreement provisions, or no trading activity.

ForexMart reserves the right to debit the compensated amount from the client’s withdrawal amount in such cases.

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ForexMart’s MetaTrader 4: Versatility Across Devices

Understanding the dynamic nature of the forex market, ForexMart provides robust solutions that cater to your trading needs, anytime and anywhere.

ForexMart’s comprehensive offerings ensure that whether you are at your desk or on the move, you have seamless access to the trading world.

ForexMart Mobile Application: Trading at Your Fingertips

ForexMart’s state-of-the-art mobile application is designed to bring the vast trading markets directly to your fingertips.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the ForexMart mobile app is your gateway to the forex markets, allowing you to:

  • Access real-time charts and the latest market analysis.
  • Execute trades with a few taps.
  • Manage your account effortlessly.
  • Avail of comprehensive customer support.

The app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play, ensuring you can start trading without delay.

Download ForexMart Mobile App

MetaTrader 4 for Desktop

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) stands as the epitome of trading platforms, offering an array of features tailored to enhance your trading experience:

  • Monitor and trade on multiple charts simultaneously.
  • Direct trading from the charts for swift executions.
  • A vast array of order management tools.
  • Customizable interface to suit your trading preferences.
  • Several trade size allocation methods to manage your trades effectively.

MT4 is renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders.

The platform is free to download, providing easy installation to jumpstart your trading journey.

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ForexMart Web Terminal

For those who prefer not to download additional software, ForexMart offers a web-based trading terminal. This platform allows you to:

  • Access your trading account through any web browser.
  • Trade with no software installation required.
  • Enjoy a trading experience that’s synchronized across all your devices.

ForexMart’s web platform guarantees the security of your trading activities and personal information with state-of-the-art encryption technologies.

Regardless of your preferred trading method, ForexMart ensures a synchronized experience across all platforms.

This seamless integration means that your account, trade history, and preferences are accessible no matter how you choose to trade.

Access to ForexMart Web Terminal

ForexMart’s Copy Trading

ForexMart’s Copy Trading service is an innovative social trading system designed to bridge the gap between novice traders and the vast, often complex world of forex trading.

It also serves as a valuable tool for those with time constraints, looking to diversify their trading strategies by leveraging the insights and experience of seasoned traders.

Here’s a closer look at how ForexMart is making trading accessible, efficient, and potentially more profitable.

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Empowering Traders and Investors

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the forex market or looking to maximize your trading efforts with minimal time investment, ForexMart’s Copy Trading service offers a dual opportunity.

As an investor, you can tap into the wealth of knowledge and successful strategies of professional traders by copying their trades directly into your account.

On the flip side, if you’re a skilled trader, this platform allows you to earn an additional income through commissions by sharing your trades with subscribers.

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Copying

The process is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Register and Open an Account: Start by opening an account with ForexMart to access the Copy Trading service.
  2. Choose a Trader: Browse through a list of successful traders from around the globe. You can select one or multiple traders to follow, setting the conditions for copying according to your risk tolerance and investment goals.
  3. Start Copying: Once you’ve set your parameters, the system begins copying the selected traders’ transactions in real-time. You can track these transactions both on the trading platform and through your personal account, ensuring transparency and control over your investments.

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Why ForexMart’s CopyTrade System Stands Out?

Global Network of Successful Traders:
ForexMart’s CopyTrade system connects you with a diverse group of successful traders from across the world, offering a wide range of trading styles and strategies to follow.
Customizable Investment Settings:
You have complete control over your investment settings, allowing you to tailor your copy trading experience to your personal risk tolerance and financial goals.
Capital Growth Opportunities:
The CopyTrade system isn’t just about mimicking the trades of others. It’s an opportunity to learn from the best, understand market dynamics, and grow your capital through informed decision-making.
Ease of Use:
The simplicity of the CopyTrade system ensures that even those new to forex can navigate the platform with ease, making trading more accessible to a broader audience.
Flexible Role Dynamics:
The ability to switch between being an investor and a trader—or even managing both roles simultaneously—provides flexibility and multiple streams of potential income.

