How to open an account with xChief? | Account Types and Bonus Promotions How to open an account with xChief? | Account Types and Bonus Promotions

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Traders favor xChief for its proven reliability, diverse account options, and broad trading instruments, enhanced by user-friendly features like MetaTrader integration, low-risk “Cent” accounts, and competitive spreads.

xChief’s promotional strategies, including a $100 No-Deposit Bonus and up to $500 Welcome Bonus, alongside investment opportunities through PAMM accounts, provide significant incentives for both new and seasoned traders.

The platform’s leverage conditions are designed to balance trading flexibility with risk management, adjusting automatically based on account equity to safeguard traders.

Order execution policies at xChief, highlighting the nuances of slippage, execution speed, and the implications of spread widening, ensure transparency and enhance trading outcomes.

Furthermore, xChief simplifies financial transactions for its clients with a range of deposit and withdrawal methods, emphasizing quick, efficient, and cost-effective processes to support a smooth trading experience.

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Why traders choose xChief as their main broker?

Traders choose xChief to invest online for a multitude of compelling reasons, rooted in the platform’s reliability, extensive range of offerings, and user-friendly features.

Here are the key factors:

Established and Reliable Broker

xChief’s more than 10 years of operation signifies a track record of stability and reliability, making it a trusted choice for over 500,000 Forex traders globally.

This longstanding history suggests that xChief has navigated various market conditions successfully, establishing trust among its user base.

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Comprehensive Trading Platforms and Account Types

By offering MetaTrader platforms (MetaTrader 4 and 5), xChief provides access to the most popular trading software in the world, known for its robustness and versatile analytical tools.

The inclusion of «Cent» accounts caters to both beginners and those with limited capital, providing a low-risk entry point.

With Standard, Cent, Islamic, PAMM, and Demo accounts, traders can select the type that best suits their trading style and needs, ensuring a customized trading experience.

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Wide Range of Trading Instruments and Conditions

The availability of Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices CFDs, Crypto CFDs, and Stock CFDs ensures that traders have a wide range of instruments to choose from, enabling portfolio diversification and access to various markets.

The promise of tight spreads from 0 pips and the STP/ECN model mean that traders can benefit from low trading costs and fast execution, enhancing the potential for profitability.

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Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

The array of bonuses and promotions, including a $100 No-Deposit Bonus, up to $500 Welcome Bonus, and various contests with significant prize funds, serve as strong incentives for both new and existing traders.

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Investment and Passive Income Opportunities

The PAMM system offers a way for investors to earn passive income by investing in funds managed by experienced traders, without needing to trade personally.

This is particularly appealing for those looking to generate income without dedicating time to active trading.

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Security and Support

xChief’s supports measures such as segregation of funds and compensation for losses due to technical failures provide traders with a level of financial security and peace of mind.

The broker is offering 24/7 support in 20 languages ensures that traders worldwide have access to assistance whenever needed.

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Technology and Infrastructure

The use of STP/NDD technology for direct market execution, combined with global servers, minimizes slippage and refused orders, providing a reliable and efficient trading experience.

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Educational Resources and Community Engagement

With the xChief Academy and a vast library of resources, traders can enhance their knowledge and skills, which is crucial for both beginners and experienced traders seeking to stay informed about the latest market trends and strategies.

xChief presents a compelling proposition for online investors through its blend of technological sophistication, a wide array of trading instruments, attractive bonuses, and a focus on security and customer support.

This comprehensive approach caters to the diverse needs of traders, making it a preferred choice for engaging in online investment activities.

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Account Types of xChief

At xChief, the approach to successful trading on the foreign exchange market is facilitated through a variety of account types, each designed to cater to the needs of traders at different levels of experience.

These accounts come with features such as narrow spreads, the availability of “Cent” accounts, and several bonus options, ensuring that traders have the necessary tools to develop and apply profitable strategies effectively.

