XM Online Registration is free

In order to start trading Forex with XM, you just need to complete the simple registration process, submit a proof of identification and proof of address and your trading account will be opened immediately.

You can directly go to the account opening page of XM from below.

Open XM Real or Demo Account

Account opening with XM is completely free. Any cost and commissions that you need to cover, may incur once you make a deposit.

What do you need to open an account with XM?

Account opening with XM is quite simple, you just need to fill in all the necessarily fields as below, and click on “submit” at the end of the page.

Account opening process, Deposit and Withdrawal and trading are all processed on the web, and you do not need to communicate or submit physical documents to XM.

Please make sure that you are filling in the correct personal information.

You will need to prove them by submitting a copy of your ID and proof of Address.

As XM specifies in its Terms and Conditions, you can not impersonate as other person or transfer funds to accounts under other person’s name.

Details of the required documents by XM

How to open XM’s MT4 and MT5 trading accounts

  1. Register online and Open an account.
    You must choose an account type in this process. You can find the comparison table of account types here.
  2. Login to XM’s client portal and Submit a copy of ID and Proof of address.
  3. Make a deposit through Bank wire transfer, Online wallet or credit/debit cards.
    Instead of making a deposit, you can also start trading by receiving $30 No Deposit Bonus.
  4. Login to XM’s MT4 or MT5 platform and start trading.

Are you stuck at somewhere and having hard time getting started? Get in touch with XM’s customer service from XM Official Website.

Go to XM Online Registration Page

How many MT4 and MT5 trading accounts you can open?

There is no limitation to the number of demo accounts you have with XM.

You can open additional accounts anytime.

The number of live trading accounts is limited to 8 per trader.

It is preferable that you use the same email address which you used for previous accounts to open an additional account, otherwise these accounts won’t be manageable in one client portal(Members Area).

You can also open an account with another email address, so you can have a fresh start.

Login to XM’s Members Area

How to open multiple trading accounts with XM?

You can open up to 8 live accounts with XM under your name.

In order to additional accounts please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to XM Official Website
  2. Proceed to Account Opening page
  3. Put the same email address as your current registered address
  4. Complete the application

As long you have registered the new accounts with the same email address, you can manage all live account within the same client portal.

Please note that if you register with another email address, your live accounts won’t be connected(assigned to the same group), and you cannot manage them together or make internal fund transfer.

Visit XM Official Website

Beginner’s Guide – XM MT4 and MT5 Account Opening Steps

If it is your first time to open a FX trading account, you may have a lot of questions when registering online.

Below, we will explain the steps for opening a real trading account with XM.

1. Go to the registration page

To start your account opening (online registration) with XM, please go to the page below first.

Go to XM Account Opening Page

The account opening is totally free.

It may take only a few minutes to complete the online registration with XM.

2. Fill in the required fields

In the first section, you need to fill in the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country of Residence
    The country you reside in may affect the account types, promotions and other service details available for you. In here, you may select the country you currently reside in.
  • Preferred Language
    The language preference can be changed later too. By selecting your native language, you will be contact by support staffs who speak your language.
  • Phone Number
    You may not need to make a phone call to XM, but they may call in some cases.
  • Email Address
    Make sure you type in the correct email address. After the completion of the registration, all communications and logins will require your email address.

xm real account registration

Open XM Real or Demo Account

3. Choose your account type

Before proceeding to the next step, you must choose the account type you like to use with XM.

XM mainly offers Standard, Micro and XM Zero account types.

You can also choose MT4 (MetaTrader4) or MT5 (MetaTrader5) platforms.

xm real account registration 2

After the registration, you can also open multiple trading accounts of different account types.

Visit XM Official Website

4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions

In the next page, you will need to fill in some more details about yourself and investment knowledge.

After filling in all the blanks, lastly you need to agree to the terms and conditions and click in the boxes as below.

xm open live real mt5 mt5 trading account

After this, you will receive an email from XM for email confirmation and login details for your account.

Open XM Real or Demo Account

What are XM Trading, XM Global and XM CY?

XM brand is used by multiple companies of the group, and some brand names are slightly different.

Their brands include XM Trading, XM Global, XM CY and etc.

XM is an online Forex broker which provides the service to traders worldwide.

To follow rules of each jurisdiction, XM brand has multiple companies which are regulated and licensed by different financial authorities.

