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Trade Forex and CFDs on Oil and Gold at XMTrading.

VISA Electron Categories

  • Binary Option
    Binary options (BO) is an alternative transaction. Between the start time and the judgment time (which differs for each stock), if the price of a stock such as a stock index or currency pair moves in the expected direction, you will earn a profit, and if it moves in the opposite direction, you will lose. It will be. The binary option "binary" is binary, where things are represented by either "0" or "1". An "option" is an option transaction, which means buying or selling the right to "buy" or "sell" the item at a fixed price at a fixed date and time.
  • Bonds
    Here is a list of online brokerage firms which offer "Bond" as one of their financial products. "A bond is a debt instrument issued by a company or entity in order to secure financing." With the following brokers, you can expand your portfolio with this particular financial instrument.
  • CFDs
    The page shows the list of all CFD online brokers. "Contract for Different" products may include wide range of financial markets such as Energies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and more. CFD product has many merits for online investors in terms of costs, profitability and availability.
  • Commodities
    The page shows the list of online brokerage firms which offer "Commodity" financial product. Invest on Commodities like Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Corn, Sugar, Wheat and Soybean. Everything is online. You can expand your investment portfolio with these brokers.
  • Copy Trading
    Here is the list of online Forex & CFD brokers with "Copy Trading Service". By using their trading platforms, you can copy trades of other professional and profitable investors in real-time, thus you can also make profit. Take advantage of their Copy Trading Platforms to maximize your profit rate!
  • CryptoCurrency
    Here is the list of online Forex and CFD brokers which offer "Cryptocurrency pairs". Are you interested in financial markets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple? With these brokers, you can invest in Crypto markets along with Forex and CFDs markets.
  • Energies
    A list of online FX and CFD brokers which offer "Energy" markets. Do you want to invest in Energies like Brent, WTI Crude Oils, Natural Gas and Shale Gas? These brokers give you opportunity to expand your portfolio with CFDs.
  • ETFs
    Here is a list of online Forex and CFD brokers which offer "ETF" products. An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, and generally operates with an arbitrage mechanism. Invest in this particular financial product with these brokers.
  • Forex
    Here is the list of online Forex (Foreign Exchange) brokers. Invest in the largest financial market with high leverage and volatility. Here you can compare hundreds of brokers and choose the best ones for yourself.
  • Futures
    A futures contract is a transaction that makes a promise at the present time in advance for future trading. At the moment, we only promise the price and quantity of buying and selling, and when the day of the future promise comes, we will buy and sell. Since the price of buying and selling can be decided in advance, there is an advantage that the risk of price fluctuation that is inherent in buying and selling products with fluctuating prices can be avoided.
  • Mirror Trading
    The list of online Forex and CFD brokers with "Mirror Trading Platform". Mirror (Copy) professional traders' accounts to yours. When they profit, you can also make profit with these brokers.
  • Precious Metals
    Here is the list of online FX and CFD brokers which offer "Precious Metals" markets. Invest in Metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium online with these brokers. You can take advantage of "Safe Haven" products while expanding your portfolio to various CFDs.
  • Social Trading
    Here is the list of online Forex and CFD brokers which offer "Social Trading Platform". With these brokers, you can check out what other traders are doing and communicate with them. "Social Trade" helps you to know the trend of crowd.
  • Stock Indices
    Here is the list of online FX and CFD brokers which offer Stock "Index" markets. Invest in Index CFDs to follow the world's market trend. Open one account, and you can invest in Indices, Forex and many other CFDs all together.
  • Stocks (Shares)
    Here is the list of online brokers which offer "Stock" (Share) financial instruments on their trading platforms. Are you interested in major players of industries, and invest your funds on them? Check out the following brokers to start your Stock Investment today.


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4.9/5 1168


4.9 rating based on 144 ratings
4.9/5 144


3.6 rating based on 99 ratings
3.6/5 99


4.7 rating based on 92 ratings
4.7/5 92


4.9 rating based on 145 ratings
4.9/5 145


3.9 rating based on 7,130 ratings
3.9/5 7130


4.3 rating based on 7,662 ratings
4.3/5 7662


4.2 rating based on 3,323 ratings
4.2/5 3323


1.9 rating based on 4,449 ratings
1.9/5 4449


3.8 rating based on 6,911 ratings
3.8/5 6911