Account Type CENT Classic+ DirectFX xPRIME
Trading Platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Mobile Trading MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Mobile Trading MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Mobile Trading MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Mobile Trading
Minimum Deposit No $10 (or equivalent) $50 (or equivalent) $2000 (or equivalent)
Dealing Technology Market Maker STP STP/ECN ECN
Position Accounting System Hedging Hedging Hedging, Netting Hedging, Netting
Execution Mode Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Max Leverage 1:500 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000
Available Contracts 35+
Forex, Metals
Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indexes
Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indexes, Stocks, Crypto
Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indexes, Stocks, Crypto
Spread From 0.9 pips From 0.6 pips From 0.3 pips From 0 pips
Stop Out 30% 30% 30% 50%
Commission No No $2.5 / €2.5 / £2.5 1 $3 / €3 / £3 / ₣3 / ¥500 1
Min Order Size (lots) 0.01
(increment – 0.01)
(increment – 0.01)
0.01 (increment – 0.01) 0.01
(increment – 0.01)
Max Order Size (lots) 1000 100 100 100
Max Number of Open Orders 200 500 1000 No Limit
PAMM No Yes Yes No
Trading Credits No Yes Yes Yes
Turnover Rebates No Yes Yes Yes
Welcome Bonus $500 No Yes Yes Yes
No-Deposit Bonus $100 No Yes Yes No
Swap-free No Yes Yes Yes
Signup Links Open a CENT Account Open a Classic+ Account Open a DirectFX Account Open an xPRIME Account

Each account type supports trading on MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and mobile trading platforms, offering various minimum deposit requirements and leveraging options up to 1:1000.

They also differ in terms of dealing technology, position accounting systems, and the range of available contracts, providing tailored trading conditions to meet the diverse needs of xChief’s client base.

The detailed specifications of each account, including spreads, commissions, and bonuses, are designed to enhance the trading experience, catering to both novices and seasoned traders alike.

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xChief Cent account

The Cent account is ideal for beginners transitioning from demo to live trading, offering a no-commission structure and flexibility in terms of minimum and maximum balance, without any restrictions on trading strategies or the use of robots (EA).

This account type provides a low-stress environment for new traders to gain real-money trading experience.

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xChief Classic+ account

For more experienced traders, the Classic+ account offers floating spreads and commission-free Forex trading.

Orders in this account are executed in “Market Execution” mode, providing execution speeds of 100-150 milliseconds under normal market conditions, making it a balanced choice for those who have moved beyond the basics of trading.

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xChief DirectFX account

The DirectFX account is highly popular among xChief’s offerings, designed for traders looking for tight spreads with minimal broker commission.

This account uses STP/ECN technology for transparent quotes without markups, making it an ideal choice for traders who value fast, direct market execution without dealer intervention or requotes.

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xChief xPRIME account

At the pinnacle of xChief’s account offerings is the xPRIME account, which provides the tightest spreads, optimal order execution, and a suite of premium services including priority support and a personal manager.

This account is tailored for professionals, small investment firms, and high-end investors seeking the highest quality products and services available.

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xChief Islamic Account

xChief also offers Islamic Accounts for traders whose religious beliefs preclude the use of interest rates in trading.

These swap-free accounts do not accrue or write-off swaps based on the credit rates of national central banks, making them suitable for Muslim traders from specific countries.

However, these accounts come with specific terms and conditions to ensure compliance with Islamic finance principles.

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How to open an account with xChief?

Opening an account with xChief and starting to trade involves a simple and straightforward process, designed to accommodate both new and experienced traders.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Choose the Account Type:
xChief offers various account types, including CENT, Classic+, DirectFX, xPRIME, and Islamic Accounts. Each account type has been tailored to meet different trading needs and preferences, offering options for minimum deposits, leverage, trading platforms (MetaTrader 4 and 5), and access to a wide range of trading instruments.
2. Sign Up:
Visit the xChief website and select the type of account you wish to open. You’ll need to provide some basic information to create your account. This process is typically quick and user-friendly, designed to get you up and trading as smoothly as possible.
3. Verify Your Account:
To ensure the security of your trading and comply with regulatory requirements, xChief requires you to verify your account. This involves submitting identification documents, such as a passport or a national ID card, and proof of residence, such as a utility bill or a bank statement.
4. Make a Deposit:
Once your account is verified, you can make a deposit using one of the several methods offered by xChief, including bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and various electronic payments like cryptocurrencies and Perfect Money. The platform emphasizes quick, efficient, and cost-effective deposit methods to facilitate a seamless start to your trading journey.
5. Start Trading:
With your account set up and funded, you can start trading using the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platforms, available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. These platforms offer a range of tools for technical analysis, automated trading (using EAs), and the ability to follow successful traders’ signals through the Copy Trading feature. Whether you’re interested in Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices CFDs, Crypto CFDs, or Stock CFDs, xChief provides a rich environment for trading with competitive spreads and leverage conditions tailored for risk management.

