To open LMFX’s FX MT4 trading account, simply hover over the “Trading Accounts” menu item and then click on the “Open Live Account” to the left of the page.

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How to open LMFX MT4 FX trading account?

Follow the steps below to open LMFX MT4 Forex trading account.

  1. Click on “Open Live Account” at the top menu in LMFX Official Website
  2. Register online by filling in online forms
  3. Receive confirmation emails with login credentials from LMFX
  4. Login to LMFX’s account management portal from LMFX Official Website
  5. Make fund deposit
  6. Download LMFX MT4 trading platform (PC or mobile phone)
  7. Login to LMFX MT4 to start trading
For the list and conditions of fund deposit and withdrawal, please visit the page here.

Simple and as with any issue you may have LMFX’s team are always online to assist.

Select the type of account you desire, the leverage to be applied; currency type (EUR or USD) and bonus type you want, click on ‘Submit’ and the account will be opened for you automatically.

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LMFX Wallet to manage funds

Once you complete the registration with LMFX, you can login to LMFX Official Website where you can manage your accounts and funds securely.

LMFX Wallet is a client portal which is accessible from the official website.

As the name states, it is a Wallet, a place where your funds are kept for safekeeping until such time that you either move the funds to one of your trading accounts or request the funds to be physically returned back to one of your personal accounts.

This LMFX’s client portal is used to manage your accounts, fund deposit, withdrawal and personal information.

LMFX MT4 is where you can monitor financial markets and make trades.

LMFX MT4 can be downloaded from LMFX’s client portal too.

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Comparison of LMFX’s 3 trading account types

LMFX offers you 3 different account types.

Each account type has different trading conditions and advantages, thus you may use each of them differently depending on your trading strategy.

With LMFX, you can open multiple trading accounts, so you can also try them all out to see which one is most suited for your trading style.

Refer to the below table for the comparison of LMFX’s MT4 trading account types.

Account Types Premium Fixed Zero
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip 1.8 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None None $4 per lot
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:400 1:250
Minimum Deposit $50 $250 $100
Minimum Re-deposit $25 $50 $50
Minimum Order Size 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Order Size 60 lots 75 lots 100 lots
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Orders 100 lots 150 lots 200 positions
Account Base Currencies USD and EUR USD and EUR USD and EUR
Margin Call % 50% 30% 30%
Stop Out % 20% 15% 15%

Open LMFX Real or Demo Account

Which account type is suited for your trading style?

We will look into each account type’s aspect and how the condition is suited for what types of traders.

1. LMFX Premium account type

LMFX premium account type is the only account with the high leverage 1:1000.

LMFX premium account type offers you with low spread from 1.0 pip with no trading commission.

LMFX premium account type is suited for both novice and professional trades, regardless of the trading strategy.

You haven’t decided which account to use with LMFX? Then start with LMFX to experience the optimal conditions.

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2. LMFX Fixed account type

LMFX Fixed account type is the only account type which offers the fixed spread from 1.8 pips.

In LMFX Fixed account type, the spread (the difference of bid and ask spread) is not variable but fixed, thus the trading cost is always the same at anytime.

LMFX Fixed account type makes it easy to plan your trading as the cost is clear and fixed.

For users of EAs (Expert Advisers), LMFX Fixed account type makes it easy to setup.

LMFX Fixed account type is suited for traders who want the fixed cost instead of variable ones.

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3. LMFX Zero account type

LMFX Zero account type is the only account which has no markup on the spreads.

The minimum spread is 0.0 pips in LMFX Zero account type, which makes it convenient for scalping traders.

Instead of the markups, LMFX charges certain fixed trading cost for trades.

The cost is $4 per standard lot, which is about 0.4 pips worth of pip value.

LMFX Zero account type is suited for traders who prefers tight spread and paying commissions instead.

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See LMFX’s actual 0.0 pips raw spread in the page here.

What is LMFX MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform?

LMFX MT4 is a famous platform for making trades, technical analysis and news monitoring.

