How to open a FX account with FXTM and start trading?

Just like many other online Forex brokers, all processes are done online with FXTM.

From account opening to deposit/withdrawal and trading, FXTM does not require one physical document to send or phone calls to trade.

It only takes a few minutes to open a Live trading account with FXTM.

You can apply online through FXTM’s website by clicking on any open or create account button and follow the prompts.

You can go to the account opening page directly from below.

Open FXTM Real Account

1. Go to FXTM Official Website

Go to FXTM Official Website to see the contents of services and trading conditions.

FXTM is regulated and licensed by multiple regulatory authorities, and some service conditions may be different depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

You can see the trading conditions and available trading tools and promotions by visiting the FXTM Official Website.

You can also visit FXTM Official Website through your mobile phones (Android, iPhone, iPad and Tablet).

If you like to use your mobile phone to invest online, signup for free with FXTM and you may install “FXTM Trader” mobile app from the official website.

Visit the page here to find out what you can with “FXTM Trader” mobile app.

Visit FXTM Official Website

2. Fill in the signup form

To open an account with FXTM, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT” or “SIGNUP” button in the Official Website.

The first signup form looks like below.


You just need to fill in the fields wit your information, and then click on “REGISTER” button.

Once you complete the signup form, you will receive a PIN number to your email.

In order to proceed with the account opening, you need to confirm the PIN in the page.

For the list and comparison of FXTM’s all trading account types, visit the page here.

Go to FXTM Official Website

3. Complete online registration

You may continue proceeding with the online registration form, then complete the account opening.

You can’t decide which account type to open? Visit the page here to see the comparison table of FXTM’s all trading account types.

After opening an account, you will be required to submit two types of documents in digital copy, which are “ID” and “POA (Proof of Address)”.

FXTM has got certain conditions for these documents, so you may follow the rules specified.

For more information about the required documents by FXTM for account opening, visit the page here.

Once you complete the account opening process, you will finally receive login credentials to your FXTM account.

Visit FXTM Official Website

4. Login to myFXTM (client portal)

You will receive login credentials with several other account information to your email address.

Please make sure that you save these information secure. (You can reset the passwords at anytime.)

Go to FXTM Official Website and login to “myFXTM” (client portal) by using the login credentials.

In the client portal, you can manage your accounts and funds securely.

You can also see the trading tools and the list of bonus promotions which you can participate.

“myFXTM” will be the main portal for account management.

For more information about the required documents for account verification, visit the page here.

Go to FXTM Official Website

5. Make a Deposit

To FXTM’s trading account, you can use various funding methods to transfer your investment funds.

The available funding methods include bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, and online wallets.

See the table below for the list of available fund transfer methods and the conditions.

Funding Method Available Currency Transfer Cost Processing Time
International Bank Transfer GBP, USD, EUR None Up to 5 business days
VISA EUR, USD, GBP None Instant
Mastercard EUR, USD, GBP None Instant
Maestro EUR, USD, GBP None Instant
Neteller EUR, INR, USD, GBP, PLN, NGN None Instant
Skrill (Moneybookers) EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CZK None Instant
VLOAD USD, EUR None Instant
Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH None In 24 hours
TC Pay Wallet USD, EUR, AED None Instant
Alfa-Click RUR None Instant
WebMoney USD, EUR, RUR None Instant
Yandex Money RUR None Instant
QIWI RUR None Instant
Perfectmoney USD, EUR None Instant
Bitcoin BTC None In 24 hours
Konnexone USD None Up to 1 business day
FasaPay USD, IDR None Instant
TC Payment N/A N/A 1 hour
GlobePay GBP, USD, EUR None Instant
Western Union Quick Pay USD None 24 – 48 hours
Dotpay PLN, EUR None 2 Hours
Deutsche Handelsbank EUR None 3-5 Business Days

Note that some funding methods may not be available for traders in some jurisdictions due to regulatory reasons.

Login in to “myFXTM” and you can see the list of available funding methods for your jurisdiction.

For the list and condition of FXTM’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

For the list and condition of FXTM’s all bonus promotions and trading contests, visit the page here.

Visit FXTM Official Website

6. Download FXTM MT4 or MT5

In order to start trading, you need to download FXTM MT4 or MT5 trading platforms.

FXTM MT4 or MT5 will be the base platforms where you can monitor market prices, analyse the trends and place trades online.

You can download both FXTM MT4 or MT5 from FXTM Official Website for free.

You can also download “FXTM Trader” mobile app to trade through your phones.

For the comparison of FXTM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, visit the page here.

If you are using FXTM MT4, see also “MT4 Beginner’s Guide”.

You haven’t decided which trading platform to use for trading?

Visit the page here to find out the differences of FXTM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Go to FXTM Official Website

7. Start trading online

Now that your trading account is ready, you can finally start investing with FXTM.

You can trade Forex, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Indices with FXTM online.

To start investing, you need to make a deposit to FXTM, with any methods provided from the broker.

Then you will see your funds credited in your trading account.

Now you can start making trades online using FXTM’s trading platform, MetaTrader4 which can be downloaded from FXTM’s official website.

All of the above processes are done online.

You can start making trades anytime you want when you are ready.

For the list of FXTM’s trading server addresses, visit the page here.

Visit FXTM Official Website

Why invest with FXTM?

FXTM was founded in 2011.

Since its foundation, FXTM has been providing the online trading service to traders all over the world.

As a professional broker, FXTM remains one of the most popular choices by investors.

Why traders choose FXTM as their broker? See some of their advantages below.

FXTM offers over 250 markets
With FXTM, you can invest in more than 250 financial markets which are Forex, Precious Metals, Oils, Commodities, Stock Indices, Shares and also Cryptocurrency. With FXTM, the number of trading opportunities is unlimited.
6 trading account types
There are 6 different trading account types offered by FXTM. With FXTM, you can choose the trading condition suited your trading style. Unlike other brokers, the condition isn’t fixed.
ECN account types
FXTM offers 3 ECN trading accounts with raw Forex spread. More stable and fast execution through Electronic Communication Network technology.
Spread form 0.0 pips
No hidden cost. With FXTM, you can trade Forex and CFDs with one of the lowest cost. Trading with FXTM means you are saving money from unnecessarily costs.
Leverage up to 1:2000
FXTM offers the extraordinary high leverage 1:2000. With the high leverage, you can increase your trading volume by 2000 times in real time.
Both MT4 and MT5
You can choose from the most popular trading platforms in the world, MT4 and MT5. What’t the difference of MT4 and MT5 trading platforms? Visit the page here to find out more.
FXTM Invest Copy Trading
If you are struggling to make profits from Forex trading, then you can copy traders of professional traders with FXTM Invest copy trading system.
FXTM Trader Mobile App
Use your mobile phone to invest online. Download FXTM Trader app to your Android, Tablet, iPhone of iPad to trade anywhere and anytime.
Over 2 million traders
Over 2 million traders have chosen FXTM as their main broker to trade Forex. FXTM is a mega Forex broker founded in 2011.
Professional Support in 18 languages
FXTM’s professional service and support are unparalleled. For any questions, contact the support team and their professional support team will assist you 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.


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