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Commission of XM Zero account (XM Global and XM Trading)

For XM Global and XM Trading, the trading commission for a XM Zero account is 5 dollars per lot.

The commission is $10 per round turn lot.

The lot size is 100,000 units for XM Zero account, which is the same for Standard account type.

There is no fee for opening the account or deposit/withdrawal.

Commission of XM Zero account (XM Cyprus)

For XM CY (regulated by CySEC), the trading commission for a XM Zero account is 3.5 dollars per lot.

So the commission for round turn lot is 7 dollars.

In case the account’s base currency is not USD, then the commission will be automatically converted into your account’s base currency.

What is the difference of XM Global, XM Trading and XM CY?

Do you want to open a corporate (company) account? Find out the list of required documents to open one with XM here.

Leverage is limited for XM Zero account type

Although the maximum Forex leverage offered by XM is 1:1000, it can be limited for some jurisdictions and account types.

In case of XM Zero account type, the available maximum leverage is 1:500 which you can flexibly set from 1:1 to 1:500.

For XM Zero account with large account balance over $20,000 the leverage is limited to 1:200.

And for XM Zero account with over $100,001 the maximum leverage is limited 1:100.

For other account types including Micro, Standard and XM Ultra Low Spread, the maximum leverage is up to 1:1000 which is the highest offered by XM for Forex trading.

It is attractive to trade with 0.0 pips on XM Zero account, but for traders who want higher leverage, Micro and Standard account types can also be a good option.

With XM, you can open multiple trading accounts with different account types.

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Deposit Bonus is only for Micro and Standard account types

One of the most popular promotion by XM is the 50% and 20% Deposit Bonus, which you can use to boost your trading activities by increasing the available margin.

The promotion is available only for XM’s Micro and Standard account types.

With XM Zero account type, you cannot get XM’s deposit bonuses but only the $30 No Deposit Bonus.

XM’s $30 No Deposit Bonus can be your trial period, and the deposit bonuses can support you once you start trading Forex with your own money.

To utilize the various bonuses offered by XM, you can open multiple trading accounts.

Open XM Real or Demo Account

XM Micro and Standard accounts are commission free

As mentioned in the beginning, XM Zero account charges certain fees for trading Forex and CFDs.

Although the spread is as low as 0.0 pips on XM Zero account type, the extra trading commission can be bothering you as it directly affects your trading results.

If you want to avoid extra trading commissions, you can open XM Micro or Standard account which charge no commissions.

For XM Micro and Standard accounts, the spread is as low as 1.0 pip which spread costs equals to $10 per round turn lot.

If you are not sure which account type suits your trading strategy, you can always open multiple accounts to try them all.

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XM Ultra Low Spread is available for some jurisdictions

In 2019, XM has released a new account type called “Ultra Low Spread” account.

XM’s Ultra Low Spread account offers you spread as low as 0.6 pips which is much tighter than XM’s Micro and Standard accounts.

XM’s Ultra Low Spread account’s advantage is the tight spread with no extra commission.

According to the comparison table available in XM Official Website, the trading cost is the lowest available among others.

Although the attractive condition, XM’s Ultra Low Spread account is available only for traders in certain jurisdictions.

The Ultra Low Spread account is offered by XM Global which is regulated by International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize.

How to open XM’s Ultra Low Spread account?

XM’s spread is Floating (Variable)

XM has various account types which are Micro, Standard, XM Zero, XM Ultra Low Spread and Shares account.

Market prices in all account types are offered with Floating (Variable) spread, which constantly changes according to the actual market liquidity.

You can monitor the real time spread of XM’s accounts by opening a demo (virtual) account. How to open XM’s demo account?

As XM uses “Market Execution” for all accounts and platforms, traders can benefit from the flows of the real market prices.

With the above conditions, XM guarantees that there is no re-quotes to orders.

Without manipulations, all your orders are executed without any interruptions.

The minimum spread is different for each account type.

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XM charges none for Fund Deposit and Withdrawal

While the minimum spread and the conditions of trading commissions are different depending on the account type you use, conditions of fund deposit and withdrawal are the same for all traders regardless of the size of investment.

XM does not charge no fees for fund deposit and withdrawal.

XM even covers fees charged by intermediary banks for wire transfers.

Note that XM does not cover fees in case of bank wire transfer deposit less than 200 USD.


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