To open FBS’s Forex trading account of MT4 or MT5, follow the steps below.

  1. Signup and register online for FBS from this page
  2. Receive confirmation emails and login credentials
  3. Login to FBS’s client portal from FBS Official Website and make a deposit
  4. Download FBS MT4 or MT5 and start trading

You can go to the account opening page of FBS from below.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

The account opening process may only take a few minutes to complete and it is completely free for all traders.
Are you new to FBS? Start from another article “What is FBS and what do they offer?”

What are the requirements to open FBS account?

You can register and open a FBS trading account for free, but there are certain requirements to trade in FBS’s live (real) trading accounts.

Each trader may prepare their tools and funds as they suit the trader’s need.

There are mainly 3 things required to trade on FBS’s live trading account. (both MT4 and MT5)

1. The required documents

If you are trading with FBS Demo trading account, then you do not need to submit any documents to continue trading.

If you want to trade with FBS live trading account, then you must submit the required documents to validate your account information.

The required documents are copies of identification document (ID, Passport) and proof of address (utility bills, bank statement).

In case of a corporate account, the representative must submit more documents related to the corporate. For more information about the required documents for corporate accounts, please Contact FBS Support Team.

You may be required additional documents in some cases, such as copies of credit / debit card and bank statement.

The documents are required to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.

The KYC Process is required as FBS is a regulated and licensed online Forex broker.

By completing the account validation with documents, you will fully expand the available options in FBS’s client portal.

Note that you cannot make profit withdrawal without completing the account verification with documents.

Visit FBS Official Website

2. Investment Fund to trade with

If you have opened FBS’s Demo MT4 or MT5 account, then you can practice trading with the virtual money without risking your own fund.

In case of FBS’s live MT4 or MT5 account, you must make a deposit to start trading.

The required minimum deposit amount to start trading with FBS is from $1 to $500.

The higher the investment amount, more stable the account can be managed.

Online Forex and CFD trading involves risks and you could lose all investment fund. Pleas do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

You can make a deposit to FBS’s MT4 and MT5 accounts with various methods such as VISA, Neteller, Sticpay, bitwallet, Skrill, Perfect Money and bank wire transfer.

Login to FBS’s client portal from FBS Official Website then you will find the list of available funding methods and the required processes and fees.

With FBS, you can also open multiple trading accounts and deposit funds separately to manage accounts differently.

The fund management, account setting and any other operations relating to your accounts with FBS can be done in the client portal (Personal Area).

Find out FBS’s deposit and withdrawal methods

3. Installation of FBS MT4 or MT5 platforms

FBS’s client portal will be the base platform to manage your accounts, funds and personal information.

FBS MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5) will be the base platforms to manage orders, monitor the markets and analyse the trends.

To trade with FBS (both live and demo accounts), you are required to download and install MT4 or MT5 trading platforms to your desktop.

FBS MT4 and MT5 are compatible with any popular devices.

You can download FBS MT4 and MT5 on Windows desktop, MAC OS, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Android mobile phones and tablet.

The download links of FBS MT4 and MT5 terminals and apps can be found in FBS Official Website.

With FBS, you can install multiple MT4 and MT5 trading platfrms and login simultaneously to trade in various devices.

If you want to avoid download and installation of FBS MT4 and MT5, you can also access to your account on FBS MT4 and MT5 Web Trader.

FBS MT4 and MT5 Web Trader can be used on any popular web browsers, and you can access and trade on your account without installing any additional software.

See More about FBS MT4 and MT5

Comparison of FBS Trading Account Types

FBS offers its traders 5 different account types.

Each account type has different advantages and features for traders.

Please refer to the below table to see the main differences of FBS’s account types.

0.5 pips

FBS Account Type Cent Micro Standard Zero Spread ECN
Required Minimum Deposit $1 $5 $100 $500 $1000
Minimum Spread (Trading Cost) 1.0 pip 3.0 pips 0.0 pips -1.0 pip
Spread Type Floating Fixed Floating Fixed Floating
Trading Commission None None None $20 per lot $6 per lot
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:3000 1:3000 1:3000 1:500
Execution Type STP STP STP STP ECN

With FBS, you don’t have to choose one of them, but open multiple trading accounts with different account types.