By following these steps, traders can leverage xChief’s decade-long reliability, diverse trading instruments, and user-friendly features to engage in online trading activities effectively.

Additionally, the platform’s various bonuses, promotional strategies, and investment opportunities through PAMM accounts present compelling incentives for both new entrants and seasoned traders in the forex market.

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xChief’s Leverage Condition

xChief’s leverage conditions are tailored to provide traders with the flexibility to trade a wide range of instruments under varying leverage, based on the account equity and the type of contracts they wish to trade.

Leverage is a tool that allows traders to control a large position with a relatively small amount of capital, amplifying both potential profits and losses.

Trade with xChief’s High Leverage

Leverage Based on Account Equity

Leverage at xChief is determined by the account equity and the group of contracts being traded.

This structured approach ensures that traders can leverage their positions appropriately, taking into consideration their account balance and the specific market they are trading in.

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For Account Equities ranging from $0 to $2,999:

Forex contracts can be leveraged up to 1:1000, offering significant trading power in the currency markets.

Metals are available with a leverage of up to 1:500, reflecting the moderate volatility and risk associated with these commodities.

Commodities and Indexes both offer leverage up to 1:50, which is conservative, given their potential for significant price movements.

Stocks and Crypto contracts are at the lower end of leverage, with 1:2 and 1:5 respectively, considering their volatility and risk.

As Account Equity increases to the range of $3,000 to $19,999:

The maximum leverage for Forex is reduced to 1:500, and for Metals to 1:250, aligning the trading conditions with the increased equity and potential exposure.

Leverage for Commodities, Indexes, Stocks, and Crypto remains the same as the lower equity bracket.

With Account Equity from $20,000 to $49,999:

Forex leverage further decreases to 1:200 and Metals to 1:125, while Commodities and Indexes maintain a leverage of 1:50.

The lower leverage ratios for higher account balances are designed to mitigate risk exposure.

For larger Account Equities between $50,000 and $99,999:

Forex and Metals leverage is reduced to 1:100 and 1:50, respectively.

Commodities and Indexes are adjusted to 1:25, providing a balanced risk for larger portfolios.

For Account Equities of $100,000 or more:

The leverage available for trading Forex contracts is significantly lowered to 1:40, and for Metals to 1:25, to ensure prudent risk management for high-value accounts.

Commodities and Indexes are leveraged at 1:10, while Stocks and Crypto continue at 1:2 and 1:5, respectively.

Trade with xChief’s High Leverage

Dynamic Adjustment of Leverage

The leverage automatically adjusts when an account’s equity reaches the specified levels.

This dynamic adjustment is designed to protect traders by proportionally scaling risk in line with their account size.

The increase in leverage, should the account equity decrease, occurs once daily at 00:00 server time after a review of the current account equity status.

This system of leverage adjustment based on account equity and contract type is a critical aspect of risk management, ensuring that traders are not overly exposed to market volatility relative to their account size.

It reflects xChief’s commitment to providing a trading environment that balances opportunity with prudent risk control.

Trade with xChief’s Dynamic Leverage

How your order is executed with xChief

xChief’s Order Execution Policy is a comprehensive framework designed to enhance transparency and understanding regarding the complexities of order execution, especially in volatile markets. This policy addresses several key aspects of trading operations that significantly impact a trader’s experience and outcomes.

Understanding Slippage

Slippage occurs when an order is executed at a different price than expected, which is common in fast-moving markets.