Due to the regulatory differences, XM has been separated into some subsidiaries to offer more suitable investment solutions for investors worldwide.

As an international online Forex broker, XM makes sure the broker follows strict financial laws and provide secure investment environment, regardless of the country you reside in.

Note that the service conditions of XM Trading, XM Global and XM CY may be different. The different conditions may affect fund deposit and withdrawal, trading account types, promotions and other features.

Normally the regulation which your accounts will be registered under, is decided depending on the region you reside in.

For more information, please contact XM support team.

Visit XM Official Website

What type of broker is XM? What is XM?

XM is an online Forex and CFD broker which provides online trading service for investors all over the world.

Register and open an account with XM, you can invest in Forex currency pairs and CFDs such as Golds, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

CFD refers to Contract For Difference, and this type of financial product gives you access to wide range of financial markets with low cost, high leverage and instantly.

The account opening with XM is free.

XM is known as the largest MT4 broker by the developer of the MT4 platform, MetaQuotes.

XM offers over 1000 financial instruments on MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Both platforms are popular choices of Forex traders and support many basic and advanced features required for trading.

Register for XM online

How does XM trading work?

To invest in various financial markets online, you can follow and complete all processes online.

In this case, the processes include from account opening, account verification, deposit, trading and fund withdrawal.

If you are interested in investing online with XM, here is how the XM’s service works.

  1. Opening an account with XM
    Your first step to online investment starts from the account opening. To open an account with XM, you just need to fill in some required fields in the registration page, and answer some questions asked by XM.
  2. Receive account details and login credentials
    Once the account opening process is completed, you will receive XM account details and login credentials to your email address from XM. These information are the key to access XM’s MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and also to XM’s members area for account management.
  3. Download MT4 or MT5 from XM Official Website
    XM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms are the applications you will need to trade. Through XM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms, you can access and invest in over 1000 financial markets. XM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms can be downloaded to Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad an Android devices. The download links for the apps can be found in XM Official Website.
  4. Make a deposit
    To start trading online, you must make a deposit to XM. XM has prepared many methods which you can use to transfer your investment fund without any fees. You may transfer investment fund to XM, but not more than you can afford to lose. (that is always the rule of investment)
  5. Start trading with XM
    You have already downloaded XM’s MT4 or MT5 platforms. Now you only have to login to your account on MT4 or MT5, and you can start trading. Any financial markets you like to invest online, you will find them all in XM’s MT4 or MT5.

Do you have any questions about trading with XM?

Contact XM support team from the official website.

You can reach out to them via live chat, email, phone call and many other ways.

Go to XM Official Website

How to trade on XM MT4 and MT5 accounts?

To start trading with XM, there are several things you must check before.

If you are ready to trade on XM MT4 or MT5 accounts, make sure that you have completed the following check list.

  1. Have you already made a deposit?
    If you have a live trading account, you must deposit at least $5 to start trading. If you haven’t made a deposit yet, login to XM’s members are from XM Official Website and follow the instructions.
  2. Have you downloaded a platform yet?
    XM’s MT4 and MT5 will be the platforms to invest in Forex and CFDs. Without them, you can not start trading online. Download links of MT4 and MT5 platforms of XM can be found in XM Official Website.
  3. Have you logged in correctly?
    To place a trader (order), you must be properly logged in to XM’s MT4 or MT5 platforms. If you are having trouble logging in, contact XM’s multilingual support team to solve the issue.
  4. Do you have a strategy?
    It is important to have a trading strategy. Maybe you need to learn more about trading XM, or follow the trend by reading XM’s latest analysis? Make sure that you know what you are doing when trading online.

If you have completed the above lists, then you should be ready to start trading Forex and CFDs on XM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Open XM Real or Demo Account

How to place a trade (order) on XM MT4 and MT5?

Placing a trade in MetaTrader4 (MT4) is quick and easy.

First a “new order” must be created, and the fastest way to do so is to hit the “F9” shortcut on your keyboard.

Alternatively, from the upper toolbar select “Tools” then “New Order,”and the new order dialogue will appear.

The next step involves reviewing the following six parameters before either buying (long) or selling (short) or cancelling the order.

