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RFXT - What's now?

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Royal is committed to practicing a clean business model which includes only accepting clients and funds that adhere to strict Anti-Money Laundering conditions.

All clients are cross checked on both an Operations and Compliance level against local and international watch lists prior to account approval.

This includes due diligence on the identity of the client, the client’s profession, source of funds and method of deposit

In addition, RFXT’s Chief Compliance Officer ensures that all clients are classified with a risk level which serves as an early warning system against any illegal conduct related to money laundering.

Furthermore, all financial transactions are periodically and thoroughly screened to identify any suspicious behavior that might pose a risk to the firm and the clients.

In the event of any suspicions about the activities of a certain client, additional documentation related to the client’s profession and sources of funds are requested to remove any suspicions of wrongdoing.

Aside from the Compliance Unit, Royal has instilled in all its staff members a sense of regulatory responsibility by way of comprehensive training on Board mandated Policies and Procedures that govern daily operations as well as intensive coaching on the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Finance (AML/CTF) Manual that guides our AML efforts.

This allows Royal to reject any account applications that do not meet the high standards of AML, protecting the firm and our clientele from any regulatory transgressions.

Corporate Governance of RFXT

ROYAL, through its Board of Directors and Management firmly believes in the principle of strong and capable Corporate Governance in order to sustain the company’s growth, in an attempt to provide more and more aspiring investors with exemplary service in the financial markets.

This method of governance aims to improve corporate performance on all fronts through the projection of fair business, transparency and ethical dealing in all of their activities.

This includes the continuous training and education of all staffs and members of management in order to maintain a high level of professionalism in all aspects of their client oriented services.

In addition, all company activities are undertaken under a blanket of internal controls meant to protect the firm from any operational risk that may result and which would jeopardize the firm’s ability to continue offering superior financial services.

With the sound governance, RFXT hopes to inspire the clients with the same confidence that has allowed ROYAL to grow and place itself at the forefront of the regional financial services industry.



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