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What is MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform?

The trading platform is a system for trading in financial markets, consisting of the trading server and trade terminals.

The platform allows to buy or sale, analysis, use of graphics and other applications for the management of accounts.

The trading terminal is an application program, which the trader sets on his computer, phone or tablet.

Through the trading platform into the trading terminal in the real-time mode transmitted quotes, and the Trader sends to his broker trading orders for opening or closing positions.

XM has chosen the trading terminal MetaTrader4, which is the best client terminal on the market.

List of MT4 FX Brokers

The client MetaTrader4 terminal possesses a big set of functions, but to understand it simply.

Thanks to the thought-over interface everything looks rather simply and intuitively clearly.

It will take only some minutes to understand the use of the terminal.

The terminal also has a detailed FAQ, in which a trader will find answers to his questions.

Download the MetaTrader4 client terminal that is chosen by hundreds of brokers and a huge army of traders from all over the world.

Ranking of MT4 Brokers

MetaTrader4 for PC (Windows and MAC)

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The MetaTrader 4 terminal offers a number of impressive analytical tools.

There are nine timeframes available for each financial instrument that provide detailed analysis of quote dynamics.

More than 50 built-in indicators and tools help simplify the analysis, enabling to determine trends, define various shapes, determine entry and exit points, etc.

Multiple indicators can be applied over another one, which comes in very useful in analyzing the markets.

Need more? You can also print charts of any instruments and conduct “on paper” analysis.

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1. Analysing the market with MT4

The analytical resources offered by the MetaTrader 4 terminal aren’t limited to these examples.

Should you need to use any specialized tool, you can find it in the free-of-charge Code Base (Custom Indicators) or create it using the MQL4 language.

In this code base you can find Expert Advisors that will completely automate your analytical and trading processes.

You can also develop your own Expert Advisors and use them in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.Visit the official website of the annual Automated Trading Championship conducted by the Company to see how Expert Advisors operate and to evaluate their possibilities.

The integrated development environment of MQL4 IDE allows you to develop experts, custom indicators, and scripts.

All this is included in a free client terminal.

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2. Multiple Execution Models on MT4

MetaTrader4 contains all the trading functions you will need

. The terminal supports three types of operation execution, including Instant Execution.

All types of orders are available, ensuring fully-fledged and flexible trading activities.

Traders use market orders, pending and stop orders, as well as the Trailing Stop.There are several ways to place trade orders in the terminal, including the ability to trade directly from a chart.

The embedded tick chart is extremely useful for an accurate determination of entry and exit points.

Alerts on trade positions is another handy tool to help you track all favorable moments.

So, with the MetaTrader 4 trading arsenal, you can implement all of your trading strategies effectively.

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3. Security Protocol on MT4

Security of making the trade transactions is of paramount importance for programs of this kind.

In MetaTrader 4, they have come up with the perfect solution.

All data exchange between the client terminal and the platform servers is 128-bit encrypted.

This is enough to ensure the security of trade transactions.

In addition to this, you can use the improved security system based on the algorithm for public-key cryptography (RSA).

Information protected in this way is impossible to hack within a reasonable period time.

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MetaTrader4 for Mobile Phone (Android and iOS)

metatrader4 mt4 google play app installation mobile phone

Using mobile terminals in daily activities offers a convenient way to keep up with your accounts when you don’t have access to a desktop computer.

In this situation mobile platforms are really indispensable, as their possibilities are no different from the desktop version of MetaTrader4 trading platform.

Wherever you are, you can keep abreast with the market’s latest developments, analyze them and perform trading operations at any time.

MetaTrader 4 mobile platform is your daily assistant and irreplaceable working tool.

Stay mobile, trade in financial markets, get trade information and analyze it 24 hours a day with MetaTrader4.

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1. MetaTrader 4 for iPhone

MetaTrader 4 for iPhone mobile platform is able to impress the Traders of all skill levels by its broad capabilities.

Fully functional Forex trading, efficient arsenal of the most critical technical analysis tools (30 technical indicators) and ease of use in everyday activities – all these features are available in MetaTrader4 for iPhone.

You can easily access financial markets from anywhere in the world, at any time and for free.

Such possibilities are now available with MetaTrader4 for iPhone.

No compromises are tolerated!

System requirements: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch and iPad with the operating system iOS 4.0 and later.

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2. MetaTrader4 Mobile

This mobile terminal is designed for use from Pocket PCs (PDA) with Windows Mobile OS.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile is an analogue to the general online trading terminal of MetaTrader 4.

You can get access to financial markets and make the trade transactions from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, the mobile terminal offers you the opportunity for technical analysis and graphical visualization of financial instruments (including off-line mode).

Making of trading transactions are treated with strict confidentiality and is absolutely secure.

If required, with MetaTrader 4 Mobile, you can easily retrieve the history of completed trade transactions.

System requirements: Pocket PC Windows Pocket PC 2002 OS and later.

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3. MetaTrader 4 Mobile Smartphone Edition

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Smartphone Edition is the mobile terminal for smartphones under MS Windows Mobile.

By using it, you can get access to financial markets and trade worldwide.