ForexMart’s Copy Trading service is more than just a platform for copying trades.

It’s a comprehensive ecosystem that fosters learning, growth, and profitability by connecting novice traders with experienced professionals.

Whether you’re looking to expand your trading knowledge or seeking a more hands-off approach to investing, ForexMart offers a robust solution tailored to meet your trading needs.

Find out more about ForexMart’s Copy Trading


ForexMart’s innovative SMART $20 Trading Contest offers an unparalleled opportunity for traders to engage with the forex market under competitive conditions, showcasing their trading prowess and striving for top performance.

This contest not only challenges participants to maximize their profitability using their favorite trading tools but also provides a platform to win substantial real prizes based on their trading achievements.

Registration Guidelines

Joining the SMART $20 Trading Contest is straightforward, designed to get you trading and climbing the ranks quickly:

  1. New Account Creation: Begin by opening a new account specifically for this contest on ForexMart’s platform.
  2. Initial Deposit: Make a one-time, fixed deposit of $20 to fund your contest account.
  3. Engage in Trading: Dive into trading and keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how you rank among competitors.
  4. Leverage Advantage: Utilize up to 1:3000 leverage to amplify your trading capabilities.
  5. Prize Pool: Aim for the top with a prize fund that awards $500 to the 1st place, $300 to the 2nd place, $100 to the 3rd place, and $10 to places 4 through 10.


Contest Terms and Conditions

The SMART $20 Trading Contest, orchestrated by ForexMart, is set within a precise framework to ensure fairness and competitive integrity:

  • Contest Period: Running from November 20, 2023, to December 29, 2023, this contest invites traders to demonstrate their skill over an intense period of strategic trading.
  • Eligibility: Open to all ForexMart Classic account holders with a $20 deposit, this contest welcomes traders aged 18 and above, offering a transparent platform where every participant gets a fair shot at the prize.
  • Trading Strategy Freedom: Participants can employ any trading strategy, including the use of Expert Advisors, as long as these strategies are in compliance with the client agreement.
  • Fair Play Enforcement: ForexMart emphasizes fair play, disallowing trading on non-market quotations and ensuring all trades are legitimate and within market norms.

With a blend of competitive spirit, strategic trading, and the potential for lucrative prizes, this contest stands out as a premier trading challenge.

Join now and let the best trader win!


FAQs about ForexMart’s service

What trading platforms does ForexMart offer?
ForexMart offers the MetaTrader 4 platform for desktop, mobile, and web trading, renowned for its powerful features and user-friendliness.
Are there different account types available at ForexMart?
Yes, ForexMart offers several account types including Classic, Pro, Cents, and Zero Spread, each tailored to different trading strategies and preferences.
What are the minimum deposit requirements for ForexMart accounts?
Minimum deposits vary by account type, starting at $15 for Classic and Cents accounts, $200 for Pro accounts, and $500 for Zero Spread accounts.
Does ForexMart charge commissions on trades?
ForexMart does not charge commissions on Classic, Pro, and Cents accounts but does charge from $6 on Zero Spread accounts.
Is ForexMart regulated?
Yes, ForexMart is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and is a member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).
What leverage does ForexMart offer?
ForexMart offers leverage up to 1:500 for Classic, Cent, and Pro accounts, and up to 1:200 for Zero Spread accounts.
Are there any fees for deposits and withdrawals at ForexMart?
ForexMart does not charge deposit fees and reimburses deposit costs incurred by customers, though withdrawal fees may vary depending on the payment method.
What types of trading instruments can I trade with ForexMart?
ForexMart offers over 100 trading instruments, including Forex currencies, cryptocurrencies, as well as futures contracts for metals and stocks.
What are the advantages of trading with ForexMart?
ForexMart offers a diverse range of trading instruments, competitive spreads, advanced trading tools, and opportunities for auto-copy trading and participation in partner programs.
Are there any restrictions on ForexMart’s services?
ForexMart does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions, including the USA, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, and Syria, and may have limitations based on regional regulatory requirements.


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