Earn-by-trading-Ether-with-8.55%-APR-on-SimpleFX-Web-Trader Earn-by-trading-Ether-with-8.55%-APR-on-SimpleFX-Web-Trader

SimpleFX and the APR of 8.55%

No more 0% interest on your investments in FIAT currency with SimpleFX.

You will have the opportunity to be part of the most important cryptocurrency upgrade and earn up to 8.55% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) thanks also to the updates made to Ethereum 2.0.

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Ethereum 2.0 with SimpleFX

The Ethereum 2.0 update with SimpleFX turns out to be the most significant and important update in cryptocurrencies.

As Ethereum is the second most important cryptocurrency in the world and is constantly evolving, it is moving from the most energetically wasteful proof-of-work (POW) to the most efficient proof-of-stake (POS).

In compliance with the proof-of-stake (POS) consensus rules, all traders will have the ability to block funds used to confirm transactions and earn interest rates as a reward.

Earn up to 8.55% APR with ETH

Advantages of betting Ethereum with SimpleFX

Aiming your ETH (Ethereum) with SimpleFX will allow you to have extremely advantageous results by increasing your deposit with extremely high interests.

Owning ETH (Ethereum) in this specific period could be an excellent idea since the forecasts of highly qualified analysts in the sector predict that thanks to successful upgrades the price of ETH (Ethereum) can significantly increase and by staking it will be possible to achieve results.

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Stalking with SimpleFX

Staking (Block cryptocurrencies to receive rewards), is extremely popular among SimpleFX traders, as it allows you to earn up to 8.55% APR (Effective Annual Interest Rate).

And it is noteworthy that over $ 13 billion has been staked as ETH 2.0.

Please note that not everyone can run a validation node with SimpleFX.

To be able to run it you will need a minimum of 32ETH (Ethereum) equivalent to over $ 71k, a strong experience in the Ethereum network and a deep knowledge of your infrastructure.

For any information regarding the Ethereum market contact the highly qualified SimpleFX support team HERE.

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Solution deriving from the SimpleFX Stake & Trade service

To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, misunderstandings or distractions, it will be much easier for you to join the advantageous SimpleFX Stake & Trade service offered by SimpleFX.

SimpleFX Stake & Trade is a staking pool service (block cryptocurrencies in a wallet to join a blockchain operation for a reward) through which it is possible to invest in frozen funds.

Deposit ETH to SimpleFX

Features of the SimpleFX Stake & Trade service with SimpleFX

In the following list you can find all the advantageous features of this extraordinary service offered by SimpleFX:

  • No commission, no minimum deposit
  • Stable Interest Earnings From Your ETH (Ethereum) Deposit
  • A high APR with ETH 2.0
  • Advantages deriving from the price increase of the Ethereum
  • Use the staked funds for trading

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How to start investing with SimpleFX

Starting to invest your funds with SimpleFX trading will be extremely easy and intuitive for anyone with the will and determination to get involved.

By following the steps below you can start your online trading with SimpleFX.

  1. Sign up and open real or demo account with SimpleFX
    The account opening process may take a few minutes and no registration is required to open a demo trading account.
  2. Deposit at SimpleFX
    Choose your fund’s deposit method.
  3. Download a platform or access the web trader
    You can also download SimpleFX mobile apps for iOS (Apply Store) and Android (Google Play) to start trading.
  4. Start Trading Online
    You can trade Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, all financial instruments, including exotic Forex pairs like the Turkish lira, South African rand and Israeli shekel.

With SimpleFX you can trade 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Trading platforms available with SimpleFX

The trading platforms available with SimpleFX web-trader and MT4 (MetaTrader4).

Both SimpleFX platforms are accessible via any type of device including Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and web browser.

To be able to install the platform (app) and the web traders you simply need to access the SimpleFX official website.

SimpleFX, having at its disposal the reliable LD4 Equinix server located in London, all orders will be processed with no dealing desk (NDD) intervention.

The minimum spread is 0.1 pips and there are no extra fees charged for trading.

The maximum leverage is 1:500 and each account supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection).

SimpleFX has no minimum deposits and provides 15 base currencies for trading accounts.

For more information on all the services offered by SimpleFX, visit the official website.



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