How to open TitanFX’s Live/Real Trading Account?

An ECN (Electronic Communication Network) Forex broker, TitanFX provides you with a popular and advanced trading platform and more than 70 financial markets to trade.

You can open a live and demo trading account with TitanFX for free.

Follow the steps below to open TitanFX’s trading account today.

  1. Go to Titan FX Official Website.
  2. Click on “Live Account”.
  3. Fill in the required fields. (There are 3 steps: Create your login, Choose trading account, Tell us about yourself).
  4. Receive account IDs and Password for TitanFX MT4 or MT5 and Client Portal.
  5. Log in to TitanFX’s client portal from Titan FX Official Website.
  6. Submit documents for account validation. (You need to submit a copy of your ID and a proof of address document.)
  7. Make a deposit to your live trading account.
  8. Log in to TitanFX’s MT4 or MT5 and start trading Forex and CFDs.

The account opening is free, and you can start trading Forex and CFDs once your deposit process is completed.

To TitanFX’s live trading account, there are various ways to make a deposit such as bank wire transfer, online wallets (e-wallets) and credit/debit cards.

Choose a preferred deposit method and request for a fund transfer from TitanFX’s secure client portal.

Go to Titan FX Official Website

How to open TitanFX’s Demo Trading Account?

If you are not ready to make a deposit and trade with your own funds, then you can also choose to open a demo trading account with virtual money in it.

With TitanFX’s demo trading account, you can use the TitanFX MT4 or MT5 platform and see how the markets and tradings work.

TitanFX’s demo trading account does not require you to make a deposit to start trading, thus it does not involve risks.

Follow the steps below to open a demo trading account with TitanFX.

  1. Go to Titan FX Official Website.
  2. Click on “Live Account”.
  3. Fill in the required fields. (There are 3 steps: Create your login, Choose trading account, Tell us about yourself).
  4. Receive account IDs and Password for TitanFX MT4 and Client Portal.
  5. Download TitanFX MT4 from Titan FX Official Website.
  6. Log in to TitanFX’s MT4 and start trading Forex and CFDs.

In the case you are trading with TitanFX’s demo trading account, you cannot withdraw profits made in the account.

On TitanFX’s demo trading account, you will use virtual money to trade Forex and CFDs for practice.

Open Titan FX Real or Demo Account

Opening a Demo account directly from TitanFX MT4

You can also open a Demo account with TitanFX through the broker’s website or directly from MT4.

You can download TitanFX MT4 and MT5 from the Official Website

If you open a Demo account from MT4 or MT5, make sure that you choose TitanFX-Demo01 server.

If the server name is not on the list, you need to search for it by typing the server name in the below field.

How to create Demo on MT4 or MT5

*No restrictions with regard to maximum number of Demo account per person.
*There is no slippage in the Demo account.

Go to Titan FX Official Website

Comparison of TitanFX’s Trading Account Types

TitanFX has 2 trading account types that you can choose from.

The available account types are “Zero Standard” and “Zero Blade”, and each of them provides you with different trading conditions.

See the table below for the comparison of TitanFX’s trading account types.

Account Types Zero Standard Zero Blade
Minimum Spread 0.8 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $7 per round turn lot
Account Base Currencies SD, EUR, JPY, SGD SD, EUR, JPY, SGD
Execution Model STP (Straight Through Processing) ECN (Electronic Communication Network)
Required Minimum Deposit Amount 200 USD 200 USD
0.01 Micro Lot Trading Available Available
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500
Restrictions on Trading Strategies None None
Trading Platforms MT4, MT5 MT4, MT5
Available Markets Forex, Commodity, Shares, Stock Indices Forex, Commodity, Shares, Stock Indices
Number of symbols for trading More than 70 More than 70
Suitable for Standard and Novice Traders Professional and EA traders

The main differences between TitanFX’s Zero Standard and Zero Blade accounts are the trading cost, spread and execution model.

If you can’t decide which account type to use for trading, then you can also open both accounts.

All trading accounts under your name can be managed in TitanFX’s client portal.

Go to Titan FX Official Website

1. TitanFX Zero Standard account type

TitanFX’s Zero Standard account type is suited for traders who are new to online Forex and CFD trading.

On TitanFX’s Zero Standard account, you can trade from 0.8 pips of low spread.

As there is no additional trading commission, you don’t have to worry about other costs while trading on TitanFX’s Zero Standard account.

TitanFX’s Zero Standard account adopts STP (Straight Through Processing) execution where all clients’ orders are sent to the market (liquidity providers of TitanFX) directly without interruptions.

For TitanFX’s Zero Standard account, you can use either one of the most popular trading platforms in the world, MT4 or MT5.

Open TitanFX’s Zero Standard account

2. TitanFX Zero Blade account type

TitanFX’s Zero Blade account type is suited for professional and institutional traders.

On TitanFX’s Zero Blade account, you can trade with 0.0 pips of extremely tight spread.

The tight spread of 0.0 pips is achieved as TitanFX has taken off any mark-ups on the spread.

For that reason, you will be charged 7 USD per a lot of trading commission when trading on TitanFX’s Zero Blade account.

TitanFX’s Zero Blade account provides an optimal trading condition also for users of EAs (Expert Advisers).

