How to register and open an account with 4XC - Comprehensive Guide How to register and open an account with 4XC - Comprehensive Guide

Invest in Forex and CFDs with 4XC

4XC, a leading NDD (No Dealing Desk) international broker, emerges as a beacon for traders, offering up to $1,000 as a bonus on the first deposit for new members.

This initiative not only welcomes new traders into the fold but also lays the groundwork for a fruitful trading journey.

At its core, 4XC stands out as a premier NDD broker, dedicated to furnishing traders across various categories with a robust trading environment. T

his environment is rife with lucrative investment opportunities and favorable conditions that cater to the diverse needs of its clientele.

4XC’s philosophy revolves around empowering traders to leverage their full potential through state-of-the-art tools and features, meticulously updated to keep pace with the fast-evolving market.

Regulation and security form the bedrock of 4XC’s operations.

Adhering to stringent standards enforced by regulatory authorities, 4XC commits to delivering a secure and transparent trading experience.

Traders can engage in trading a vast array of instruments, including but not limited to forex, metals, index and oil CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and futures, all within an ecosystem that boasts spreads starting from 0.0 pip and commissions from zero.

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Key Features of 4XC

No Dealing Desk:
4XC ensures a direct conduit to the markets, eliminating any conflict of interest and intermediary intervention.
High Leverage:
With leverage up to 1:500, traders have the capability to control larger positions than their initial capital, maximizing potential returns.
Unwavering Regulation:
Compliance with rigorous regulatory standards guarantees a trading environment where safety and transparency are paramount.
Round-the-Clock Support:
The broker prides itself on its professional support team, available 24/5 to address any client queries or concerns.
Diverse Account Options:
Catering to beginners, seasoned professionals, and high-volume traders, 4XC offers an array of accounts each designed to meet the unique requirements of its diverse client base.
Attractive Promotions:
Beyond its structured trading environment, 4XC frequently rolls out enticing promotional initiatives aimed at enriching the trading experience and broadening investment horizons.

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How to get the First Deposit Bonus?

The First Deposit Bonus of 50% stands as 4XC’s flagship promotional offering, exclusively available to new clients.

This initiative enables members to claim a 50% bonus on their initial deposit, up to a ceiling of $1,000 in extra funds.

Designed to be utilized strictly for trading purposes, the bonus serves as a springboard, amplifying the trading capital of newcomers.

Eligibility for this promotion necessitates a minimum deposit of $100, ensuring traders can commence their trading endeavors on a high note.

  1. Account Opening and Verification: Traders need to register for a real account and complete the verification process.
  2. Deposit and Bonus Request: Upon depositing more than $100, traders can apply for the bonus via the dedicated Bonus page.
  3. Trading and Profit Withdrawal: The bonus funds are credited to the trader’s account, ready for use in trading, with the option to withdraw profits at any discretion.

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Choosing the Right Account for You

4XC offers a trio of account types—Standard, PRO, and VIP—each tailored to accommodate the varied needs of traders.

From the risk-averse beginner to the demanding professional seeking high-volume trade capabilities, there’s an account perfectly suited for everyone.

Standard Account:
Ideal for newcomers and those preferring low-risk trading, this account type boasts zero commissions, a modest minimum deposit requirement, and flexible trading conditions.
PRO Account:
Geared towards experienced traders, the PRO account offers razor-thin spreads, competitive commissions, and a trading environment crafted for high-performance trading strategies.
VIP Account:
Exclusively designed for elite traders, the VIP account delivers unparalleled trading conditions, including minimal spreads, nominal commissions, and access to a vast range of instruments.

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Opening Your 4XC Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting your trading journey with 4XC is straightforward and secure.

Prospective traders are invited to visit the official 4XC website, navigate to the registration page, and select an account that aligns with their trading style and goals.

A minimum deposit of $100 is required to participate in the promotional offerings, followed by a verification process to confirm the trader’s identity and domicile.

This meticulous approach underscores 4XC’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and transparency.



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