For stop orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Stop Loss), slippage usually results in execution at the next available price if the set price cannot be met due to the absence of a matching buyer or seller.

This can lead to negative slippage, where the stop loss might execute at a less favorable price than set by the trader.

Conversely, limit orders (Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Take Profit) have the potential for positive slippage, meaning they can be executed at a better price than specified if the market moves favorably during the order gap, benefiting the trader.

Trade with a Minimum Slippage

Order Execution Speed

The average time for order execution at xChief, from the moment it hits the trading server to when confirmation is sent back to the client, is approximately 100 milliseconds.

However, during periods of significant economic announcements, liquidity providers may employ a “last look” practice, potentially delaying order execution up to 3 seconds.

This measure allows liquidity providers to reassess the order against current market conditions before execution, impacting traders who operate around news releases.

Trade with the Fast Execution

Impact of Spread Widening

Traders with hedged positions, where short and long positions are balanced, may still face stop-outs due to spread widening, particularly during economic news releases.

Such events can cause spreads to widen significantly, increasing the notional value of positions and, thereby, the margin requirement, potentially leading to forced closure of positions if the account’s funds are insufficient to cover the margin requirements.

See xChief’s Spread Costs

Use of Trading Credits

Trading credits are a tool to increase leverage, allowing traders to open larger positions than their account balance would typically permit.

While this can amplify potential profits, it also increases the risk of substantial losses.

Traders must be cautious, as positions may be forcibly closed if the margin level hits 30% or if the account balance drops below the total active trading credits, emphasizing the high-risk nature of trading on margin with borrowed funds.

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The Order Execution Policy serves to guide traders through the intricacies of order execution and to set realistic expectations about the potential outcomes of their trading strategies in various market conditions.

By understanding these aspects, traders can better plan their trades and manage risks, especially when dealing with slippage, execution speed variances, spread widening, and the use of trading credits.

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Trading Platforms of xChief

xChief offers a comprehensive suite of trading platforms to cater to the varied needs of its clients, embracing the latest technological advancements for efficient and effective online trading.

These platforms include the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, along with their mobile applications and versions for different operating systems, ensuring that traders have access to powerful trading tools and analytics on their preferred devices.

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MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 4 is celebrated globally for its flexibility, user-friendly interface, and extensive functionality.

It’s particularly favored for its robust set of tools that cater to both beginners and professionals.

MT4’s features include a vast library of free indicators, the capability for traders to develop their own custom indicators and trading robots using MQL4, and a trading signals service that allows traders to follow the trades of successful traders or sell their own trading signals.

  • For Windows 7 and higher: MT4 offers an intuitive interface, a wide array of technical analysis tools, and direct market access via MT4 Bridge technology.
  • Mobile Applications: Both iOS and Android versions replicate the desktop’s capabilities, providing a seamless trading experience with interactive charts, a range of technical indicators, and a user-friendly interface.
  • For MacOS X 10.x and higher: Offers a full suite of necessary trading functionalities, adapted for MacOS users.

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MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

MetaTrader 5 represents the next generation of trading platforms, offering direct access to global markets and a plethora of services including news, technical analysis tools, and advanced trading operations.

It features a broader range of timeframes, four execution modes, two new types of pending orders, and an extensive set of tools for DMA/STP trading.

MT5 also supports the MQL5 programming language, allowing for the development of sophisticated trading robots and indicators.

  • For Windows 7 and higher: This platform introduces the newest technologies and advanced trading features, including a strategy tester that leverages the MQL5 Cloud Network for optimization.
  • Mobile Applications: The iOS and Android versions extend the platform’s powerful analytical capabilities to mobile devices, offering real-time market data, a full set of trading orders, and the ability to work off-line, making it indispensable for active traders.
  • For MacOS X 10.x and higher: Just like MT4, MT5 for MacOS provides all necessary trading functionalities for traders preferring Apple’s operating system.

Open xChief MT5 Account

Mobile Trading

xChief’s dedication to mobile trading is evident in its development of applications for both MT4 and MT5 on iOS and Android devices.

These apps ensure that traders can access their accounts, execute trades, analyze markets, and receive real-time updates anywhere and anytime, with optimizations for minimal battery and data consumption.