A huge collection of technical indicators is at your service with more than two dozen built-in and the capability to add new ones, including those created by the user.

Live data feed and news information is streamed directly to the client terminal.

Obvious advantages of the LMFX MT4 (Metatrader 4) are its high reliability and a truly wide array of features and settings.

The user-friendly, multi-language interface is easy to master and offers a rich set of fine-tuning options, from quote display modes to color schemes for charts and indicators.

In addition, users with programming skills can plug into charts self-made indicators and advisor software.

Upon turning on the automatic trading mode, the program will make trades on its own, based on the directions entered by the user.

Regular updates and new versions, the program’s stable and secure performance is achieved by regular updates and new version releases.

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MT4 is a trading platform developed by MetaQuotes

Where LMFX offer the clients the possibility to enter into transactions in Financial Instruments via the MT4 (Metatrader 4) program, we would like to remind them that they will not be entering trade orders and trade details directly with LMFX, but rather will be entering trade orders and trade details via the MT4 (Metatrader 4) program, a third party.

In this instance, and all trade orders and trade details are generated by the MT4 (Metatrader 4) program and not by LMFX, and LMFX’s only responsibility is to use commercially reasonable efforts to enter orders pursuant to the trade orders and trade details generated by the MT4 (Metatrader 4) program, as received by LMFX.

Trading access to the MT4 Program is provided by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, and not by LMFX.

You further acknowledge that MetaQuotes Software Corporation is an independent third party unrelated to LMFX.

MT4 (MetaTrader4) User Guide

1. LMFX MT4 for Windows and MAC PC

First-class automatic trading, easy-to-use intuitive interface, the sheer simplicity of making a trade – the client terminal of the Metatrader platform for Windows/PC brings you all of these great features.

The ability to track and manage positions and pending orders effectively, chart and technical analysis tools are the main advantages of the LMFX MT4 client terminal.

The LMFX MT4 for PC is aimed at improving one’s trading experience by taking advantage of an extensive array of user options within a multifunctional, convenient trading environment.

It is an excellent solution for veteran traders looking to obtain a competitive edge.

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2. LMFX MT4 for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

New options of mobile access to the Metatrader terminal via iOS-running gadgets.

Without letting go of your iPhone or iPad, you get access to all major functions of the internationally renowned terminal.

You can view the quotes, analyze charts, track the status of your trading account, browse the completed trades and open positions reports, perform all common order operations – and accomplish all of the above via a convenient, multi language interface with flexible settings.

Trade in the Forex currency market from any corner of the world, without limitations.

LMFX MT4 for iOS is online trading everywhere, anytime, totally free.

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3. LMFX MT4 for Android (Smartphones and Tablet)

LMFX presents to its customers a means of watching the market and trading directly from their smartphones and tablets running Android via the mobile version of the popular platform, LMFX MT4 for Android.

You can control your trading account, view reports on completed trades and open positions, work with market and pending orders, see quotes and analyze the chart graphs of various financial instruments.

And all of this, right on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, at any location on the planet and totally free.

LMFX MT4 for Android keeps Forex trading technologies handy for you at all times.

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Join LMFX’s Bonus Promotions and Contests

LMFX runs a number of campaigns for its investors regardless of the country residence, account balance or account type.

If you are opening an account with LMFX and start trading online, you are recommended to look into their campaigns also.

We will also look into LMFX’s each campaigns here to see the merits.

See the list of LMFX’s all Bonus Promotions

1. 100% Credit Bonus

LMFX’s 100% Credit Bonus helps you to increase the account leverage with extra margin.

The bonus is available for all traders of LMFX.

With LMFX’s 100% Credit Bonus, you can double up your deposit amount.

You can get up to $5,000 through this promotion.

LMFX’s 100% Credit Bonus will support your trading activity once received, and will be yours once you complete the required trading volume in the applicable account.

There is no cost to participate in this promotion, you will only increase your margin and have the opportunity to double up your deposit.

For more information about LMFX’s 100% Credit Bonus, visit the page below.

