How to join the Exness Loyalty Program

Joining the Exness Loyalty Program to earn Exness Dollars (EXD) involves a straightforward process designed to reward you for your regular trading activities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started and make the most of the program:

Step 1: Eligibility and Access

This program is available only to a limited number of customers, offering you an exclusive opportunity to benefit early on.

The pilot program runs until a specified period. Ensure you actively participate during this period to maximize your benefits.

Join the Exness Loyalty Program

Step 2: Earning Exness Dollars (EXD)

Simply continue your trading activities on any platform offered by Exness. For every trade, you will earn back 10% of the spread and commission charges in the form of EXD, where 1 EXD equals 1 USD.

Your earned EXD will accumulate in your Reward Wallet, which is accessible under the Settings tab in your Personal Area. This balance is updated every 24 hours, allowing you to track your rewards conveniently.

Log in to the Personal Area

Step 3: Using Your Exness Dollars

On the 7th of each month, the EXD you earned in the previous month will become available for exchange. This process allows you to strategically plan your trading costs and usage of EXD.

To use your EXD, you need to transfer them from the Available EXD section in your Rewards Wallet to your chosen trading account. This transfer enables you to cover up to 50% of your spreads and commissions on future trades, effectively lowering your trading costs by half.

Join the Exness Loyalty Program

Step 4: Maintaining and Maximizing Benefits

Utilize your EXD before the pilot program’s end date to ensure you don’t lose out on the accumulated rewards. This incentive encourages active participation and feedback to help Exness perfect the program.

Your experience and feedback during this pilot phase are invaluable for enhancing the loyalty program. Engage actively and share your insights to contribute to the program’s development.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Exness Trader app or accessing your Personal Area on the website to view your Reward Wallet, which is key to managing your EXD.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Exness support at for personalized help.

By following these steps, you can easily join the Exness Loyalty Program and start earning EXD.

This program not only rewards your trading activity but also significantly reduces your trading costs, making your trading experience more profitable and enjoyable.

Remember, the Exness team is always there to assist you, ensuring you make the most out of this unique opportunity.



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