With Perfect Money, you can enable notifications to your email or mobile phone about changes in Metall / Currency exchange rates, new transactions, account status and settings.

“Notifications” service allows a user to save time and to enhance safety of your funds in Perfect Money.

Any customer can be well informed about all the transactions carried out in his or her account without entering the system and even without switching computer on with the SMS notification enabled. And since your mobile phone is on hand you can always control your Perfect Money and be informed. You can also use email instead of SMS.

You can also activate notifications to your e-mail address or phone number in the international format.

Cost of SMS Notification

Although the email notification are available for Free, SMS notification may cost you certain amount.

Your main USD account will be charged 10 cents for each SMS.

SMS Notification will not be triggered, if transaction amount is less than 5.00 usd/euro.

7 types of Notifications

Here are the types of notifications that you can enable.

  1. Account depositing by bank wire transfer – Notification that the ordered deposit has been entered to the user’s account
  2. Bank wire withdrawal completion – Notification that the ordered withdrawal inquiry has been successfully completed
  3. Receipt of funds – Notification about account depositing from another account
  4. Account withdrawal – Notification about withdrawal from account
  5. Account login – Notification about account login
  6. Change of personal data in account – Notification about personal data change in user’s account
  7. New message in the internal mail – Notification about a new message in the internal mail of the Perfect Money system

In order to change the notification settings, please go to “Modify Settings” of Currency Account security settings as below.

Then proceed to “Change Notification Settings”.

You can also add 2 more notifications

Besides the above 7 notification types, you can also add 2 more notifications.

Transfer Notification

Bank wire transfer operations in the Perfect Money system can be controlled by setting notifications.

You may specify some parameters and conditions under which you will get notifications about the transfer to your mobile phone or e-mail. You may set a single notification or set the regular notification for the uninterrupted operation.

Currency Notification

Reaching of the currency exchange rate set by the user.

Please set currency and exchange rate upon crossing of which you need to be notified. Option currency notification will become inactive immediately after successful sending of the notification set.



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