“FXPro SuperTrader” is a “Copy Trading Service powered by FXPro.

It is where you can copy trades of professional traders.

“FXPro” is where you trade by yourself and “FXPro SuperTrader” is where you copy trades. Thus, in case you like to use both of the services, you need to sign up twice for both of the services.

The “Copy Trading Service” offered by the broker with “Trust”. As FXPro manages the strategies well, the service is generally very profitable.

Point – Only traders who’ve passed FxPro’s extremely thorough due diligence, can offer signals on “Super Trader” platform.

Certain fees apply, but the charge occurs only when your account made profits.

Main Service Conditions

The services of “FXPro” and FXPro SuperTrader” are different, so you will need to open an exclusive account with “FXPro SuperTrader” to use the Copy Trading service.

For FXpro SuperTrader, there is no different account types but only one, with USD as the base currency.

The minimum required deposit amount is 2,000 USD. There is a 400%Deposit Bonus(1:4 Credit Multiplier) available.

The fees are charged only if you copy signals from third party(but not in-house)  and the signal makes profits.

The fee maybe 5% of profit, or more depending on the strategies.

Point – No swaps or commissions are charged by FxPro, or using the strategies which are directly provided by FXPro.

Point – You can deposit and withdraw, change your strategies and other parameters anytime you want.

How to start “Copying Signals” on FXPro SuperTrader

1. Open SuperTrader account and Deposit more than 2,000 USD

Go to FxPro SuperTrader Official Website and sign up.

Required minimum deposit amount is 2,000 USD.

Point – Bigger the deposit amount, more your portfolio can be diversified and becomes stable.

2. Select a strategy that you wish to copy

FxPro has prepared only sophisticated professional traders for you.

You can compare DD%(Drawdown), strategies and past performance etc. You can also choose several signals to diversify your portfolio as below.

fxpro super trader signal providers

3. Set up the parameters

There are several parameters to setup, and this is where you can manage your account’s risk exposure.

You need to decide “how much to allocate to it”, “whether to use the Ratio Multiplier” and “Strategy Max Loss % (1-30%)” as below.

fxpro supertrader dd allocation multiplier

4. Set up more parameters

You have got two more parameters to set. Now set your Trailing Stop (Equity) % (1-50%) and your Profit Trigger Point (0-100%).

When all parameters are set, click to save the settings.

Then your account will start copying signals to earn continuous profits.

Point – If you wish, you can withdraw funds or change strategies anytime you want.

Pros & Cons of FXPro SuperTrader

FXPro SuperTrader User Guide

FxPro SuperTrader Credit Facility User Guide

Service Details

FxPro SuperTrader
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