Open-easyMarkets'-uBTC-account-to-invest-in-Forex-and-CFDs-by-making-Bitcoin-deposits. Open-easyMarkets'-uBTC-account-to-invest-in-Forex-and-CFDs-by-making-Bitcoin-deposits.

easyMarkets adds uBTC account base currency

easyMarkets, a Forex broker always attentive and scrupulous in its work, develops innovative solutions to best satisfy its loyal customers.

And that’s why easyMarkets is proud to announce the launch of the brand new uBTC account.

The easyMarkets uBTC account allows traders to be able to carry out any operation (deposits, exchanges, withdrawals, and more) only with the use of Bitcoin.

uBTC by easyMarkets uses the shared data structure called blockchain, thanks to which it is possible to exchange over 200 instruments in a simple and fast way without having to exchange bitcoins in FIAT currencies.

To make everything even simpler and more efficient, the new easyMarkets uBTC account will automatically create a bitcoin wallet address, putting all traders in favorable codes who will be able to react more than quickly and safely during volatility and take advantage of it whenever possible.

Open easyMarkets’ uBTC account

Condition of easyMarkets’ uBTC account

Below you will find all the main information regarding the conditions, security, and tools of the easyMarkets uBTC account.

  • easyMarkets uBTC account is supported by negative balance protection thanks to which you will not lose more than you own.
  • Guaranteed Stoploss and Take Profits.
  • uBTC by easyMarkets is available on the famous and award-winning MT4 platform allowing more experienced users to make the most of every opportunity.
  • Tighter fixed spreads across many industries including commodities, stocks, metals and more.
  • Zero slippage on the easyMarkets mobile app and on the essential platform for trading in cryptocurrencies that are highly mobile.

Do you have any other questions to ask? Do you want to know more about easyMarkets uBTC account?

Contact the support team from the easyMarkets official website today.

The cryptocurrency sector is constantly on the rise, and the capitalization of bitcoins on the market is close to trillion dollars.

For this easyMarkets has developed the uBTC account capable of being able to fully structure every opportunity created in this fantastic sector.

The uBTC account with easyMarkets is available both on the renowned MT4 platform and on all the other no less valid platforms offered by easyMarkets as a web trader or mobile app

Open an uBTC account with easyMarkets

How to open easyMarkets’ uBTC account?

Being easyMarkets regulated by multiple entities around the world, including CySEC and ASIC licenses available, all accounts including the brand new uBTC, are synonymous with security and transparency.

The process that will allow you to open an uBTC account with easyMarkets is extremely simple.

By following the steps listed below, everything will seem even easier.

  1. Open an account with easyMarkets.
  2. As base currency select Microbitcoin.
  3. Wait for the verification of your identity and your new account with easyMarkets.
  4. Scan the QR code that will be provided to fund your uBTC account with easyMarkets.

Open a real or demo account with easyMarkets

Now you are ready to be able to start trading, depositing, withdrawing with your new uBTC easyMarkets account.

You can carry out any operation that you consider advantageous, always acting with conscience and self-control in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences deriving from excessive emotionality.

Please note that it is only possible to withdraw and deposit bitcoins only with the uBTC easyMarkets account and you will not be able to exchange with other FIAT currencies.

For more information visit the easyMarkets official website and contact the support team.



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