Trading the global markets requires an exceptional broker that provides top-tier services and seamless transactions. XS, a reputed global market leader, stands tall as your trusted companion in this venture. With ultra-low spreads and superior trading technology, XS is an epitome of reliability. Here’s how you can easily fund your account and begin your trading journey.

Why Choose XS?

  • Quick & Easy Registration Process: Begin your journey with minimal hassle.
  • Fast & Reliable Funding Methods: Experience swift transactions.
  • High-Speed & Fair Trade Execution: Get the best out of every trade.
  • Global Reach: XS is a multinational entity, regulated in multiple jurisdictions.
  • One Account, Multiple Assets: Dive into a myriad of asset classes using a single account.
  • Premium Customer Support: Multilingual representatives are ready to assist you.

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Selecting Your Account Type

XS prides itself on catering to every trader’s unique requirements. With various account types on offer, each granting access to institutional liquidity and top-notch trading technology, users are ensured a tailored trading experience.

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Trading Platforms to Elevate Your Experience

XS offers state-of-the-art platforms, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal:

MetaTrader 4:
The choice of millions, MT4 offers a user-friendly interface packed with extensive trading features. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, MT4 has something for everyone.
MetaTrader 5:
MT5, the successor to MT4, offers more advanced tools and features, ensuring a comprehensive trading experience.
XS Web Trader:
Access your trading account from any browser without any downloads or installations.
XS Trader Mobile App:
Trade on-the-go with XS’s robust mobile app. Access your account, place trades, and stay updated anytime, anywhere.

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How to make a deposit to XS?

When venturing into the realm of global markets, it’s imperative to have a robust platform with seamless funding methods. XS provides just that, and this article will guide you on how to make deposits, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate the financial seas.

Depositing Funds: What You Need to Know

Before you proceed with transferring funds to your XS account, it’s crucial to understand the specifics. Let’s dive into the details:

Safety First: With XS, the safety of your funds is paramount.
Cooperation with Renowned Banks: XS is selective in its banking partnerships, only working with well-established, major banks. This is an added layer of assurance for you, knowing that your funds are managed by reputable financial institutions.
Clear Segregation of Assets:
XS maintains a clear boundary between client and company funds. Your funds are housed in separate bank accounts from the company’s operational funds, ensuring that there’s no mix-up or misuse.
Negative Balance Protection:
Ever concerned about your balance dipping into the negatives? With XS, that’s not a concern. They offer negative balance protection, ensuring your account balance doesn’t drop below zero, giving you peace of mind during volatile market conditions.
Regular Risk Assessments:
XS doesn’t rest on its laurels. The company continuously monitors and assesses the risks linked to its operations, ensuring that safeguards are always updated and in place.

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Funding Methods: Depositing funds with XS is as simple as it is secure.

While XS offers a plethora of features and tools for trading, it understands the importance of an efficient and secure depositing system. Here’s a breakdown of the funding methods available:

Funding Options Min Deposit Max Deposit Processing time Accepted Currencies
Bank Transfer From $200 Unlimited 1-7 working Days EUR, USD
Visa & MasterCard $50 $5,000 Instant EUR, USD
Skrill $15 $15,000 or equivalent Instant EUR, USD
Neteller $15 $15,000 or equivalent Instant EUR, USD
Klarna $15 $5,000 Up to 1 business day EUR, GBP, PLN and CZK
Giropay $15 $5,000 Up to 1 business day EUR

This comprehensive table is a one-stop resource for traders, detailing the various funding options at their disposal, including minimum and maximum deposit amounts, processing times, and the range of accepted currencies. Whether you prefer traditional bank transfers or modern e-wallets, XS has got you covered.

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AML and Third-Party Transactions

Money laundering is a serious concern in the financial world, and XS is at the forefront of combating it.

Upholding AML Regulations:
XS enforces strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols. The company goes above and beyond to ensure compliance with international AML regulations. This not only ensures the safety of transactions but also maintains the integrity of the platform.
No Third-Party Transactions:
For added security, XS has a clear policy against third-party transactions. This means deposits and withdrawals can only be processed to and from accounts bearing the client’s name. This stringent measure ensures that your funds are not misrouted or misused.

