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New app offered by for trading on cryptocurrencies is a booming crypto platform that gives anyone the ability to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Using state-of-the-art technology and making use of a team of highly qualified experts in the sector, allows traders from all over the world to securely store, buy, sell and invest in cryptocurrencies through simple, intuitive applications, both on the Web and mobile devices.

In 2020, the crypto platform recorded an increase in use by traders of 374%, thus becoming one of the most used cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Europe. In 2021, the active percentage of new customers who opted for opening an account with increased by 196%, while as regards trading volumes, an increase of 85% was observed compared to the second half of 2020. recently launched an innovative cryptocurrency investment application to cater to its customers’ requests. The main goal of creating the app is to minimize the gap between cryptocurrency markets and transactions and real-world financial assets. With the new app it will no longer be necessary to exchange coins for fiat in order to access regulated financial markets.

Using the cryptographic platform it will be possible to exchange traditional assets with your own cryptocurrencies thanks to an intuitive, fast and simple to use trading app. any trader holding Bitcoin or Ethereum will be able to access the world’s most popular stocks, commodities and indices through tokenized assets.

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Investing in over 2000 tokenized markets

The first-ever app in the world for trading tokenized assets that give every trader the possibility of accessing over 2000+ tokens (with an extension that can reach over 10,000) anchored to the price of traditional assets that include companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, indices like S&P 500 and Dow Jones 30 and commodities like Brent Crude and Gold.

The main features for carrying out trading on tokenized assets do not present any difference compared to any other traditional or cryptographic asset, each trade can decide to buy or sell any instrument and profit from market fluctuations and take advantage of potential trading opportunities.

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Main features of the app offered by

The main features of the new app allow each trader to access an easy, fast and safe and low cost trading environment. Cutting-edge technology created by traders for traders with the intent of satisfying any need and creating countless earning opportunities.

Sperad reduced
To trade with just access Official Website, open a real account and make a minimum deposit of cryptocurrencies to start trading with an extremely market spread close to $ 0.05 and leverage of up to 1: 100.
High speed of execution
Extremely powerful app for trading in the cryptocurrency market, having an order management system that carries out every operation in a fraction of a second. Since there is no limit to the speed of the Blockchain, it has been possible to develop an unparalleled commercial correspondence engine, which operates at over 50 million exchanges per second (M / sec).
No hidden fees offers transparent services, with no hidden fees or exorbitant trading costs. The company imposes some of the most competitive purchase commissions on the market and discounts for very attractive producers.

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Risk management has a wide range of risk management tools designed to safeguard its clients’ capital. Thanks to the isolated margin, each client will have the ability to manage their own risks to adequately limit any potential losses. Being able to manually adjust the margin, decide the leverage to set and the amount of capital to invest, everything will be much simpler.

The company offers additional risk management tools such as negative balance protection and guaranteed stop loss that will never allow you to lose more than you have deposited into your account.

We would like to remind you that for full control over losses and risks, the trader must ensure that he manages his orders with the stop loss and take profit tools.

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State-of-the-art technical analysis

Using advanced technologies and an industry-leading team of experts, provides detailed financial analysis using highly reliable technical indicators and advanced charts. Unlimited trading opportunities by analyzing market trends with over 75 technical indicators, from the Ichimoku cloud to Bollinger bands. Any customer who deems it appropriate will be able to access the consultation of emerging trends, with fully customizable cutting-edge graphics and extensive drawing tools.



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