To open FBS’s MT4 and MT5 trading accounts, please go to the page below.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

Which account is suited for you? Below, we look into more details of each account type and the merits.

For the list of available fund deposit and withdrawal methods, please visit the article here.

1. Standard account

FBS’s Standard account type is suited for traders who can’t decide which one to open.

On FBS’s standard account, you can invest in 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD and 33 stocks.

You can get the full advantages and tools available with FBS with this account type.

FBS’s Standard account offers floating spread from 0.5 pips with no extra commissions.

You can also utilize the highest leverage in the industry 1:3000 on FBS’s standard account type.

The spread is very tight thus the trading cost is minimal, and the leverage is the highest available with FBS.

You can trade with the above conditions from only $100 of minimum deposit amount.

Find out more about FBS Standard account

2. Cent account

FBS’s cent account is suited for traders who want to invest with smaller amount possible.

FBS’s cent account requires only 1 USD as the minimum deposit amount.

The trading volume is 100 times smaller than the other account types.

By utilizing up to 1:1000 high leverage, you can actually start trading in FBS’s cent account from $1 of minimal deposit amount.

In FBS’s cent account, you can trade 35 Forex currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD and 33 stocks.

Are you still learning how to trade or want to start small?

Then FBS’s cent account type is for you.

Open FBS Cent Account

3. Micro account

On FBS’s Micro account, you can trade micro lot.

In the FBS’s Micro account, you can trade from $5 of minimum deposit amount and maximize your trading opportunity with 1:3000 high leverage.

On the FBS’s Micro account, you can invest in 35 Forex currency pairs, 4 metals and 3 CFDs.

FBS’s Micro account offers fixed spread from 3.0 pips but not floating spread.

The fixed spread is especially suited for traders with EAs (Expert Advisers) as it makes the program setting easier.

The fixed spread also makes it clear how much is the total trading cost, so you can plan your trading firmly without worrying about spread widening during certain economic events.

Visit FBS Official Website

4. Zero Spread account

FBS’s Zero Spread account offers the fixed spread of 0.0 pips across all financial instruments.

The zero spread isn’t offered only for Forex majors, but for all symbols on the FBS’s Zero Spread account.

The available maximum leverage is 1:3000 on the FBS’s Zero Spread account.

On the FBS’s Zero Spread account, you can invest in 35 Forex currency pairs, 4 metals and 3 CFDs with 0.0 pips spread.

The spread cost is zero, but there are extra trading commission charged which is $20 per lot (100,000 units).

FBS’s Zero Spread account is suited for traders with scalping strategy and users of EAs (Expert Advisers).

You can start trading from $500 of minimum deposit amount on FBS’s Zero Spread account.

Open FBS’s Zero Spread Account

5. ECN account

FBS’s ECN account is suited for any types of traders including professional traders, novice traders and EA users.

FBS’s ECN account offers spread below zero. The minimum spread of FBS’s ECN account starts from -1.0 pip.

The negative spread is possible as FBS integrates a number of liquidity providers’ price feeds into one, and providing them on FBS MT4 and MT5.

As the price feeds of liquidity providers are different, the spread (the difference of bid and ask prices) can be zero or even below zero.

FBS’s ECN technology provides many benefits in terms of order quality and trading cost.

FBS’s ECN account charges $6 per lot commission.

FBS’s ECN account is available from $1000 of minimum deposit amount.

Open FBS ECN Account

Find out more about the comparison of FBS Forex trading account types in the article here.

How to make a deposit to FBS FX Account?

After opening a live (real) trading account with FBS, you are required to make a deposit to start trading.

To make a deposit, please first login to FBS’s members are from FBS Official Website.

Then, go to the “Deposit Funds” section as below.


In the next page, you will see the list of available fund deposit methods in your region.

Now, choose the preferable fund deposit method and follow the instructions.

FBS offers many fund deposit methods including VISA, Neteller, Sticpay, bitwallet, Skrill, Perfect Money and bank wire transfer.

FBS requires different minimum deposit amount depending on the account type you opened.

