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What is Trade8?

Trade8 is an online Forex and CFD broker.

Unlike other traditional brokers, Trade8 accepts only Bitcoin (BTC) as the investment fund.

Trade8 provides you the great opportunity to invest your Bitcoin online.

Trade8 has its on Web Trader which you can access through any types of browsers without a need of installation.

By opening an account with Trade8, you can trade over 100 financial markets including Forex currency pairs, Commodities, Stock Indices, International Stocks and Bonds.

Available commodities include precious metals, oils and Gas.

The account opening is free and easy with Trade8.

You can deposit any amount to start trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrency with Trade8.

Trade8 does not provide services for the residents of certain countries including Burma, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Hong Kong, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, United States of America and Zimbabwe.

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Trade8 Web Trader

Trade8 uses the web based trading platform which you can from any types of devices without installing any apps.

Trade8’s Web Trader is the base platform where you can monitor markets, manage orders and see the trading conditions of each financial instrument.

You can also customize the web trader to personalize it.

Trade8’s Web Trader looks as below with the basic setting.

trade8 web trading platform forex cfd cryptocurrency

Through Trade8’s Web Trader, you can also manage your funds by making deposits and withdrawals.

You can access to Trade8’s Web Trader from Trade8 Official Website directly.

Go to Trade8 Official Website

How to open an account and start trading with Trade8?

To start trading with Trade8, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Signup for Trade8 online
    The online registration with Trade8 is simple and may only take a few minutes to complete.
  2. Receive confirmation email with login credentials
    Use the login credentials you received to login to Trade8 Official Website.
  3. Transfer your Bitcoin to Trade8
    Click on deposit and you will see the QR code to transfer your Bitcoin. Deposits are credited after 1 confirmation, and you can track your deposits in “Transactions” section.
  4. Deposits credited in your account
    Trade8 will notify you once the deposit is completed and the fund will be credited into your account.
  5. Start trading Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrency pairs
    On Trade8’s Web Trader, you can invest in Forex currency pairs, Commodities, Stock Indices, International Stocks and Bonds.

Every process can be done online with Trade8.

You can start your online registration with Trade8 from the page below.

Signup for Trade8

Trading account types of Trade8

Trade8 offers only 2 account types which are Live and Demo.

Trade8’s live trading account requires you to trader your Bitcoin fund to start trading.

You can also receive $30 No Deposit Bonus from Trade8 to start trading without making a deposit of Bitcoin.

Trade8’s demo account is credited with 10 BTC which is a virtual money, and the demo account can be used to practice trading online.

The account opening is easy and free of charge.

Go to the page below to start your registration with Trade8 and get started.

Open Trade8 Real or Demo Account

Summary of Trading Conditions of Trade8

The trading condition of Trade8 is the same for all traders.

Refer to the below for the details of Trade8’s trading conditions on Web Trader.

Trading Account Types Live and Demo
Account Base Currency Bitcoin (BTC)
Available Fund Deposit Method Bitcoin (BTC)
Trading Platform Trade8 Web Trader
Required Minimum Deposit Amount None
Minimum Trading Volume 0.001 BTC
Available Financial Markets Forex currency pairs, Commodities, Stock Indices, International Stocks and Bonds
Promotion $30 No Deposit Bonus
Maximum Leverage 1:300
Trading Hours 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Fees for Deposit and Withdrawal None

Do you have Bitcoin?

Transfer your Bitcoin to start trading hundreds of financial instruments on Trade8 Web Trader today.

Go to Trade8 Official Website

How to transfer Bitcoin to Trade8?

Trade8 only accepts deposits in Bitcoin (BTC).

Once you opened an account with Trade8 in the account opening page, you can click on “Deposit” as below.


Then you will see the address where you can transfer your Bitcoin.

The transferred Bitcoin will be credited into your account after 1 confirmation on the blockchain.

You can deposit any amount of Bitcoin to Trade8, as there is no minimum requirement.

Note that the available minimum fund withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC.

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Start with Demo trading

Are you not ready to invest your Bitcoin in Forex and CFD markets?

Then you can also start with Trade8’s Demo trading account virtual money.

Trade8’s Demo account is credited with 10 BTC which is a virtual money, and you can practice Forex trading without risking your own fund.

Trade8’s Demo account has the same trading conditions and the market environment as the live account’s.

Once you feel ready and understood the mechanism of Trade8 Web Trader, you can switch to live trading at anytime by clicking on the upper right button (Real).

