Tradeview uses state-of-the-art proprietary technology to access many international financial institutions in order to provide clients with the most efficient and accurate liquidity available in the market.

As Tradeview is a complete ECN broker, all your orders will be sent to Tradeview’s liquidity providers.

Meaning that the spread variation and price movement you are seeing is decided by these liquidity providers or in another word, banks.

Tradeview has made contract with several Top Tier banks as they becoming liquidity providers.

Tradeview clients benefit receiving pricing from over 50 Top tier Liquidity providers.

The structure works as follows:

tradeview innovative liquidity connector market mt4 mt5 ctrader currenex spread

Tradeview’s liquidity providers offer pricing and money liquidity, Tradeview as a broker(between these liquidity providers and traders) act as a middleman pass the data to platforms for traders to access to the money liquidity, traders will access their trading platforms to see the pricing and liquidity passed by Tradeview.

Tradeview calls the system as Innovative Liquidity Connector.

In this case, Tradeview does add some mark-up spread to the pricing, and that is where the broker is making profits.

So the price you are seeing in your trading platform is the direct pricing from Top Tier Banks(liquidity providers) with some mark-up spread added by Tradeview.

This means that Tradeview only adds the mark-up, and any other market situation such as widened spread, high volatility etc are not caused by Tradeview, but from liquidity providers.

Tradeview does not manipulate prices nor interfere to orders.

No restrictions on the platforms

Tradeview provides its traders with MT4, MT5, cTrader and Currenex trading platforms to choose from.

On all of its trading platforms, Tradeview doesn’t have restrictions in terms of trading strategies.

Tradeview allows its traders to perform Scalping, Hedging, EAs (Expert Advisers) trading and other strategies.

Tradeview even allows each position to be as large as 75 lots, which is 7,500,000 units in currency.

For more information about Tradeview’s trading conditions, please visit its Official Website.



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