Login to FBS Client Portal

Differences of FBS MT4 and MT5 platforms

Both MT4 and MT5 are developed by the same company, MetaQuotes and they have very similar user interface.

Although it may be difficult to distinguish the difference of MT4 and MT5 platforms, there are some major differences between the trading platforms.

The main differences you should know about MT4 and MT5 are:

  1. MT4 is the traditional and the most popular trading platform in the world. MT5 is new and has not many users as MT4.
  2. MT4 uses MQL4 language and MT5 uses MQL5 language. The programs (EAs and scripts) developed for each platform cannot be run on another platform. (You cannot run EAs for MT4, on MT5 trading platform)
  3. MT5 has more chart types, order types, technical indicators than MT4
  4. MT5 has built-in market depth window, but MT4 does not.
  5. Many restrictions have been gotten rid of from MT5 in terms of the number of products, market types, compatible OS etc.

You can also open both FBS MT4 and MT5 accounts and use both of them for trading and compare.

Ultimately the preference of the platforms is different depending on the trader.

For more details of the differences of MT4 and MT5 platforms, please refer to the article below.

Differences of MT4 and MT5 platforms

Installation and Download of FBS MT4 and MT5 platforms

Just like FBS’s personal area is used as the base platform to manage your accounts, funds and personal information, FBS’s MT4 and MT5 platforms are used to manage orders, monitor the market prices and analyse the trends.

Regardless of the account type you use, the installation of FBS’s MT4 or MT5 is required in order to start trading.

FBS’s MT4 and MT5 are compatible with various devices including Windows PC, MAC OS, Android mobile phones / tablet and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

To stay updated of the market movements, and gain access to your account at anytime, you are recommended to download and install FBS’s MT4 and MT5 terminals and apps to your computers, mobile phones and tablets.

FBS allows traders to login and trade simultaneously in multiple devices.

The download links of FBS’s MT4 and MT5 terminals and apps can be found in FBS Official Website.

Visit FBS Official Website

What you can trade with FBS?

With FBS, you can invest all the major and popular financial markets from all over the world.

The available assets classes on FBS MT4 and MT5 are:

  • 35 Forex currency pairs
  • 4 precious metals
  • 3 CFDs
  • 33 stocks

All of the above financial instruments are available for trading in one trading account of FBS.

Note that FBS’s ECN account types offers only 25 Forex currency pairs.

Each financial product has different condition and trend. For the list of available financial markets with FBS, please visit FBS Official Website.

Go to FBS Official Website

1. Forex currency pairs

FBS has all types of Forex currency pairs on its MT4 and MT5.

The available foreign exchange products include major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and exotic currency pairs.

Each currency is paired with one another, and has very unique and distinct market price movements 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Forex market is also the most popular and the largest financial market in the world.

With FBS, you will find all the useful and convenient tools to analyze and follow the trend of Forex market.

Invest in Forex market with FBS

2. Precious Metals

Precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium can also be trade on FBS’s MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Precious metals are popular investment products as safe haven.

Many traders prefer the stable market trend and low volatility of precious metals.

On FBS MT4 and MT5, precious metals are offered in a form of CFD (Contract for Difference), thus you can place both buy and sell orders at anytime you want.

For investors who follow the trend of precious metals, it is a great opportunity to invest with FBS.

Visit FBS Official Website

3. CFDs

FBS’s list of CFD products include stock indices and energies (oils).

The available stock index CFDs are DAX30, NASDAQ and S&P500.

These stock indices are 3 of the most popular index CFDs, and are also used as the measurement of the world’s economy’s health.

The available energy CFDs are Brent crude oil and WTI crude oil.

2 of the most traded energy CFDs can bring you a great investment opportunity with its unique and dependent characteristics in terms of price trend.

Invest in CFDs with FBS

4. Stocks

FBS has picked up the most popular and major players of the stock markets such as Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Disney, Netflix, Nike and Tesla.

Along with other financial markets, you can access and trade these popular stocks on FBS MT4 and MT5.

FBS’s stocks are offered in a form of CFD, thus you can:

  • make profit from falling prices
  • utilize high leverage to trade with low margin
  • trade with low cost by eliminating unnecessary processes which are usually required for actual stock trading

With FBS, it is simple to trade international stocks on MT4 and MT5.