  1. Choose the instrument available from the drop-down list under “Symbol” that you wish to trade.
  2. Select the the “Volume” amount which will determine the trade size and resulting pip or point value and any resultant profit or loss that may occur.
  3. Optionally add a Stop-Loss value “Stop Loss”value and/or “Take Profit”(Limit) Value, which will trigger the trade to close early in the event either of such values are reached.
  4. Optionally add a “Comment” in the comment field
  5. Choose whether the order “Type” will be a “Market Execution” type order (to execute immediately at the available market price) or select “Pending Order”and an additional set of parameters (pending type, price, and expiry) will appear for pending order-type trades.
  6. Within the “Market Order” box, click the order “Type” drop-down and select “Market”. By default, the order type is set to “Market”.
  7. Review all selected parameters and then to confirm the order-click the red highlighted button to either “Sell by Market” which will submit the order to establish a short (selling) position, or click the blue highlighted button to “Buy by Market” which will submit the order to establish a long (buying) position. If neither buy/sell button is highlighted, the market hours for that trading instrument may have caused it to be closed, or one of the parameters may be invalid. Finally to cancel the order, simply X-out the window by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the window.

After an order is submitted successfully, an “Order Confirmation” window will appear, then the order/trade will be visible from the “Trade” tab of the “Terminal” view and  from which it can be managed from.

For more navigation tips and shortcuts, see the MT4 user guide from within the platform, by clicking F1, or download it from MetaQuotes using the following link.

Visit XM Official Website

How to change XM account type?

You cannot change the account type of XM.

XM offers various account types such as Micro, Standard, XM Zero, Ultra Low Spread and Shares account types.

If you want to change the account type you use for trading with XM, simple open additional account with XM.

Then, you may internally transfer funds from the old account to the new one.

With XM, you can open multiple trading accounts of multiple trading account types.

You can also trade in multiple trading accounts simultaneously to diversify your portfolio or take advantages of different features of account types.

Open XM Real or Demo Account

How to claim XM’s bonuses?

XM runs various bonus promotions and trading contests.

Such campaigns may be limited to traders of certain regions. To find the latest bonus promotions available in your country, please visit XM Official Website.

The available bonus promotions of XM includes:

  • $30 No Deposit Bonus
    Which you can get for free and trade without making a deposit. It is an ultimate risk-free bonus promotion for new traders.
  • 50% and 20% Deposit Bonus
    Which you can get on your deposits amount. The bonus amount is up to $5000 and will boost your trading with extra margin.
  • Loyalty Program
    XM’s Loyalty Program gives traders extra “trading bonus”. The participants earn XMP (XM Point) every time they trade and they can exchange the XMP for certain amount of “trading bonus”.

XM also runs other types of promotions occasionally.

For the latest available bonus promotions and contests, please visit XM Official Website.

Visit XM Official Website

1. How to claim $30 No Deposit Bonus from XM?

Here is how to get $30 no deposit bonus (welcome bonus) from XM.

  1. Open a live/real trading account with XM
    The promotion is available only for one time for a new trader of XM.
  2. Complete account verifiation
    The requirement to get XM’s $30 No deposit bonus is account verification. Login to XM’s members area and provide the relevant identification documents to validate you account information.
  3. Claim the bonus in the members area
    After the account verification is completed, you can claim the $30 No Deposit Bonus by clicking on a button. When you claim the bonus, you must complete the voice verification process by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Start trading
    Download XM MT4 or MT5 (depending on the account type) and login. You should see $30 bonus already in your account ready for trading.

For more information about XM’s 30 USD No Deposit Bonus, please visit the page below.

Details of $30 No Deposit Bonus

2. How to claim Deposit Bonuses of XM?

Here is how to get deposit bonus (trading bonus) from XM.

  1. Open a real/live trading account with XM
    Note that you cannot receive XM’s trading bonus on XM Zero account type. You may open Micro or Standard account to get the bonus.
  2. Make a deposit
    XM’s 50% and 20% Deposit Bonus can be applied from $5 of minimum deposit amount. Login to XM’s members are and choose the preferable funding method.
  3. Get the trading bonus
    The bonus will be applied to your deposit amount. 50% bonus to the first $500 and 20% bonus up to $4500. The total bonus amount you can get through XM’s deposit bonus promotion is $5000.

XM’s 50% and 20% deposit bonus involve some rules and conditions you must know.

For more information about the promotion, please visit the page below.

Details of XM’s 50% and 20% Deposit Bonus

3. How to participate in XM Loyalty Program?

XM’s loyalty program is a promotion which gives you trading bonus for the exchange of XMP (XM Points).

