How to withdraw funds from FXTM’s accounts

To withdraw funds from your trading accounts, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go the Withdraw page within the ‘My Money’ section in MyFXTM.
  2. Select the payment method and click ‘Withdraw’.
  3. Select the MyFXTM account or wallet you wish to withdraw funds from and complete the necessary fields.
  4. Select a reason for withdrawal and enter the PIN that was to you via email or SMS and click ‘Submit’.

For more details, you can also watch FXTM’s step-by-step guides on how to withdraw in the “How to videos.”

Please note that in order to request a withdrawal your profile must be fully verified. For more information about the required documents to complete account verification, visit the page here.

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List and Conditions of FXTM’s all Fund Withdrawal Methods

See the condition of each fund withdrawal method below.

Funding Method Available Currency Transfer Cost Processing Time
Local Bank Transfer USD, IDR, YER, SAR, SDG, RWF, TZS, XAF, KES, UGX, ZAR, BIF, ZMK, MXN, BRL, XOF, SOS, NGN, AED, MYR, SYP, THB, IDR, VND, GHS, TRY, DZD, KES, AFN, LAK, VND, GBP, EGP, BDT, IQD, ILS, CNY None 24 hours (up to 48 hours)
International Bank Transfer GBP, USD, EUR 30 EUR Up to 5 business days
VISA EUR, USD, GBP 2 EUR, 3 USD, 2 GBP 24 hours
Mastercard EUR, USD, GBP 2 EUR, 3 USD, 2 GBP 24 hours
Maestro EUR, USD, GBP 2 EUR, 3 USD, 2 GBP 24 hours
Neteller EUR, INR, USD, GBP, PLN, NGN None 24 hours
Skrill (Moneybookers) EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CZK None 24 hours
VLOAD USD, EUR None 24 hours
Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH 1% 48 hours
TC Pay Wallet USD, EUR, AED None 24 hours
Alfa-Click RUR None 24 hours
WebMoney USD, EUR, RUR 2% 24 hours
Yandex Money RUR 1.5% 24 hours
QIWI RUR 1.5% 24 hours
Perfectmoney USD, EUR 0.5 % 24 hours
Bitcoin BTC 1 % In 24 hours
Konnexone USD 2 % Up to 1 business day
FasaPay USD, IDR 0.5% 24 hours
TC Payment N/A N/A 1 hour
GlobePay GBP, USD, EUR None 24 hours

For traders in some regions, the number of available fund withdrawal methods maybe limited.

For more information, you may login to myFXTM from FXTM Official Website.

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Questions and Answers about Fund Withdrawals

Fund management is a delicate matter for any investors.

With FXTM, there is no restrictions on fund withdrawals, and you can withdraw your funds and profits with no limit.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about fund withdrawals with FXTM.

1. Can I withdraw funds to a different account and method than the one I used for deposit?

No, your funds will be sent back to the original source which you used to make a deposit.

For example, if you have used WebMoney for deposit, then the fund will be also sent to WebMoney account you used.

In some cases, the withdrawals for credit and debit cards maybe possible only for 12 months since the last deposit.

2. How long it takes to withdraw funds from FXTM’s accounts?

FXTM processes all withdrawal requests within 1 business days.

The processing time of each fund withdrawal depends on the method you are using.

In case of online wallet (e-wallet), it may take about 24 hours.

In case of bank wire transfer, it may take up to 5 business days.

In case of credit and debit cards, it may take up to 10 business days.

If you haven’t received your funds for longer than the above specified period, then you may contact FXTM to request for the reference number to track the transfer process.

3. Can I withdraw funds while I have open positions?

Yes, you can.

When making a fund withdrawal request, make sure you have enough margin to support your open positions.

You may also consider any fees charged for fund withdrawals.

4. Why my fund withdrawal request is cancelled (declined) by FXTM?

There could be various reasons that FXTM couldn’t process your fund withdrawal request.

In case your fund withdrawal request is declined, FXTM will send an email to you containing the explanation of the cancellation of the request.

For more information, you may contact FXTM support team to find out.

5. What’s the maximum withdrawal amount from FXTM’s accounts?

There is no maximum restriction of profits you can withdraw from FXTM’s trading accounts.

From FXTM’s trading accounts, you can withdraw your funds and profits at anytime you want.

There could be limitation to the minimum and maximum amount of fund transfer for some transfer methods for one time.

Did you know that you can use FXTM Trader mobile app to manage your accounts and funds? For more information about FXTM Trader mobile app, visit the page here.

Visit the page here to see the list of all all fund deposit and withdrawal methods for FXTM MT4 and MT5 accounts.



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