In conclusion, when it comes to managing and depositing funds, XS has established itself as a beacon of security, transparency, and efficiency in the global market. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, with XS, you’re in safe hands. So, set up your account, fund it, and embark on your trading journey with confidence.

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Understanding Leverage and Margin

Leverage allows traders to open larger positions with a relatively small capital. However, understanding its nuances, along with the necessary margin requirements, is crucial for effective risk management.

For various asset classes, XS offers varied leverage:

  • Currencies:
    • 1:500 for Major, Minor, and Exotic FX pairs.
    • 1:200 for CHF, DKK, CZK crosses.
    • 1:100 for CNH, TRY, BRL & MXN crosses.
    • 1:20 for RUB crosses.
  • Metals:
    • 1:200 for Gold.
    • 1:100 for Silver.
    • 1:50 for Platinum and Palladium.
  • Energy:
    • 1:100 for WTI, Brent, Natural Gas.
  • Major Indices:
    • 1:100 for US500, DE40, AUS200, F40, JP225, UK100, US100, US30.
  • Minor Indices:
    • 1:50 for ES35, HONGKONG50.
  • Commodities:
  • Shares:
    • 1:50 for 1000+ shares from major markets like US, UK, Germany, France, Hong Kong, etc.
  • Crypto:

Margin Call & Stop-Out Level: It’s vital for traders to monitor their account activity. Should your account equity drop below 80% of the necessary margin for open positions, XS will issue a margin call. If your equity falls to or below 20% of the required margin, the stop-out level is reached, and open positions will be automatically closed.

With its myriad of features, exceptional safety protocols, and an array of trading platforms, XS ensures a smooth, reliable, and enhanced trading experience. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, with XS, you are always one step ahead in the global markets.

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* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

XS, a global market leader, offers ultra-low spreads, diverse account types, and a wide range of trading options, including Forex, Share CFDs, Indices, Metals, Energy Products, Commodities, and Cryptocurrency CFDs.

  1. Great that XS offers a minimum sum of just 15 dollars for deposits with Skrill and Neteller.
    And these are not the only options to fund an account. Others exist too.

  2. its more than enough i think, you dont even need all these, just get one that works i guess:D

  3. The entire process is an easy one, and I mean… there are very popular payment methods available. But this article can help if you are new to the platform.

  4. first of all, xs is a solid trafing environmetn.

    i like the deposit methods and withdrawl metohds, got no problems with it, easy coming in and easy getting out. helpful article tho

  5. It is great that there is no article even for this that would be helpful for beginners or those new to the XS platform, but trust me when I say… No one would need to read this article to make a deposit, withdrawal or anything else connected with transferring funds to or from his trading account. 🙂
    One of the advantages of XS is its excellent hub or system for account management. They now have an XS wallet, which makes transfer quite simple. Their wallet is kind of a middleman between your trading account and your bank account facilitating a better money management system.

  6. It’s quite an instructive article which also gradually, smoothly immerse readers into the essence of this platform.
    XS broker has a rather wider selection of funding methods and I admire the fact you can start trading here having like $15-20 on hands. As for withdrawals, then you can make withdrawals having as little as $5 on your acc. For sure, compliance with AML policy is also crucial.

  7. In general the paymnents here are good, but I would definitely recomend adding some crytpo payments too. As the broker seems modern and tires to keep up with times.

  8. As far as i can see XS ensures the unprecedented protection of clients’ funds whether it’s for depositing or just for trading itself.
    I thinking that it was one of the decisive reasons I decided to start working with the broker to begin with.
    Since all my friends who are engaged in forex trading told me that I should pay attention to this area right in the beginning. And that its the most essential factor of the company in the financial sphere.

  9. Thank you for sharing detailed information about replenishment methods on the platform! Afaik, the company shares the same info on the website, but in any case it will be helpful for people.
    Minimum deposit sum is my reverence… It doesn’t make you feel like you are obliged to be a man with deep pockets to kick off in this business with XS.
    They really do a lot in clients’ favor.

  10. The broerk has all sorts of payment methods so you won’t have a hard time to choose the most comfortable for you.
    And also the one that will take not much time if that’s what you are looking for.
    I would recommend choosing the bank cards because it strikes the balance between security and swiftness.

  11. There is actually quite a number of payment options such as;
    – skrill
    – netteler
    – bank transfers, etc
    Making the transactions on the platform simple.

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