To participate in XM’s loyalty program, you must agree to terms and conditions and confirm your participation in XM’s members area.

After participating in XM’s loyalty program, you will start earning XMP every time you trade.

The XMP will accumulated in your member’s area and eventually you can exchange them for trading bonus.

For the rate of XMP you can earn per trade, and the amount of trading bonus you can earn through the loyalty program, please visit the page below.

Details of XM’s Loyalty Program

How to deposit fund (money) into XM trading account?

XM provides its traders with various fund deposit methods.

The available methods include bank wire transfer, online wallets and credit/debit cards.

To make a deposit to XM’s trading account, please first login to XM’s members are from XM Official Website.

After logging into your members area, you will find the list of available fund deposit methods.

In there, you may choose the method, amount and proceed by following the on-screen instructions.

Note that the available funding methods may be different depending on the country you reside in.

List of XM’s all Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

How to change base currency of XM trading account?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the base currencies of XM trading accounts.

XM provides its traders with various base currencies options such as USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD, RUB, PLN, HUF, SGD and ZAR.

To use trading accounts with different base currencies, please open additional trading accounts from XM Official Website.

You can open multiple trading accounts with XM, in different base currencies to manage your funds more effectively.

Visit XM Official Website

How to withdraw money from XM trading account?

“How does fund withdrawals work with XM” is a question many traders ask.

To find out more, you may login to XM’s members area and proceed to the “fund withdrawal” section.

Normally, as a rule for fund withdrawals, the fund will be sent back to the original source up to the amount sent from the source.

For any exceeded amount, XM will send the funds to your bank account via wire transfer.

The available fund withdrawal methods are majorly affected by the deposit method you used and the country you reside in.

For more information, please visit XM Official Website.

List of XM’s all Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

1. How long does XM’s fund withdrawal take?

The withdrawal method you use will decide how long it takes to withdraw from XM’s trading accounts.

XM will process all fund withdrawal requests within 24 hours in business days.

Then the funds will be transferred into your account, which would be your bank account, account of online wallets or via credit/debit cards.

If your fund remains in your trading account a few days (business days) later you requested for a withdrawal, then you may contact XM support team to find out how the withdrawal is being processed.

Visit XM Official Website

2. How much can you withdraw from XM trading account?

From XM’s MT4 and MT5 trading accounts, the available withdrawal amount is unlimited.

You can withdraw your funds and profits at anytime with no limitations.

With XM, you can make profit as much as you can and withdraw them all.

Note that in some cases, the fund withdrawal is limited to certain amount.

  • In case you have received bonuses from XM.
    You cannot withdraw bonuses from XM’s trading accounts. When participating in promotions of XM and receiving bonuses, make sure that you have read the terms and conditions.
  • You can withdraw the amount equals to “equity – unrealized losses”.
    You can only withdraw funds when you have closed all positions in the account. If your open positions have losses, then you must cose them and realize the losses before requesting for fund withdrawals.

For more information about fund withdrawals, please contact XM’s multilingual support team.

Contact XM Support Team

3. How to deactivate XM trading account?

If you no longer trade with XM, then you are recommended to withdraw all your funds first.

Then you may leave the accounts untouched which will be eventually archived as “dormant account” and deactivated.

Or you can also contact XM support team to delete your XM trading account.

Visit XM Official Website

Documents required for Money Laundering Prevention

Preventing money laundering is a major responsibility and aim of regulatory authorities worldwide.

Money laundering allows movement of funds from criminal activities and makes funds available for terrorist activities.

At XM, they are committed to preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing through:

  1. Client identification (KYC procedures).
  2. Identification, monitoring and reporting of suspicious transactions.
  3. Maintenance of transaction records for a minimum of 5 years following termination of the said agreement.
  4. Employee Training in regard to recognising suspicious transactions.

XM reserves the right to collect and validate proof of identification from clients prior to account opening and any payments of proceeds.

To see the identification requirements please visit XM Official Website.

contact XM Support Team for more

Clients should know that all information provided to XM is made available to regulatory authorities in both the country of origin of the funds, and the destination country of the funds.

XM reserves the right to refuse to process a transfer at any stage if it believes that the said transfer is connected in any way to money laundering or to any other criminal activity.

XM is obliged to report all suspicious transactions and is prohibited from informing the client that they have been reported for suspicious account activity.



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