Deriv-DTrader,-DMT5,-DBot-Trading-Manual---How-to-place-an-order Deriv-DTrader,-DMT5,-DBot-Trading-Manual---How-to-place-an-order

1. Set up your trade

Choose the market, contract typ, stake, duration, and barrier.

Trade parameters

Here is where you define the parameters of your contract.

deriv dbots trade parameters

This block is mandatory.

It’s added to your strategy by default when you create a new strategy.

You can not add more than one copy of this block to the canvas.

  1. Market
    Select your desired market and asset type. For example, Forex > Major pairs > AUD/JPY
  2. Trade Type
    Select your desired trade type. For example, Up/Down > Rise/Fall
  3. Contract Type
    Choose what type of contract you want to trade. For example, for the Rise/Fall trade type you can choose on of three options: Rise, Fall, or Both. The selected options will determine available options for the Purchase block.
  4. Default Candle Interval
    Sets the default time interval for blocks that read the list of candles.
  5. Restart buy/sell on error
    Restarts the bot when an error is encountered.
  6. Restart last trade on error
    Repeats the previous trade when an error is encountered.
  7. Run Once at Start
    Place blocks here to perform tasks once when your bot starts running.
  8. Trade Options
    The desired duration, stake, prediction, and/or barrier(s) for the contract is defined here.
Trade options

Define your trade options such as duration and stake. Some options are only applicable for certain trade types.

deriv dbots trade parameter

This block is used to define trade options within the Trade parameters root block.

Some options are only applicable to certain trade types. Parameters such as duration and stake are common among most trade types.

Prediction is used for trade types such as Digits, while barrier offsets are for trade types that involve barriers such as Touch/No Touch, Ends In/Out, etc.

Go to Deriv Official Website

2. Purchase Contract

Define your purchase conditions.

Purchase conditions

This block is mandatory. Only one copy of this block is allowed.

You can place the Purchase block (see below) here as well as conditional blocks to define your purchase conditions.

It is added to the canvas by default when you open DBot.

Purchase conditions deriv dtrader

After defining trade parameters and trade options, you may want to instruct your bot to purchase contracts when specific conditions are met.

To do that you can use conditional blocks and indicators blocks to help your bot to make decisions.


Use this block to purchase the specific contract you want.

You may add multiple Purchase blocks together with conditional blocks to define your purchase conditions.

This block can only be used within the Purchase conditions block.

deriv dtrader Purchase

Go to Deriv’s Web Trader

3. Sell Contract (Optional)

Sell your contract at the market price.

Sell conditions

Here is where you can decide to sell your contract before it expires.

Only one copy of this block is allowed.

deriv dtrader Sell conditions

Sell at market price

Use this block to sell your contract at the market price.

Use this block to sell your contract at the market price.

Selling your contract is optional. You may choose to sell if the market trend is unfavourable.

deriv drrader Sell at market price

Start trading with Deriv

4. Trade Again

Check your trade results and trade again.

Restart trading conditions

Here is where you can decide if your bot should continue trading.

deriv dtrader Restart trading conditions

Trade again

This block will transfer the control back to the Purchase conditions block, enabling you to purchase another contract without manually stopping and restarting your bot.

deriv dtrader Trade again



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