Login to FBS MT4 and MT5 today and search for your favorite stocks for trading.

Visit FBS Official Website

5. Forex Exotic pairs

FBS didn’t miss out the minor players in the Forex market.

The another asset category is the “Exotic currency pairs”.

The exotic currency pairs include the least liquidated and traded currency pairs such as CNH (Chinese Yuan), TRY (Turkish Lira), BRL (Brazil Real), MXN (Mexican Peso), RUB (Russian Ruble) and ZAR (South African Rand).

The exotic currency pairs tend to have higher volatility, higher swap rate and simpler market trends at all times.

Unlike the Forex major currency pairs, you may find them interesting due to its particular market movements.

Invest in Forex Exotics with FBS

FBS Bonus Promotions and Trading Contests

FBS runs many bonus promotions and contests.

FBS has also become a popular as a broker with many gorgeous bonuses.

If you are interested in trading with FBS, or getting started in online financial markets, then you may not want to miss out their bonus promotions.

Out of many, we have picked out 4 of the most popular promotions of FBS here.

1. How to get FBS 100 USD No Deposit Bonus?

The promotion is called “FBS Trade 100 Bonus” and it gives away 100 USD for free so the new traders can start trading Forex without risking their own funds.

To get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus, follow the steps below.

  1. Open FBS’s “Trade 100 Bonus” Account
  2. Receive login credentials of your “Trade 100 Bonus” account
  3. Download MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platform from FBS Official Website
  4. Login to FBS MT5 and 100 USD should be already there
  5. Start trading

“FBS Trade 100 Bonus” is an ultimate risk-free bonus promotion which allows you to start trading and experience the real online trading with FBS.

The promotion requires no costs, and you can start trading without making a deposit.

Details of FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus

2. How to get FBS 100% Deposit Bonus?

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus will support your trading with extra margin. To get FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus, follow the steps below.

  1. Open FBS Real Trading Account
  2. Login to FBS’s members area
  3. Make a deposit to your live trading account
  4. In FBS’s members are, go to the promotional section and choose to receive the 100% Deposit Bonus
  5. Receive the bonus and start trading

FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus will credited in FBS’s members area as “pending fund”.

After completing the required lots in the applicable account, the bonus amount will be released in your account and you can withdraw the full amount of FBS’s 100% Deposit Bonus or continue trading with the bonus as you like.

Details of FBS 100% Deposit Bonus

3. How to participate in FBS Loyalty Program?

FBS’s Loyalty Program gives away gorgeous gifts for loyal traders of FBS. Here is how it works:

  1. Open FBS Real Account, make a deposit and start trading
  2. Receive FBS Prize Points for trading on FBS MT4 and MT5
  3. Accumulated FBS Prize Points in the members area
  4. Exchange FBS Prize Points for gorgeous gifts

The gifts you are exchange for FBS Prize Points include Samsung Galaxy, iPhoneX, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, Rolex Submariner and Mercedes S-Class.

Find out more about FBS’s Loyalty Program in the article below.

Details of FBS Loyalty Program

4. How to participate in FBS Pro Demo Trading Contest?

Every month, FBS rewards top traders of the demo trading contest.

The winners of the contest share the prize pool of 1,000 USD.

The contest uses only the demo trading account with virtual money, thus involves no risks to your own funds.

The contest is only for Demo account, but the prize fund is real and credited in winners’ live trading accounts.

FBS Pro demo trading contest is suited for both novice traders and professional traders.

Find out more about the monthly FBS Pro demo trading contest in the below article.

Details of FBS Pro Demo Contest

What are the merits and demerits of FBS?

There are many reasons to trade with FBS.

Over 1 million traders have chosen FBS as their broker to trade Forex and CFDs online.

To see the details and the advantages of their service, you may visit FBS Official Website directly.

For traders who are interested in trading with FBS, we have summarized the 8 reasons to trade with FBS below.

1. Get 100 USD for free and trade risk-free

Unless you believe it is a waste of your time, there is no reason to not get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus. (Trade 100 Bonus)

You can get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus for free with no cost or deposit.