Open Trade8 Real or Demo Account

Why choose Trade8 to trade online?

Trade8 has built its own unique online trading service by using the characteristic of Cryptocurrency market and Web Trader technology.

There are many merits to invest in Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrency market with Trade8.

  1. Web Based trading platform
    Login to Trade8’s Web Trader and access to hundreds of financial markets at once. There is no need to install any apps or platforms.
  2. Invest your Bitcoin for more
    Trade8 accepts Bitcoin transfer to your account directly. Trade8 gives you the opportunity to invest in Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrency market with your Bitcoin.
  3. NDD Broker
    Trade8 is a Non Dealing Desk broker which only makes the profits from spread commission paid by the traders. There is no conflict of interest between Trade8 and traders.
  4. Invest from any amount
    Trade8 does not set the minimum requirement for deposit, thus you can invest from any amount.
  5. Cold Storage
    Trade8 keeps 98% of the investors’ funds in offline wallet (cold storage) which protects from hacking and theft.
  6. Over 100 financial markets
    With Trade8, you can trade over hundreds of financial instruments in one trading account. Simply transfer your Bitcoin and you will have unlimited opportunity of online investment.
  7. Leverage up to 1:300
    Trade8 is a Cryptocurrency based online broker but that doesn’t stop them from providing high leverage.
  8. Completely zero fees
    Trade8v does not charge any fees for deposit, withdrawal and for trading. The only cost you must cover is the spread mark-up which you can see on Trade8’s Web Trader clearly.
  9. $30 No Deposit Bonus
    For new traders of Trade8, the broker provides $30 worth of Bitcoin into the account. It is a No Deposit Bonus which you can get for free without making a deposit at all.
  10. Fast fund withdrawals
    Normally, Trade8 processes fund withdrawals within 1 hour. All withdrawal process takes less than 24 hours.

Visit Trade8 Official Website from below to find out more about the broker and get started today.

Go to Trade8 Official Website

Are my Bitcoin funds safe with Trade8?

Taking care of Cryptocurrency fund requires high security protocols and technology.

Trade8 takes a number of measures to protect investors’ Bitcoin funds, account information and trading activities.

1. End-to-end encryption

Not only with high assurance SSL, but Trade8 protects data transmissions and servers with strict routing, firewalling, and access control.

Trade8 makes sure that any data of the company and clients are kept encrypted and stored in secure locations.

Open Trade8 Real or Demo Account

2. Comprehensive DDOS protection

DDOS protection for the Trade8’s official website.

With the DDOS protection, Trade8 protects the website from technical failure which can create fatal vulnerability for Trade8’s systems.

Securing Trade8’s website leads to higher protection for investors and company’s data.

3. 2-factor authentication

In Trade8’s Web Trader, you can enable 2FA (2 factor authentication) to set the higher security protocol for your account.

2FA is a recommended security measure for all investors.

Trade8’s 2FA will protect your account and withdrawal operations.

4. Offline storage for client crypto keys

Trade8 won’t keep investors’ funds out in the internet and expose them to risks of hacking attacks.

Trade8 keeps 98% of investors’ funds in cold storage which is also called an offline wallet.

The cold storage is kept safe with Trade8 offline and it is technically impossible to be compromised by external attackers.

Visit Trade8 Official Website

Trade8 $30 No Deposit Bonus

Trade8 welcomes new traders with $30 No Deposit Bonus.

Trade8’s $30 No Deposit Bonus is credited automatically to all new live trading accounts of the broker.

To get Trade8’s $30 No Deposit Bonus, you only need to Open Trade8 Real Account.

After opening Trade8’s trading account, login to Trade8’s Web Trader and you will see the $30 No Deposit Bonus credited in your account as below.

trade8 $30 no deposit bonus promotion

The bonus amount is $30 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) as Trade8 only accepts Bitcoin as the base currency and the currency of deposit and withdrawal.

Are you ready to start your live trading with Trade8?

Start with Trade8’s $30 No Deposit Bonus to trade Forex and CFDs without risking your own funds.

Open Trade8 Real Account

What you can trade on Trade8’s Web Trader?

With Trade8, you can invest in various financial markets on Trade8’s Web Trader.

Trade8 only accepts Bitcoin for deposit.

Do you have Bitcoin sleeping online or offline? Then Trade8 provides you the great opportunity to invest your Bitcoin for hundreds of financial markets all over the world.

