Deposit-and-Trade-Chainlink-(LINK)-on-SimpleFX-Web-Trader Deposit-and-Trade-Chainlink-(LINK)-on-SimpleFX-Web-Trader

$1000 Chainlink Deposit and Trading Volume Contest

SimpleFX has just added Chainlink (LINKUSD).

Chainlink is a platform that plays the role of middleware, developed by Smart Contract and released in November 2017.

LINK is used as the currency abbreviation, and the maximum issuance limit is 1 billion.

SimpleFX welcomes LINK traders with the $1000 Chainlink Promo.

On September 10–24, 2020, traders with the biggest single deposit amount in LINK and those with the highest trading volumes on LINKUSD can grab a reward from a $1000 prize pool.

It’s a great time to take advantage of the dips while earning more.

To trade on Chainlink, search “LINKUSD” on the search bar found on the upper left.

You can also find it under “Crypto” on the instruments section on the left panel.

$1000 SimpleFX Chainlink Promo

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What is Chainlink (LINK)?

Chainlink’s popularity is growing rapidly.

The Cryptocurrency platform has 2 main features that pioneers in the market.

SimpleFX Adds Chainlink with $1000 Promo! Use LINK to Pay or Trade on Margin

Feature 1: Chainlink acts as a bridge

The basic purpose of Chainlink is to act as a middleware that bridges these two environments, on-chain and off-chain.

On-chain means to write the transaction record of virtual currency on the blockchain as it is, and off-chain means to leave the transaction history outside the on-chain.

Developed on an Ethereum basis, Chainlink makes it possible to combine Ethereum’s smart contract features with other blockchains.

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Feature 2: Chainlink bridges to external functions

Chainlink is also trying to realize a cross-chain that connects different blockchains.

Until now, smart contracts have been considered impossible to link with external functions, but if this middleware Chainlink succeeds, various services will be able to go beyond that barrier and contract with smart contracts.

In addition to blockchain, Chainlink also functions as middleware such as web API, PayPal, and credit card bank payment.

This is expected to lead to the widespread use of smart contracts and blockchain management of fiat currencies and physical assets.

In addition, smart contracts enable access to “Oracle”, a database to which blockchain cannot connect.

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