When receiving the FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus and trade Forex on FBS MT5, there is no risk involved to your own funds.

It is the ultimate Forex bonus promotion available for all new traders of FBS.

How to get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus? Please go to the article below for more.

How to get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus

2. Both MT4 and MT5 platforms

Not only MT4 and MT5, but FBS offers both of the platforms to all traders.

You can choose one from MT4 or MT5, or use both of the platforms to manage multiple trading accounts at the same time.

Both FBS MT4 and MT5 have different merits for traders.

FBS MT4 is the traditional and the most popular trading platform in the world, with countless number of EAs and customer indicators built.

FBS MT5 is the new version of the MetaTrader with more order types, charting ways, customer indicators and market depth window.

Differences of MT4 and MT5 platforms

3. Leverage up to 1:3000

FBS offers the highest Forex leverage available in the industry.

Normally online FX and CFD brokers offer up to 1:500 leverage, but with FBS, you can trade with up to 1:3000 leverage.

The high leverage is extraordinary and you can maximize your potential with this option.

While offering with the high potential yet risky high leverage 1:3000, FBS also supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) for all traders.

FBS’s NBP will limit the maximum in your account up to the total deposited amount.

With FBS, you will not lose more than you invest.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

4. Spread from -1.0 pips (zero trading cost)

FBS is a NDD broker with ECN technology.

What do they mean and what kind of benefits do they bring for traders?

As FBS is a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker, the broker never interferes traders’ orders or manipulate the price feeds provided on FBS MT4 and MT5.

All orders are sent to the real markets on FBS MT4 and MT5, and there is no conflict of interest between the traders and FBS.

FBS uses ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology to integrate multiple price feeds into one on MT4 and MT5.

By integrating market liquidity from multiple sources, FBS MT4 and MT5 have achieved to offer its traders with deep liquidity and spread from -1.0 pips.

Not often that you see such great advantages with online Forex brokers.

Visit FBS Official Website

5. Loyalty Program to claim gorgeous rewards

FBS supports it traders to generate profits by investing with them.

As traders’ profit is FBS’s profit, FBS is happy to help traders in many aspects.

FBS’s loyalty program is a very luxurious program to reward loyal traders of FBS.

FBS’s loyalty program works very simple as below:

  1. Traders invest with FBS
  2. FBS gives FBS Loyal Points according to the trading volume made by the traders
  3. The FBS Prize Points can be exchanged for gorgeous rewards

The participation in FBS’s loyalty program is free and there is no requirement.

You want to know what are the prizes that you can get from FBS’s loyalty program?

Visit the page below to find out more.

Details of FBS Loyalty Program

6. Customer support for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Many online Forex brokers provide support for 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

With FBS, you can get help for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Their multilingual and non-stop support will ensure your trading and account activities and will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.

There are many ways to reach out to FBS’s support team.

You can use the live chat window from FBS Official Website, send an email, make a phone call or through FBS’s official SNS accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and more.

Contact FBS Support Team

7. No re-quotes on any accounts

FBS guarantees that there is no re-quote when trading on FBS MT4 and MT5.

As FBS is a NDD broker, all orders of traders are executed with “Market Execution”.

The “Market Execution” makes sure that your orders are executed fairly according to the available market liquidity at the moment.

Find out more about FBS’s superior order execution in the article here.

FBS won’t reject or cancel your orders, but you can trade fairly on FBS MT4 and MT5.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

8. Financial Licenses and Segregated bank accounts

FBS is a multi-licensed online Forex broker and follows strict financial rules according to the regulation in each jurisdiction.

As it is required by FBS’s regulatory authorities, all clients’ funds are deposited into segregated bank accounts which are complately separated from FBS’s operation.

FBS never uses clients’ funds for the company’s operation, but the funds are dedicated only for trading activities of each trader.

With FBS, your funds are safe and protected.

Visit FBS Official Website

How to signup and open FBS Forex trading account?

To open a live trading account with FBS, first please go the the account opening page from below.

FBS Account Opening Page

Then, in the page, please enter the data required for account registration.

After filling out the blanks, click the button “Open an account”.

