Tickmill allows any kinds of trading strategies

Tickmill allows any kinds of trading strategies on MT4 platforms.

Tickmill supports traders to make profit, and there is no restrictions on its MT4 trading platforms in terms of trading strategies.

You can perform scalping, hedging, day trading, swing trading, and also run any types of EAs (Expert Advisers).

For EA users, Tickmill also provides free VPS program.

With Tickmill, your possibility is unlimited.

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Tickmill is a NDD MT4 broker

Tickmill is an online Forex and CFD with Non Dealing Desk.

As a NDD broker, Tickmill does not interfere investors’ trades but all orders are sent to Tickmill’s liquidity providers directly.

This eliminates the conflict of interest between Tickmill and investors.

That is why Tickmill supports traders to make profit by allowing any trading strategies on its MT4.

On Tickmill MT4, you can trade fairly and instantly.

There is also no re-quotes and the slippage is minimal.

For more information about Tickmill’s execution environment, please visit the page here.

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Types of FX trading strategies

No matter what kind of currency pairs you are trading, you will need a set of sound trading strategies.

Here are some of the most common trading approaches to trade the major currency pairs.

1. Scalping

The key principle behind scalping is making a lot of small trades and profit on small price changes.

2. Day Trading

Day traders tend to close their positions when the market closes to avoid the added costs and risks of holding a position overnight.

Position Trading

The main tenet of position trading is holding a position for a long period of time – from several days to a few weeks or even months.

News Trading

This trading strategy involves trading around a major news event or data release aiming to profit from volatility that might occur following the event.

Swing Trading

Swing traders rely primarily on technical indicators to find short-term price patterns to trade, aiming to lock in gains in short periods of time.

Trend Trading

This is a long-term strategy where traders capitalise on trends that entail large moves in the markets.

Positions are usually held open as long as the trend lasts.



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