SuperForex is regulated and licensed

SuperForex is an online Forex and CFD broker which is regulated by International Financial Services Commission in Belize.

As a regulated and licensed broker, SuperForex provides the online trading service, following the international laws and directives of each jurisdiction.

SuperForex has grown its popularity since its foundation and provides the service to traders from over 150 countries.

SuperForex is most probably located offshore for you, and is a honest and trustworthy international broker.

For more information about SuperForex’s company, visit the official website from below and go to “About the Company” section.

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SuperForex’e been providing the service since 2013

SuperForex has started offering the online trading service in 2013.

Since its foundation, SuperForex’s popularity is growing and now providing the service to millions of traders all over the world.

SuperForex has been regulated and is an active broker for a long time, and that’s also ensures the stability of SuperForex’s operation.

There are millions of traders who have joined SuperForex already, and you can be one of the large community under SuperForex.

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Secure Client Cabinet

To secure the information of account activity, personal information and money transactions, SuperForex has prepared a highly operational secure client cabinet.

You can login to SuperForex’s Client Cabinet and use for free without any charges.

SuperForex’s Client Cabinet is where you can manage your accounts, funds and participation to special services and promotions online.

Both SuperForex Official Website and the Client Cabinet are secured with SSL certificate, and all processes are instant.

With SuperForex, you won’t be having problem managing or communicating with the company, but you can experience stress-free online operation.

For the list and conditions of SuperForex’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

Visit SuperForex Official Website

SuperForex’s Segregated Bank Account

With SuperForex, your funds stay safe at all times.

Once you transfer your investment funds to SuperForex, the whole funds will be placed in SuperForex’s segregated bank account.

The bank account is separated from SuperForex’s company assets.

This segregated bank account makes sure that you will get your whole fund back, even if SuperForex is unable to continue the service for some reason, such as default.

With SuperForex, your funds are yours for trading, and SuperForex does not use them to operate the company.



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