Download xChief Mobile App

VPS for Automated Trading

Recognizing the importance of automated trading, xChief provides a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service, enabling traders to use trading robots 24/7 without requiring their personal computers to be on.

This service is crucial for traders utilizing algorithmic trading strategies, ensuring their operations are uninterrupted and executed at any time of the day without delay.

Through this diverse offering of trading platforms and services, xChief caters to a wide spectrum of traders’ needs, from those who prefer manual trading to those who rely on automated systems, ensuring that every client has access to the tools and technologies needed for effective trading in the dynamic online trading environment.

See VPS Specifications

xChief’s Bonus Promotions

xChief offers a suite of promotions designed to enhance the trading experience of its clients, reduce operational costs, and improve investment outcomes.

These promotions cater to a wide range of traders, from novices just starting out to experienced investors seeking to maximize their trading potential.

Here’s a detailed look at xChief’s promotional offerings:

No Deposit Bonus $100

This promotion offers a $100 bonus without requiring any deposit, allowing traders to test xChief’s services and various trading strategies.

The bonus is automatically credited following successful account verification, providing a risk-free opportunity to explore the trading environment.

Get the No Deposit Bonus

Welcome Bonus up to $500

For clients opening specific account types (DirectFX, Classic+, xPRIME), xChief offers a welcome bonus that matches 100% of their deposit, up to $500.

This bonus can be used to test market assets and trading strategies.

While the bonus itself has specific conditions for withdrawal, any profits made can be withdrawn without restrictions.

Get a Welcome Bonus

Trading Credits

Understanding the psychological pressures of trading, xChief offers Trading Credits as an interest-free loan to motivate traders and increase their trading turnover.

These credits, which can reach up to 70% of the deposit, are termless and interest-free, effectively acting as additional equity for trading.

Find out more about Trading Credits

GOLD WHALE | Contest – $5000 Prize

The “Gold Whale” is a monthly trading contest with a $5000 prize fund, open to all trading strategies and robots/EA.

The contest aims to reward traders with the highest return, and prize money can be withdrawn immediately without restrictions.

Join xChief’s Trading Contest

Loyalty Pro

The Loyalty Pro program is designed to mitigate the risks associated with Forex trading by offering 30% account insurance and a 25% bonus for accounts that avoid stop outs.

This program allows traders to recover from losses and continue trading with added confidence.

Join the Loyalty Program

$1000 for New Investment Funds

For experienced traders looking to attract investments, xChief offers an opportunity to create a new Investment Fund and attract the first $1000 of investment, helping to kickstart the fund’s growth.

Get the first $1000 for Investment


Active xChief traders can earn points based on their trading turnover, which can then be exchanged for a variety of souvenirs, including tech gadgets and branded merchandise.

This incentive aims to reward traders for their activity and loyalty.

See the list of Souvenirs

Special Trader Package V6

The Special Trader Package V6 is designed for traders looking to elevate their trading experience, offering a range of benefits including a personal manager, personal education, free VPS for MT5, sponsored Robot/EA, investment support, turnover rebates (cashback), and priority processing for withdrawals.

Each of these promotions is tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of xChief’s client base, reinforcing the broker’s commitment to providing value-added services that enhance the trading experience and support clients in achieving their investment goals.

Details of Special Trader Package V6

Copy Trading and Investment Accounts

xChief’s Investment Accounts (PAMM) and Copy Trading services provide robust options for both traders and investors to engage in the forex market, leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals or the collective wisdom of the trading community.

Investment Accounts (PAMM)

xChief’s PAMM service caters to both traders and investors, offering a unique platform for investment and passive income generation.

For Traders:
Professional traders can create investment funds, attracting capital from investors worldwide. As a fund manager, traders have the potential to earn up to 50% of the fund’s profits, providing a significant incentive to maximize fund performance.
For Investors:
Those looking for passive income opportunities without the need to trade personally can invest in these funds. By choosing from a variety of funds managed by successful traders, investors can diversify their portfolio and benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals.
Creating and investing in a fund is straightforward:
  1. Traders sign up, create a fund in the ‘Investments’ section, and activate it with a minimum of $100 to make it visible to potential investors.
  2. Investors select a fund from the rating system, make a deposit, and then monitor their investment for passive income.
  3. This service bridges the gap between skilled traders looking to leverage their strategies on a larger scale and investors seeking to benefit from the forex market without direct involvement.