Open Trade8 Trading Account, then you can invest in Cryptocurrency, FX, Stock Index, Commodity, Stock, and Bond markets all together.

Visit Trade8 Official Website

1. Cryptocurrency pairs

You already have Bitcoin fund, then you may be interested in investing in other Cryptocurrency markets.

On Trade8 Web Trader, you can trade Cryptocurrency pairs with up to 1:25 leverage.

It is a margin trading which you can speculate on future Cryptocurrency prices to make profit from the difference of market prices.

The available Cryptocurrency for trading on Trade8 Web Trader are:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Cash
  3. Cardano (ADA)
  4. EOS
  5. Dash
  6. Ethereum
  7. Litecoin
  8. Monero
  9. NANO
  10. NEO
  11. Ripple
  12. Stellar
  13. Tron

Invest in Cryptocurrency with Trade8

2. Forex currency pairs

Trade8’s service combines the traditional Forex broker and the new Cryptocurrency broker.

On Trade8 Web Trader, you can trade Forex currency pairs with up to 1:300 leverage.

In the list of Forex currency pairs, Trade8 has included all the popular Forex currency pairs from Majors, Minors and Exotics.

With Trade8, you can invest your Bitcoin to trade Forex market easily.

Go to Trade8 Official Website

3. Indices

Equity Indices are also popular financial asset among online investors.

On Trade8 Web Trader, you can access and invest in world’s stock index markets.

The available stock index markets are the followings:

  1. Australia 200 (AU200-AUD)
  2. CAC40 (FR40-EUR)
  3. China 50 (CN50-USD)
  4. Europe 50 (EU50-EUR)
  5. FTSE 100 (UK100-GBP)
  6. Germany 30 (DE30-EUR)
  7. India 50 (IN50-USD)
  8. NASDAQ (NAS100-USD)
  9. Netherlands 25 (NL25-EUR)
  10. Nikkei 225 (JP225-USD)
  11. Russell 2000 (US2000-USD)
  12. S&P 500 (SPX500-USD)
  13. Singapore 30 (SG30-SGD)
  14. Taiwan Index (TWIX-USD)

Transfer your Bitcoin fund to invest in world’s equity index market with Trade8 today.

Invest in Stock Index with Trade8

4. Commodities

Commodity CFDs are popular financial markets to diversify the portfolio.

Commodity market’s unique characteristics also attract many online investors.

On Trade8 Web Trader, you can invest in the full set of commodity markets including the followings:

  1. Brent Crude (OilBCO-USD)
  2. Gold (XAU-USD)
  3. Gold/EUR (XAU-EUR)
  4. Gold/Silver (XAU-XAG)
  5. Natural Gas (NATGAS-USD)
  6. Platinum (XPT-USD)
  7. Silver (XAG-USD)
  8. Silver/EUR (XAG-EUR)
  9. WTI Crude Oil (WTICO-USD)

Invest your Bitcoin fund for commodity markets such as precious metals, oils and gas on Trade8 Web Trader today.

Visit Trade8 Official Website

5. International Stocks

On Trade8 Web Trader, you can also trade about 50 world’s most popular stocks.

The companies that you know and the stocks that you are interested are all listed on Trade8’s Web Trader.

The available stocks include the following companies’: Alibaba, VISA, Uber, Baidu, Paypal, Disney, Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet.

Trade8 is one of the only few brokers in the world where you can invest your Bitcoin for Stock market.

Invest in Stocks (Shares) with Trade8

6. Bonds

Responding to investors’ demand, Trade8 has also added Bond CFDs.

On Trade8 Web Trader, you can also invest in the following US bond with 1:100 high leverage.

  1. US 10Y T-Note (USB10Y-USD)
  2. US 2Y T-Note (USB02Y-USD)
  3. US 30Y T-Bond (USB30Y-USD)
  4. US 5Y T-Note (USB05Y-USD)

No other brokers provide you an opportunity to invest in US Bond with Bitcoin fund.

For more information about Trade8 Web Trader’ trading condition, visit the page here.

For more information about Trade8, sign up for free on Trade8 or go to to stay updated on Trade8’s latest news and promotions.

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Trade8 Ratings And Reviews

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2.2 rating based on 4,339 ratings
2.2/5 4339

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Trade8 Company Profile

Regulations & Licenses None
Founded 2017 (7 years)
Traders Rating
2.2 rating based on 4,339 ratings
2.2/5 4339
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 300:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Crypto Cold Storage

Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.



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