There are many brokers and exchanges where you can invest in Bitcoin (BTC) today.

Among many types of services, what we recommend to traders are CFD brokers.

“Bitcoin CFD” allows you to trade Bitcoin with high leverage, low cost, and without owning a digital wallet or tokens.

In the table below, we have summarized the most popular CFD brokers to trade Bitcoin today.

Crypto Brokers Bitcoin Spread Max Leverage Swap Costs Trading Session
From $39 (No Commission) 1:250 None 24/7
From $58.2 (No Commission) 1:400 (Limited to 1:200 on weekends) None 24/7
From $1.75 (No Commission) 1:500 Charged 24/7
fbs logo $30 (No Commission) 1:5 Charged 24/7
$50 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7
capitalcom_s_20211124 $99 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7
IC Markets $9 (No Commission) 1:200 Charged 24/7
Axi $40 (No Commission) 1:100 Charged 24/7
eToro $200 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7

Among them, there are 3 brokers with the most advantageous trading conditions which are XM, EXNESS and CryptoAltum.

1. XM and Exness for long-term traders

As far as we know, there are only 2 brokers that offer Cryptocurrency CFDs with swap-free conditions.

XM and EXNESS both offer a number of Cryptocurrency pairs with no swap points or costs.

This means that you can hold positions of Bitcoin (BTCUSD) as long as you want with no extra charges.

With many other CFD brokers, you need to be careful when holding Cryptocurrency positions for a long time because the swap points are largely negative.

Do you want to invest in Bitcoin worry-free?

Then open an account with XM or EXNESS to start trading Bitcoin today.

2. CryptoAltum for scalpers and day traders

In terms of the spread cost, CryptoAltum offers you the most advantageous condition.

CryptoAltum charges only $1.75 of spread cost and they do not charge any extra trading commissions.

Most importantly, CryptoAltum‘s Bitcoin spread is stable while other brokers’ Bitcoin spread jump most of the time that can lead you to a hidden cost of trading.

When trading with CryptoAltum, you need to know that there are swap points, if you intend to hold Bitcoin positions for a long-term like months.

Do you want to trade Bitcoin daily and ean profits? Then choose CryptoAltum as your broker today.



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