Then, enter the single-mission password sent to your via e-mail and click the button “Open an account” again. Please, enter correct data, exactly matching your official documents.

Now, you just need to follow the instructions as appear on the screen. All registration steps can be completed online and may take only a few minutes.

If you have any questions, you may contact FBS’s 24/7 customer support desk.

Go to FBS Official Website

Maximizing Your Trading Returns with PRIMECashback and FBS

In the competitive realm of online trading, FBS has emerged as a colossus.

Having served a staggering 27 million clients from more than 150 countries for over a decade, FBS’s reputation as a reliable trading platform remains uncontested. The commendations from regulatory stalwarts like CySEC, FSC Belize, and ASIC only cement its stature further.

The quest for amplified returns is perennial.

Enter PRIMECashback

Linking your FBS trading account with PRIMECashback ensures every trade gets cashback directly into your account. Key highlights include:

  • Universal Eligibility: Cashback for every FBS account type and trading instrument.
  • Market-best Rates: PRIMECashback’s rates are unmatched, surpassing other third-party offerings.
  • Automated and Safe: As an FBS official partner, it guarantees an automated, secure cashback process.
  • Zero Charges: Setting up your combined FBS and PRIMECashback account is free and straightforward.

Open PRIMECashback × FBS Account

The PRIMECashback Imperative

Choosing PRIMECashback transcends mere additional earnings. It’s about optimizing the value of every trade. With PRIMECashback, every trade, irrespective of its outcome, enriches your portfolio. Failing to leverage PRIMECashback is akin to bypassing lucrative financial possibilities.

With the might of FBS and the incentives of PRIMECashback, traders experience an echelon of trading that’s simply peerless. It’s a holistic approach, ensuring that every trade, whether fruitful or not, augments your financial portfolio. It’s time to embrace savvy trading with FBS and PRIMECashback.

Join PRIMECashback to receive Cashback

The Distinction of FBS

As an illustrious fintech behemoth, FBS’s meteoric rise in the world of online trading platforms is awe-inspiring. A large chunk of traders beginning their financial odyssey with FBS remains loyal, honing their trading skills and evangelizing the platform to others.

FBS isn’t just another broker. It’s a passport to the electrifying realm of financial markets. Here’s what sets FBS apart:

  • Regulated and Trusted: Licensed by global regulators, FBS’s adherence to international standards is evident.
  • Over a Decade of Leadership: 14 years of unwavering commitment to traders.
  • Expanding Community: A growing family of 27 million clients as of 2022.
  • Global Outreach: Operating across 150 countries, FBS is genuinely universal.
  • Exemplary Support: Winner of the Best Customer Service Broker Global in 2022.
  • A Parade of Honors: Over 90 awards, including “Best Forex Broker 2020” and “Best Customer Service Broker Global 2022”.

Open PRIMECashback × FBS Account

Trading Excellence with FBS

  • Customized Accounts: Three tailor-made trading accounts for varied needs.
  • Wide Asset Range: A broad spectrum of over 650 CFD trading instruments.
  • Peerless Leverage: Leverage from 1:5 to an astounding 1:3000.
  • Rapid Order Execution: Capitalize on every market nuance with 95% orders processed within 0.25 seconds.
  • Low Spreads: Spreads from just 0.5 pips.
  • Effortless Fund Management: Start with just $5 and numerous payment options.
  • Swap Free Account: Perfect for long-term strategies.
  • VPS Service: Trade round the clock with a dedicated virtual server.

FBS is not merely a platform; it’s a phenomenon. With its unparalleled tools and support, it’s a haven for traders worldwide. Join the FBS legion and commence your exhilarating trading voyage today!



4.9 rating based on 1,166 ratings
4.9/5 1166


4.9 rating based on 143 ratings
4.9/5 143


3.5 rating based on 93 ratings
3.5/5 93


3.6 rating based on 99 ratings
3.6/5 99


3.9 rating based on 43 ratings
3.9/5 43


3.9 rating based on 7,130 ratings
3.9/5 7130


4.3 rating based on 7,662 ratings
4.3/5 7662


1.9 rating based on 4,447 ratings
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