Find out more about xChief’s PAMM

Copy Trading

Copy Trading, powered by MetaQuotes, enhances the trading experience by enabling users to replicate the trades of successful traders directly within the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms.

This service is a cornerstone of modern forex trading, offering both security and transparency to its users.

For traders (signal providers):
It offers an opportunity to earn remuneration by sharing their successful trading signals with an unlimited number of subscribers. The process is safeguarded with checks and balances, including leverage limitations and identity verification, to protect subscribers.
For investors (subscribers):
The service allows clients to subscribe to trading signals within the MetaTrader terminal, automatically copying the trades of their chosen provider to their account. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to leverage the expertise of successful traders without having to make all trading decisions themselves.
To subscribe to Trading Signals:
  1. Open an account and register on MQL5 Community.
  2. In MetaTrader, navigate to the Community tab and login.
  3. Select a signal provider and subscribe, setting up copy trading parameters as desired.
Becoming a signal provider involves:
  1. Registering on MQL5 Community and being approved as a provider.
  2. Creating a trading signal, setting subscription prices, and making trading history public.

Both PAMM Investment Accounts and Copy Trading offer xChief clients flexible ways to participate in forex trading, catering to a range of preferences from active trading to passive income generation.

These services underscore xChief’s commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly investment solutions.

Start Copy Trading with xChief

Fund Deposit and Withdrawal with xChief

xChief provides its clients with a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, emphasizing speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to ensure a competitive and user-friendly trading experience.

These methods cater to the diverse needs and preferences of modern traders, focusing on reducing transaction costs and optimizing the efficiency of financial operations.

Deposit Options

Bank Wire Transfer

SWIFT: Available in currencies such as USD, CHF, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, with a transfer time of 2-5 business days and no commission.

SEPA: For EUR transactions, taking 1-2 business days to process without any commission.

Local Bank Transfer: Supports local currencies including IDR, INR, IRR, NGN, MYR, VND, with a 1 business day transfer time and zero commission.

Credit / Debit Cards

Debit/Credit Card: Instant deposits in USD and EUR without any commission.

Electronic Payments

Cryptocurrencies including USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC offer up to 8 hours of transfer time with no commission.

Perfect Money: Provides instant deposit in USD and EUR with a 1.99% commission.

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Withdrawal Options

Bank Transfers

SWIFT: Transfers in multiple currencies including USD, CHF, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, incur a 1% fee with a minimum and maximum charge, processed within 3-5 business days.

SEPA: For EUR withdrawals, a fixed fee of €25 applies, with a 2 business day processing time.

Local Bank Transfer: Available in local currencies with no commission, taking 2-7 business days to process.

Credit / Debit Cards

Credit/Debit Card: Withdrawals in USD and EUR are subject to a 2% fee, minimum $5/€5, processed within 2-7 business days.

Electronic Payments

Cryptocurrency withdrawals including USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP have specific fees and are processed within 1 business day.

Perfect Money: Withdrawals in USD and EUR have a 0.5% commission, also processed within 1 business day.

Log in to make a withdrawal

xChief emphasizes the importance of providing exactly the amount credited to the xChief’s account to the trader’s trading account, ensuring transparency and fairness in financial transactions.

Moreover, xChief advises its clients that it is not liable for any financial losses due to transfer delays caused by faults in the chosen payment system, highlighting the importance of choosing reliable payment methods.

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What is xChief?

xChief Ltd is a distinguished entity in the forex and precious metals trading sector, uniquely positioned as an International Brokerage and Clearing House.

Licensed by the Mwali International Services Authority under the International Companies Act 2006, it provides a robust platform for experienced traders and beginners alike, leveraging the esteemed MetaTrader 4/5 platform for operations.