As TitanFX does not have any restrictions on trading platforms in terms of trading strategies, you can run any type of EAs on TitanFX MT4 and MT5 and perform scalping, hedging, swing trading and day trading freely.

Open TitanFX’s Zero Blade account

Trade with TitanFX’s ZeroPoint Technology

TitanFX achieves to offer the best pricing on 70+ forex pairs, Index CFDs, precious metals and energy commodities (oil) with the Dynamic Liquidity Aggregation (ZP-DLA) technology.

On TitanFX MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, all orders are filled without delays, requotes or intervention.

TitanFX’s ECN technology aggregates multiple price feeds from their partners (liquidity providers such as banks), to offer following advantages for traders.

Multiple data centres in Asia, North America and Singapore
All connected within milliseconds. With TitanFX, you can access to the dynamic markets without delays from anywhere in the world.
Multiple servers housed in the Equinix NY4 financial hub in New York
TitanFX has set up main servers in multiple places of reliable hosts. The Equinix NY4 supports TitaFX to achieve the ultra fast execution for traders.
True low latency network
The low latency is the key for the execution speed. TitanFX’s network worldwide, continuously drives down the latency to the minimum.
No requotes
No order delays and no re-quotes on TitanFX MT4 and MT5. Your orders will be executed by TitanFX’s system without getting rejected or re-quoted.
High leverage available on all currency pairs
TitanFX offers you up to 1:500 high leverage for all trading account types. With the leverage, you can set up your trades with a small amount of margin.
ECN spreads from zero pips
TitanFX’s ECN aggregation achieves the 0.0 pips raw spread on Zero Blade account type. The real 0.0 pis spread on TitanFX MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

For more information about TitanFX’s Dynamic Liquidity Aggregation (ZP-DLA), ZeroPoint Technology and ZeroPoint Automated Spread Minimisation (ZP-ASM), go to the official website from below.

Go to Titan FX Official Website

Use ZuluTrade’s Social and Copy Trading

ZuluTrade is a Social and Copy trading platform provider.

TitanFX is partnered with ZuluTrade’s service, so you can use ZuluTrade’s copy trading service directly on TitanFX’s live trading account.

To use ZuluTrade’s copy trading service for TitanFX’s live trading account, you need to sign up for ZuluTrade and then open TitanFX’s account later.

ZuluTrade’s copy trading service is suited for traders who are new to the Forex and CFD markets, or investors who want to rely on professional traders to trade for you.

There are thousands of signals that you can copy through ZuluTrade for free, and you can assess each signal with detailed and complete report of their history.

Go to ZuluTrade Official Website to find out more about their social and copy trading service.

Go to ZuluTrade Official Website

TitanFX’s Personalized Service for Professional Traders

The Titan FX Active Trader program offers a personalized service for individual and institutional forex traders that trade large volumes on the Titan platform.

Personalized services include:

Dedicated Relationship Manager:
A senior member of TitanFX’s team will be designated as your account relationship manager. You’ll have direct access to their mobile phone and IM accounts.
Segregated Client Account:
Your funds held in a tripartite account with a regulated New Zealand or Australian bank.
Advanced Reports:
Volume tracking, P&L reporting, daily snapshots and custom reports.
Custom Solutions:
Titan FX accommodates custom requests from our largest clients.
Virtual Server Hosting:
Provision of VPS for your trading platform in our datacentre providing ultra-low latency connection to TitanFX’s servers.
Aggregated Anonymous Data (AAD):
Provision of exclusive trader sentiment data.

To see if you qualify for Active Trader personalized service, contact TitanFX’s support team.

Go to Titan FX Official Website

TitanFX’s Islamic Swap Free account

Titan FX offers Forex Islamic accounts, also known as swap-free or no rollover accounts.

Many forex accounts make a charge known as swap or rollover for positions held open overnight.

This charge is essentially an interest charge.

Paying or receiving interest is prohibited in Islam so Titan FX has created a special account that is free from swap and rollover charges.

Titan FX Islamic swap-free accounts charge no interest on overnight positions and are available to clients following the Muslim faith.

Trade holding fees are payable on any trades held open for two days or more.

The fees are denominated in the “Trading Account Base Currency’ and will be automatically deducted from the trading account balance every 2 days.

Open Titan FX Islamic Swap-Free Account

TitanFX’s PAMM/MAM account for Money Managers

Titan FX provides Multi Account Manager (MAM) for Money Managers.

This suite of software tools allows you, the Money Manager, to automate trade allocations in you client accounts and execute block orders with a single click.

Titan FX MAM is tightly integrated with the MT4 platform, extending the functionality to allow you control of your client accounts from your master account and reducing your overhead so you can focus on strategy and management.

All MT4 order types are supported and there are no trading restrictions.

Commissions and performance can be monitored in real-time, and MAM provides for easy client reporting – monthly, quarterly and annual reports for your clients are simple and quick to produce.

To operate a MAM account with Titan FX you should meet certain criteria:

  1. Manage funds for a minimum of five clients each with account equity in excess of $5000.
  2. Hold relevant license or authorisation in registered jurisdiction.
  3. Have Power of Attorney and Compensation Acknowledgement forms completed for each client account.

If you meet these criteria, you can begin your MAM account application in Titan FX Official Website.

Sign up to become a Money Manager of Titan FX



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