Built-in symbol charts and technical indicators, as well as financial news, will help you make a well thought-out decision about whether to open or close a position.

Trading via this terminal is fully confidential and absolutely safe.

System requirements: Smartphone, Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones and higher.

List of MT4 FX Brokers

Perform any kind of trading strategies on XM MT4 and MT5

XM’s Trading Execution model eliminates the conflict of interest between broker and trader.

This means that winning traders can continue winning unhindered.

At XM, not only is winning encouraged, it is also rewarded-with the possibility of partnership opportunities down the line.

XM doesn’t benefit when a customer loses. This is outside-the-box thinking in this industry.

If you scalp the markets, trade on news events, employ automated trading, or have a style or system that causes you problems with other brokers then come to where you will be valued.

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Open XM MT4 Demo account and trade risk free

Before starting trading with a real account it is recommended to try trading on a practice account which will help beginning traders to familiarize themselves with the terminal operation, test the selected strategy and determine their level of knowledge.

XM’s practice account is identical to a real one.

The only difference is that all the transactions on demo account are performed using virtual money.

The amount of virtual money should be specified at account opening.

XM’s Demo account opening is available only via a trading platform which can be downloaded from XM Official Website.

After trading platform installation you will be offered to open a practice demo account.

To do this you will need to fill in all the fields of a special form.

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What is XM?

XM’s central task is creation of optimal conditions for Customers taking into account their wishes that implies possibility of making corrections in the company activity arrangement in the field of service of traders.

XM does the best it can to provide the most qualitative services by the all possible means to enable Customer to manage his/her assets in the process of transaction as well as account recharge and withdraw funds from the account as promptly as possible.

The main principles of the company XM are professionalism, stability, trust, reliability and confidentiality.

Here are also customer capital accruals, providing with multiple choice of financial instruments, providing access to any financial markets, round-of-clock customer support.

XM aims for their efforts in providing qualitative services would be under propping XM’s reputation as well-organized financial center.

Having modern and qualitative products, multiform services and qualified specialists, XM provides traders and investors which have different requirements and experience with all the things needed for their activity on financial markets.

XM does not stop at what has been achieved making new opportunities regularly. XM is working toward your earnings.

You will achieve financial well being and independence with XM.

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Why invest with XM? – Merits and Advantages

The cornerstone of successful trading is the right choice of the broker’s company in which You are opening your trade account.

And, certainly, XM will draw your attention to their advantages, which will enable you to succeed much faster and with more comfort.

1. Accumulative trust in your trades

The system of trust in traders is XM’s innovation intended to accelerate traders’ credit/withdrawal operations as well as to settle disputable situations.

Meanwhile traders have never been caught at fraud.

Owing to these factors, with the next withdrawal payment can be effected automatically without any control.

Then time of credit will be virtually equal to the time of money transfer within the payment system.

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2. High quality of service

XM Trading always makes the biggest efforts in its work on projects.

That is why XM Trading regularly communicates with traders’ community (whether they are anonyms of clients), that the perfection of XM’s systems would be constant and would follow the right direction.

3. High qualified customers support

Assistance to XM’s clients in solving their problems. This is the main principle of XM company.

XM’s specialists render technical support to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Even if you operate with demo-account, you can count on competent consultation and receive answers to all Your questions, that you could achieve the level of real account trading as fast as possible.

XM believes that the main rule of customer service offering is politeness and efficiency in the communication with each client.

Contact XM Support Team

4. Mini accounts for training and trading with real money

XM’s special cent accounts is an excellent way to learn trading with real money at minimum risks.

If You have already passed the stage of demo-account, but you are not sure whether to open real one or not, tean this account will help you to try yourself with minimum investment.

5. Deposit sum starts with 5 USD

XM company doesn’t put any limits on deposit amount because they seeks to make your work with XM as much convenient and simple as possible.

XM offers you an opportunity to operate on the currency market regardless of the amount of Your current assets.

You just choose the most convenient conditions to work for the amount of Your deposit and start trading on Forex market.

Minimum deposit sum totals 5 dollar (USD).

With equal comfort you can operate with 5 or 10000 dollars deposit, what enables you not only to start with any sum but also to switch gradually to larger investments, increasing your input in trading and as a consequence profit.

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6. Spreads from 0.0 pips

Spreads from 0.0 points are fixed on the main currency pairs, which considerably decreases your costs and increases income.

7. 24/5 Support

Constant communication with traders to improve and change services of the company.

Large community of constant traders as well as an opportunity for every person to leave a comment is a good way to develop XM’s services in compliance with your needs.

8. Accounts without swaps- SWAP-FREE

Swap-free service is intended for traders, who use trade systems which do not include swap influence or for those clients, who can not use swaps due to their religious believes.

This defines the second type of accounts – Islamic accounts.

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9. Fast and simple opening of an account

In order to open an account You do not have to waste your time for filling numerous contracts and to provide a big set of documents.

You do not have to come to the office or send physical mail paper agreements.

You can open an account in a minute having filled a small form on XM Official Website.

10. Position hedging

Work with leading international brokers guarantees the reliability of positions which are put forward.

XM also guarantees the fact that you will be able to open and close any position according to the current market price.

It is particularly important for intraday trading.



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