The company’s operations are underpinned by a commitment to technological excellence, with a particular focus on liquidity aggregation and Straight Through Processing (STP)/No Dealing Desk (NDD) models to ensure fair and swift execution of trades without conflicts of interest.

xChief primarily serves experienced traders who can maximize the benefits of its advanced trading conditions.

However, it also caters to novices through cent accounts, which offer a lower-risk environment to familiarize users with real fund trading, thereby striking a balance between learning and safety.

Mission and Development Focus

The company’s mission is rooted in providing accessible, high-quality forex services, harnessing modern online trading technologies.

Its strategic orientation towards working with institutional clients and providing optimal trading conditions emphasizes high liquidity, low spreads, and technological innovation.

xChief is actively expanding its service capabilities by incorporating additional providers, exploring new solutions, and enhancing its liquidity aggregation technology.

Its approach to development is also marked by a strong emphasis on B2B collaborations, aiming to leverage its technological infrastructure for mutual benefits.

At the core of xChief’s operational excellence is the STP/NDD model, which ensures that the company does not act as a counterparty to client trades, thus eliminating potential conflicts of interest.

This model, coupled with the MetaTrader 4/5 platforms, provides a reliable, transparent, and efficient trading environment.

The company also prides itself on the technical stability of its trading servers and the advanced technology underpinning its liquidity aggregation system, ensuring high performance even under stress.

xChief introduces CENT accounts as a novel feature, amplifying the deposit amount a hundredfold to lower entry barriers for new and professional traders alike.

Moreover, it establishes a significant safety net for client funds against technical faults and segregates client funds from its own, ensuring high levels of financial integrity and trust.

The in-house liquidity aggregator stands out as a pivotal technology, designed to transcend traditional market limitations by diversifying liquidity sources.

This system is instrumental in securing competitive prices for clients and is integral to xChief’s commitment to offering superior order execution, minimal slippage, and enhanced trading conditions.

xChief Ltd distinguishes itself through a blend of technological innovation, client-centric safety measures, and a commitment to providing high-quality forex trading services.

Its strategic focus on liquidity, advanced trading platforms, and a unique blend of account types demonstrates a comprehensive approach to catering to diverse trader needs, setting a high standard in the forex brokerage industry.

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FAQs about xChief’s trading service

What makes xChief a preferred choice for traders?
xChief’s reliability, diverse account options, MetaTrader integration, “Cent” accounts, competitive spreads, and promotional strategies make it a preferred choice for traders seeking a comprehensive trading platform.
What types of accounts does xChief offer?
xChief offers several account types, including CENT, Classic+, DirectFX, xPRIME, and Islamic Accounts, catering to various trader needs and preferences with different minimum deposits, leverage, and trading conditions.
Can traders receive bonuses with xChief?
Yes, xChief provides attractive bonuses and promotions, including a $100 No-Deposit Bonus and up to $500 Welcome Bonus, along with contests and the Loyalty Pro program, offering significant incentives for both new and seasoned traders.
How does xChief ensure the safety and security of trader funds?
xChief implements advanced security measures, including fund segregation and compensation for technical failures, to provide traders with financial security and peace of mind.
What trading platforms are available at xChief?
xChief supports the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, along with their mobile applications and versions for different operating systems, ensuring traders have access to powerful trading tools on their preferred devices.
What leverage conditions does xChief offer?
xChief’s leverage conditions are tailored based on account equity and the type of contracts being traded, offering flexibility and automatic adjustments to balance trading opportunity with prudent risk control.
How does xChief handle order execution and slippage?
xChief’s Order Execution Policy ensures transparency and aims to enhance trading outcomes by addressing the nuances of slippage, execution speed, and the implications of spread widening.
What deposit and withdrawal options does xChief provide?
xChief offers a range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and electronic payments, emphasizing quick, efficient, and cost-effective financial transactions.
How can traders participate in xChief’s Copy Trading and Investment Accounts services?
Traders and investors can engage in Copy Trading and PAMM Investment Accounts by selecting a fund or a signal provider within the MetaTrader platform, offering flexible ways to participate in forex trading.


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