tickmill-nfp-machine-price-prediction-contest-promotion tickmill-nfp-machine-price-prediction-contest-promotion

Trading Contest Details

Prizes $500 or $200
Available to All Traders of Tickmill
Contest Dates Every Month
How to entry You need to signup with Tickmill for free and leave your price prediction in the Woobox.
Entry Requirements There is no requirement to participate in the promotion.
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Tickmill’s NFP Machine Promotion Condition

Tickmill’s NFP Machine is a price prediction contest to win real cash prize every month.

In this contest, you need to guess the price of a certain financial market after NFP release.

For the summary of contest conditions, please refer to the table below.

Promotion Type Price Prediction Contest
Promotion Duration Every Month
Requirement to participate Only Registration with Tickmill
The Market you need to guess the price See Tickmill Official Website
Cash Prize Amount $500 for the exact guess and $200 for the closest guess
Number of Winners Only One

All traders of Tickmill can participate in this contest for free of cost.

Note that the NFP Machine contest is available only for traders registered under Tickmill Ltd (FSA SC Regulated).

Visit Tickmill Official Website

What is Tickmill’s NFP Machine?

Tickmill’s NFP Machine contest runs every month.

The data of US NFP (Non Farm Payrolls) is released every first Friday of the month.

US NFP affects various financial markets, and is monitored closely by investors as it can be a major price factor.

In Tickmill’s NFP Machine contest, you need to guess a price of certain financial market 30 minutes after the US NFP release.

The financial instrument you need to guess the price is given to participants in Woobox.

Woobox is where you can input your price prediction to participate in the promotion. The link for the Tickmill’s Woobox can be found in Tickmill Official Website.

If you have guessed the exact price, then you will win $500 cash prize.

If no one has guessed the exact price, then the one with the closest guess will win $200 cash prize.

Go to Tickmill Official Website

How to participate in Tickmill NFP Machine promotion?

To participate in Tickmill NFP Machine contest, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Tickmill Account for free
  2. Go to “NFP Machine” contest page in Tickmill Official Website and visit the “Woobox”
  3. Input your price guess and your account number
  4. Wait to see the result after NFP data release

Within the first week of each month, you can leave your prediction to participate in Tickmill’s NFP Machine contest.

Have you already opened an account with Tickmill?

Visit Tickmill Official Website to start registering for free today.

Cash Prize of Tickmill NFP Machine

The amount of cash prize of Tickmill’s NFP machine contest is:

  1. $500 if a participant has guessed the exact price
  2. $200 for the closest guess if no one has guessed the exact price

The cash prize will be credited into the winner’s live MT4 trading account, and is available for trading immediately.

To be able to withdraw the cash prize amount, you must trade at least 1 standard lot for each $5 of the prize.

You can also win the cash prizes for multiple times.

Do you have any questions about Tickmill’s service? Check out the list of FAQs about Tickmill’s service in the page here.



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