More details of LMFX 100% Credit Bonus

2. 15% Recovery Bonus

LMFX’s 15% Recovery Bonus is provided to help traders to rise up again.

When you participate in this promotion, you will not get the bonus immediately.

The bonus is credited when your applicable account reaches stop out % and you re-deposit fund into the account.

15% Recovery Bonus will be credited upon your re-deposit after the stop out, and will be yours for trading.

The credited 15% Recovery Bonus amount can be used for both trading and withdrawal with no limit, as it is all yours.

LMFX gives the second chance to investors with this 15% Recovery Bonus.

For more information about LMFX’s 15% Recovery Bonus and how to get it, please visit the page below.

More details of LMFX 15% Recovery Bonus

3. $20 Phone Verification Bonus

LMFX’s $20 Phone Verification Bonus is available for all new traders for once.

LMFX values the communication with its traders as it leads to more security and risk management.

After completing the registration with LMFX, login to LMFX’s secure account management portal from LMFX Official Website and you can verify your phone number.

lmfx 20 phone verification bonus promotion sms campaign withdrawal mt4 metatrader4 forex

Once verifying your phone number, you will receive LMFX’s $20 Phone Verification Bonus in your live trading account.

The bonus amount is available for trading first, and will be available for withdrawal after trading certain amount.

For more information about LMFX’s $20 Phone Verification Bonus promotion, please visit the page below.

More details of LMFX $20 Phone Verification Bonus

4. Demo Trading Contest

LMFX’s learn and earn contest is a Demo trading contest which runs every month.

You can participate in this contest with a demo account with virtual funds.

While the contest involves virtual money and no risks of losing actual money, the contest prizes are real money credited into winners’ live trading accounts.

LMFX’s demo trading contest is suited for both new and professional traders.

It is also a great opportunity to tryout LMFX’s trading conditions.

For more information about LMFX’s learn and earn demo trading contest, please visit the page below.

More details of LMFX Demo Trading Contest

5. Price Prediction Contest

LMFX’s price prediction contest runs every week.

All you need to participate is to guess the price of a certain financial market at the specified time.

The contest runs every week, and you have a chance to win $1000 cash prize in live trading account.

LMFX’s price prediction contest involves no risks to your own funds, as it requires you to only guess the market price.

As a LMFX’s trader, everyone is recommended to participate in this contest for free.

For more information about LMFX’s price prediction contest, please visit the page below.

More details of LMFX Price Prediction Contest

You can find the list and conditions of LMFX’s all trading contest in the page here.

Why you should trade with LMFX?

LMFX’s growing popularity is due to its excellent trading conditions.

At any aspects of the service, LMFX strives to surpass the expectations and the industry standard.

Trading with LMFX means you are trading with the better environment, but how?

Let us look into aspect and show how LMFX’s service condition is superior than others.

Forex Leverage up to 1:1000
The average Forex leverage in the industry is around 1:400. LMFX’s Forex leverage is up to 1:1000, which increases your trading opportunity by 1000 times on MT4. LMFX’s 1:1000 leverage is available only for Premium account type.
Raw Spread from 0.0 pips
LMFX’s raw spread starts from 0.0 pips. By integrating multiple market liquidity, LMFX achieves to offer its traders with the lowest spread level in the industry.
Fixed Spread from 1.8 pips
With LMFX, you can also choose to trade with the fixed spread. LMFX’s fixed spread isn’t wide like other brokers, but it is only 1.8 pips.
MT4 with no restrictions
LMFX allows any profitable orders and strategies on MT4. No restrictions on MT4 in terms of trading strategies. LMFX supports its traders to grow, but not lose.
Withdraw-able Deposit Bonuses
LMFX runs deposit bonus promotions which traders can get with no additional cost. The bonuses can be all yours once you meet the certain volume requirement. The bonuses aren’t just numbers, but will actually support your trading.
Contests with Real Cash Prizes
Every month, LMFX gives away real cash prizes to the winners of their contests. There are various trading contests that you can join for free.
Fee VPS with $5,000 account balance
LMFX provides free VPS for traders who have only more than $5,000 as account balance. The stable and accurate VPS will be yours just by depositing only 5,000 USD or EUR.
NDD brokerage business with no conflict of interest
LMFX makes profit when traders continue trading. All orders made on LMFX MT4 are sent to the markets directly without any manipulation or interruptions.
Easy to use Secure Account Management Portal
LMFX has created its secure account management portal where you can manage your accounts easily and securely. Any account and fund management processes can be done in the portal instantly.
6 asset classes in one account
Open one trading account and you can invest in Forex, Commodity, Precious Metal, Energy, Stock Index and Share markets. More than 100 financial markets in one account.
Instant deposit with no fees
LMFX provides its traders with various fund deposit and withdrawal methods which are all commission free. Majority of fund transfers are completed instantly.

