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Whaleclub is a Cryptocurrency Exchange founded in 2016 in Hong Kong.

*The company isn’t regulated by any authorities yet.

The exchange has acquired over 15,000 traders from 190 countries in about 1 year.

With Whaleclub, you can open a Bitcoin Account(BTC as its base currency), then trade Cryptocurrency, FX and CFDs on Tradingview platform.

  1. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero)
  2. 12 FX currency pairs
  3. Metals (Gold, Silver)
  4. Energies (Brent Oil, WTI, Natural Gas)
  5. 4 US Bonds
  6. Stock Index CFDs (Nikkei, S&P, NASDAQ, FTSE…)
  7. 13 Stocks (from Mega Companies)

*Whaleclub isn’t the place to buy Cryptocurrency, but “Exchange” to profit from margin trading.

How to start trading with Whaleclub?

East 2 steps as below, then you can be a Crypto-Trader!

1. Deposit Digital Currency

With Whaleclub, you can Sign up with just an email. (No ID verification required.) Whaleclub accepts deposits in Bitcoin or Dash, credited instantly to your account.

2. Trade Online

Now you trade online as you want, anytime you want. Buy to profit from rising prices and Sell to profit from falling prices.

Every trader is provided with up to 1:222 Leverage.

*Whaleclub’s tradingview platform allows you to trade on mobile(smartphones) too.
*On the Dashboard(platform), you can easily switch your account to Free Practice(Demo) Account as you want.
Whaleclub TradingView trading platform

Why WhaleClub is Great?

  1. Easy & Simple for beginners.
    • Anyone can start, use and trade because it’s easy. Get your orders filled in 1 click.
  2. Low Trading & Service Cost
    • There is no commissions for trading with Whaleclub but the cost is only “Spread”. Trade 50+ instruments with spreads as low as 0.0001.
  3. Many Gorgeous Bonuses
    • Earn deposit and cashback bonuses based on your trading activity.
  4. Pro Trading Conditions & Tools
    • Take advantage of sub-second execution and high leverage. Easily set take profit levels, stop losses, and trailing stops..
  5. Anonymity for everyone
    • You can sign up to Whaleclub with just an email.
  6. Start from 1 USD
    • Deposit digital currency, no minimum and start trading in seconds.
  7. Transparency
    • All price feeds sources are verified and there are no hidden fees.

For investors in need, Whaleclub also offers “Open API” solution for automation of your trading with clean, robust, and modern API.

Whaleclub Ratings And Reviews

Whaleclub's Rate

2.1 rating based on 2,154 ratings
2.1/5 2154

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Whaleclub Company Profile

Regulations & Licenses None
Company Whaleclub Limited
Founded 2016 (8 years)
Country Base Hong Kong
Headquaters 33 Kwun Tong Ave Hong Kong
Traders Rating
2.1 rating based on 2,154 ratings
2.1/5 2154
Supported Platforms
Crypto-Currencies Not Available

Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.



4.9 rating based on 1,166 ratings
4.9/5 1166


4.9 rating based on 143 ratings
4.9/5 143


3.5 rating based on 93 ratings
3.5/5 93


3.6 rating based on 99 ratings
3.6/5 99


3.9 rating based on 43 ratings
3.9/5 43


3.9 rating based on 7,130 ratings
3.9/5 7130


4.3 rating based on 7,662 ratings
4.3/5 7662


4.2 rating based on 3,323 ratings
4.2/5 3323


1.9 rating based on 4,449 ratings
1.9/5 4449


3.8 rating based on 6,911 ratings
3.8/5 6911