Are you interested in investing with LMFX?

Visit their official website from below to find out more and get started.

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FAQs about LMFX’s service

Do you have any questions about LMFX’s trading service?

You can contact LMFX’s multilingual support team 24 hours a day and 5 days a week for any inquiries.

We have also summarized the frequently asked questions about LMFX below.

I live in USA (America). Can I open LMFX’s Forex trading account?
LMFX provides the service to traders all over the world. To find out if LMFX accepts traders from your region, go to the account opening page.
How much does LMFX require to start trading?
The required minimum deposit amount to start trading Forex and CFDs with LMFX is only 50 USD. The required amount may differ depending on the account type and the deposit method.
How can I open LMFX’s MT4 trading account?
To open a MT4 Forex trading account with LMFX, go to LMFX Official Website and click on “Open Live Account” at the top. The account opening is free and may only take a few minutes to complete.
Can I open multiple trading accounts with LMFX?
Yes, you can open multiple trading accounts of different account types with LMFX. All accounts opened under your profile can be managed together in LMFX’s secure client portal.
What can I invest in on LMFX MT4?
With LMFX, you can invest in Foreign exchange, agricultural commodities, precious metals, energies, stock indices and stocks. All financial markets are available for trading in one trading account regardless of the account type.
How much is the risk? How much could I lose by trading with LMFX?
LMFX supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) which limits the maximum loss to the total deposit amount for investors. With LMFX, you could lose up to the amount you deposit with. *What is NBP?
Can I invest in stocks with LMFX?
Yes with LMFX, you can also invest in popular and major stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE. For the list of available stocks for trading, please visit LMFX Official Website


How can I download LMFX MT4? How much is it?
You can download LMFX MT4 trading platforms from the Official Website. You can download LMFX MT4 for Windows PC, MAC PC, Android, Tablet, iPhone, and also in iPad for free. There is no maintenance fees, but the platform is updated automatically by the system.
Does LMFX offer Islamic Swap Free account?
Yes, if you require an Islamic Swap Free account, please contact LMFX support team before making a deposit. LMFX’s support team will respond to your request after verification.
Can I use EAs (Expert Advisers) on LMFX MT4?
Yes, you can run any types of EAs on LMFX MT4 as there is no restrictions. You can also request for free VPS from LMFX to run EAs.
Can I perform Scalping and Hedging on LMFX MT4?
Yes, LMFX is a NDD broker with STP execution. LMFX allows any kinds of trading strategies including scalping and hedging.
Are LMFX’s bonus promotions recommended? What are the merits?
All promotions and contests of LMFX are free to join and there is no additional cost. By participating in LMFX’s promotions, you will earn more or have the opportunity to earn more.
Is it safe to transfer money to LMFX?
To protect clients’ funds, LMFX keeps all clients’ funds in the segregated bank accounts. By separating the company’s funds and the clients’ funds completely, LMFX is able to send back clients’ funds even if the broker is no longer able to continue the business activity.
Can I use MT5 to trade Forex with LMFX?
No, LMFX does not provide the service on MT5 but only MT4. With LMFX’s account login credentials, you can only login to MT4 trading platforms.

Do you have any other questions in mind?

Contact LMFX support team from the Official Website today.

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